Blogging With The End In Mind Part 2

Blogger: Plan Thy Content! Writing a blog is important because you are developing a following. The minute you stop informing them or entertaining them, you lose them! Choosing your content is vital, because you can find out what your readers are looking for and give it to them! One way is from their comments. You […]

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Tweeting For Profit – Doing It Wrong?

I manage twitter accounts for some businesses in my area. This is a very lucrative new field to go into, but the Twitter Assistants out there need to be very careful of how they deal with their clients’ followers. First of all, it is not good form to tweet people with your links immediately when […]

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Tweeting Away Your Business? Part 4

Resources For Twitter Resourcefulness Building The Dream! I sometimes need to build the dream a little bit to get myself going every day. So I thought that I would show you a dream that is in my future. The Carnival Dream is under construction as we speak, the maiden voyage is scheduled for October of […]

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