Mike Filsaime

Internet Marketing – On Thursday May 28th, join me for a special call…

You know who Rich Schefren is, right? A few years ago, he came storming onto the scene with a landmark document called the Internet Business Manifesto. And it shook the internet marketing community to the core. Just like that, Rich became an instant overnight sensation. Top names in the IM world heralded him as their […]

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Will 2009 Be The Year Of The Rebirth Of The Butterfly Site?

2006 was the year that Butterfly Marketing first came onto the market, but it wasn’t until 2007 that Butterfly Marketing websites really took off. The learning curve in 2006 was one of figuring out how to install the script and then how to make it work again after installing an update. When Mike Filsaime first […]

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Alternatives To “Get More Buyers”

Have You Seen The Mass Marketing About This? Michael Rasmussen just released a product that promises to bring you a list of buyers instead of a list of subscribers.  It is called Get More Buyers and it launched to the usual thousands of emails! If you did not want to spend a whole lot of […]

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