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This week has been hectic, as it was the first full week since I lost my father to cancer. Sadness gripped my heart all week and the details that need to be handled were pressing in on me more than I like to admit. But I handled it. Unfortunately, I did not get a whole […]

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That Voodoo That You Do For Website Traffic

(Your Directory Website Info) – Jeff Johnson is such a softie! I emailed him after the launch of his Traffic Voodoo affiliate training course was finally closed and asked him how it went. He told me that he sold a lot of spots, but that many of the people who had tried to sign up […]

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Fast Income Formula: Too Good To Be True?

We hear a lot of hype week after week in the Internet Marketing world. Many times the results that people receive from a tactic that they use is not typical. Why? Because once they tell everyone else about the tactic, it spreads like wildfire and soon everyone is seeing this tactic, and it loses its […]

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