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This ‘GOLD MINE’ is Going Like Craaaaaazy :-)

What an incredible response to yesterday’s email!  This ‘weekend only special’ is REALLY going like craaaaazy! 🙂 Omar Martin and Melinda have been running one of the BEST members sites that I have EVER seen (really) for YEARS now… Members get unrestricted access to what I can only describe as a ‘GOLD MINE’ of quality […]

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Your Once In A Lifetime Chance

There’s a  “Once in a Lifetime” weekend special offer taking place this weekend that I felt compelled to share with you because this thing will blow your socks off! Now… don’t freak out on me… this isn’t some sort of fire sale kind of thing where you get all excited and buy a bunch of […]

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Building Your List From The Very Beginning (The Right Way)

When starting to build a list, it is very important to decide on your method of delivery.  Either you want to have every email address on your hard drive and use a program like Group Mail or Guerrilla Mailer to send your emails out from your desktop. Unfortunately, these can get you into trouble with […]

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