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Whatever Happened To Micheal Savoie?

I hope people are not asking that question. If they are, then I have been out of the loop for too long. A year ago this month, my father lost his battle with lung cancer. I don’t know if the tragic loss of the person who was the patriarch of our family was the reason […]

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Lessons Learned While At The ER

While I was at the ER with my dad yesterday, I was  thinking about how he had gotten to this point. Pneumonia was making it almost impossible for him to breathe and kidney failure was making it difficult for his system to clean itself out. As he was telling the doctor in the ER that […]

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I Am Not Ignoring You–It’s Not Personal

When you have been with other people in your life for a long period of time, living alone is the loneliest thing imaginable. It makes all of the faults you had been finding in the people around you seem insignificant. Knowing you are not going to have to fight for the bathroom is not a […]

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Some Really Personal Stuff I Have To Share (Sort Of)

For those of you who have been asking what the heck is bothering me, I have to ask you to be patient. I never imagined that people could notice a change in the style and content of what someone posts to social media. Ok, so I did sound a little down, I admit it. I […]

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Depression Is An Inside Job (In Most Cases)

A social media star recently took his own life after struggling with depression. I call him a star because he was well respected by many in the social media community. In hindsight, many who went through his final hours on Facebook say they could see a man who had already made up his mind that […]

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