Greetings From Canada, Eh?

Photo: Lifestyle is not the type of house you rent, but the fact that you have time and money to enjoy it.

I just wanted to get with you to remind you that I am still
alive! I am in the Great White North (Canada) for another 
couple of weeks with my mom and Yvonne, visiting my relatives.

We rented a cool little cabin next to the Etchemin River,
and I am working from the front porch, using my cell phone
for the internet.

One of the reasons I even bothered to do some work today was
because my friend Eric Holmlund just launched another 7 day 
PLR sale.

The reason I thought of you when I saw it, was because of the
very nature of the niche it is in! How would you like to have
your very own WordPress Theme that you could sell and keep 
all the profits?

Check out this fabulous deal here:

Read about it there and then go to the link on that page!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal –

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