20 Ways To $100 A Day Gets Rave Review!

As one of the co-authors of 20 Ways To $100 A Day, I am sensitive to criticism of my work, so when I heard that Paul Hooper-Kelly had written an unbiased review of the ebook, I was nervous and anxious to see what he had written.  I copied the whole review right from the forum.

This new e-book has been created by some of the members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, under the guidance of the founder, Willie Crawford. I joined the Internet Marketing Inner Circle just too late to contribute to this fine work, but I do have to declare an interest, right away: I’m so jealous I didn’t write it myself! But I will cast aside the green eyed monster to tell you why — whether you are a newbie or a seasoned operator — you should own this book.

For a start it is no skimpy 30 page report, but a full blooded 247 page book, tightly written by several of the members of the IMIC — all experts in their own particular expertise.

Whenever I get my hands on a new e-book, I first look to see if they have bothered to put in bookmarks. If you are unfamiliar with these, they are interactive links, which appear on the left hand side of the Adobe Reader, when you click the “bookmarks” tab. The presence of these indicate the writer cares about their reader and has not neglected these in the rush to get the product to market and the money in the bank in the shortest possible time.

This first test was passed with flying colors: a very detailed interactive bookmark list all to rarely seen, these days, and a good omen for the care that has obviously gone into the contents. In his introduction, Willie Crawford sets out the ethos of the book, expressing the hope, instead of leaving it to slumber on your hard drive, you review it often and act on its advice. Sound sentiments indeed, because — as complete as this book is — you still need to inject that vital spark of your own decisive action.

In many ways, internet marketing is a double-edged sword. Because of the ease with which an internet marketing business can be started, normal business considerations, such as a proper business plan are hardly ever considered. Therefore one of the most powerful aspects of this book is the overview of various business models. Ways of producing profits in the short, medium and long term are all looked at in some detail and — if followed diligently — will surely save many wannabe internet marketers from early disillusionment and a premature exit from the business.

Now for the contents themselves: I was immediately impressed by the section on the vital aspect of “The Right Mindset”, written by none other than Dr Mani. Most books on business success ignore this aspect, yet having the right attitude and the inner toughness to carry on when things get tough is vital to your eventual success.

Nor does the book neglect that other important aspect of business success, with a section by Patrick Pretty on branding. If you have yet to hear of him, you certainly won’t forget meeting him for the first time within these pages. He will show you how to give your business a distinctive and memorable image.

Another refreshing change about this book is its honest style. There is none of the “This is so easy you’ll be able to retire by Friday”, so often a feature of other money-making publications. As respected ghost writer, Bev Clement, rightly says, in her section about ghost writing, this can be a very satisfying and rewarding business which can — eventually — make you $100 a day. But it does take time, a certain amount of skill and plenty of attention to detail.

The book then gets down to the practical aspects of discovering a suitable niche, including the essential art of keyword research, which is very well set out in a very easy to understand, “paint by numbers” style. Just as Bill Gates is obviously fascinated by computer operating systems and Donald Trump loves real estate, you’ll thrive more easily working in an area you enjoy.

So this book covers multiple aspects of on line moneymaking from selling on eBay to even creating your own software, via multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, teleseminars, resell rights, membership sites, greeting cards and even off line to on line selling.

Speaking of selling, that most central function of any successful business justly gets full and detailed attention — including article marketing, e-mail marketing and forum marketing: all highly effective methods for attracting high quality traffic to your web site for free or very little outlay.

I am not an affiliate for this product, so this review is entirely unbiased and from the heart, because I think it should have pride of place on any serious internet marketers bookshelf.

To call this product a mere book is an insult. It is so comprehensive as to be elevated to the status of a home study course, at the very least. So complete is it, the only thing missing is what only you can supply: the action.



After reading this review, if you still are not convinced that the ebook is what you need to get you on your way to earning $100 per day online, there is not more that I can do to convince you.  I am giving everyone who buys 20 Ways To $100 A Day through my link a bonus, too. So if you are tempted, go ahead and do it!

Click on this link: 20 Ways To $100 A Day and I will send you the bonus link to your Paypal email address.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Jeff Wellman is launching his newest program: The Millionaire Boss just as his son, Keith Wellman is closing the doors on his own product launch: Optin Voodoo.

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