40,000+ Webinar Registrations Can’t Be Wrong

When a company manages to get over 40,000 registrations for a
webinar on a Wednesday night… they must have a message worth
listening to, right?

It isn’t like they are giving away something. 

Are they?

Todd Gross has put together a video that explains the urgency of
the next 36 hours and why if you can be on the webinar tonight,
you really should. 


Just contact us to get your invitation
to the Worlds Largest Webinar!

I will also send you an invitation to The Lane that Todd is
talking about so that you can lock in your chance to take
advantage of the surprise announcements that are going
to be made on the webinar. Even Todd and I do not
have a clue as to what surprises are going to be unveiled

Watch this video so you have some idea of what we are
talking about, and then reply to get your invitation!


Micheal & Yvonne

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