Beta Testing Brand New Link Partnering Platform

Business Tools is going into beta with a partner of ours who has created a very high quality backlink generating platform that will revolutionize link partnering as we know it! Instead of struggling with getting 3 way links from other blog and website owners, you can set up an automatic system that makes it drop dead simple to get backlinks from highly sought after domains!

How Do I Participate In This Beta Test?

You have to create a backlink account here:

Then you must follow the instructions (takes 5 minutes) to get the code on your domain (where the software automates the creation of your very own links page) and then you just tell the software which pages on your site you want to get backlinked. It is as easy as that!

Getting backlinks was never easier.

What Is In It For Me?

I hear you. Why should you do this? Well, this beta test is to determine if the servers are battle capable. We are going to be launching this software to the general public in 3 months time. Everyone who participates in the beta test will receive a Gold Account for the duration of the beta test, and for 6 Months following the launch! So you are guaranteed to be getting precious backlinks from highly targeted domains using the keywords you specify for at least 9 months! And, if you decide to purchase after the 9 months, you will get a significant discount!

This is not a fly by night operation, by the way. This has been under development by a PhD Software Engineer for over 3 years. He has tested and tested this on the web with hundreds of sites before he even mentioned this to me and my partners. Now he is ready to give the servers some load tests. Imagine setting yourself up to receive backlinks from hundreds of sites now, and being able to piggyback off of the thousands of sites that will be joining us after the software goes live!


It is what we all need as marketers!

Get your share and do it the easy way during our beta test! Track your results, then let us know whether you benefitted from the extra link juice!

Sign up and get started immediately, no waiting!

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