Scary Statistics About Internet Marketers

I’m not sure you saw this frightening statistic I posted
yesterday… so just in case, here is the bad news:

95% of Internet Marketers FAIL.

Some people have sent emails saying they were confused.

Was I talking about PROJECTS failing?
Was I talking about TECHNOLOGY failing?
Was I talking about PARTNERS failing?

No, No and NO.

Let me make this perfectly clear.

Out of 100 people who start learning Internet Marketing…
95 quit. The statistics are even more frightening when you
compare them to the failure rate in general (brick and mortar)

In fact, 4 times more brick and mortar businesses make it
over three years. "Only" 80% of them fail!

So… why is it that it’s so hard to make it in the
Internet Marketing world?

– Confusion of what direction to go (Too many choices)

– Information Overload (Too darn much information)

– Confidence (Most have NEVER attempted business)

– Skeptics (could be family, friends, ect…)

How can a person beat the odds?
I’m glad you asked. 🙂

Mike Filsaime is going to reveal the answers this week in an 
exclusive training called "The Franchise Model Secret"

There are certain reasons why Franchises are successful nearly
90% time.

And Mike will give you those reasons when you attend the

Sign up here (It’s Free):

Once you learn these lessons, I promise you will be able to use
them starting THIS VERY WEEK.

Mike will show you how to get focused on EXACTLY what you need
to do.

He’ll show you how to use the precise model he attributes his
success to. ($30,000,000 in sales over the last 5 years, not bad!)

Mike will show you how you can tap into this secret and start making
enough money to either pay a few bills each month, or completely
replace your income.

And when you are done with The Franchise Model Secret Online
Training Event… you will see with clarity what you need to do to
get into the 5% of people who actually MAKE IT.

Big promises?


And I know Mike keeps his promises. He is truly one of the "good guys"
in the Internet Marketing world.

But you will only find out only if you’re make it to one of the trainings
BEFORE they fill up. he is only doing 4 of these. So you can choose a time 
and date that fits into your schedule.
When you sign up, you’ll also get the 26 page Profit Platform
Preamble report.

This is some advanced material, and I don’t expect everyone to
"get it" right away, but it will all start to make sense after you
attend the training. These "ninja" techniques have made Mike
millions… but they are only the start. (But a darn good start!)

Sign up here:
Not sure how long registration will be open. And I know he doesn’t 
plan on being shackled to my computer for another 4 days… so
sign up now before you forget.

(I’m serious, you will never know what you missed… but I’m
sure it could have made all the difference for you.)

At most, you have 48 hours left to register.

If you are looking for answers, don’t delay. Sign up today before
it’s too late.
(Mike will even show you an amazing case study of a guy who is now
set for life because he took action on this model. But you need
to be on the training to hear about it.)

See you soon,

Micheal Savoie
P.S. It’s true, Mike will be talking about the Quadratic Formula
during the training and in the report. But this is the fun
kind of math that puts dollars in your pocket! 🙂

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