Time To Hatch The Guru In YOU!

If you’d like to consistently bring in
$2,000.00 to $10,000.00 per week selling
your knowledge, experience, & expertise,
you should ATTEND my buddy JP MARONEY’S
NEW ONLINE WORKSHOP Thursday evening.


There’s no cost to ATTEND THIS WEBINAR.
Starts 7 PM Eastern.

You’ll learn stuff you didn’t
even know was possible.



– How to ONLY create products you
KNOW will sell faster than cotton
candy at a county fair.

– How to build a "Guru Profit
Ladder" that takes prospects all
the way from your giveaway stuff
… to your ULTRA big-ticket
coaching and consulting or info

– The EXACT formula for building
a list of red-hot leads — FAST —
so you can start selling them
stuff and creating big paydays
every week.

– 3 Case studies that prove YOU
can make big bucks in information
marketing on the internet.

– And a bunch of other cool
insider tricks I’ve never taught
in public (certainly not without


You’ll FINALLY get the behind the
scenes view on how to REALLY put
together your own CASH SPEWING
information marketing empire that
rolls money into your bank account
day in and day out.

There’s no cost to attend.
And, I guarantee that your life
and business will be changed –


PS: Hope to see ya there…

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