Japan Takes A Beating

Tragedy seems to catch you at the least opportune moments. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Japan to its core, then sent a 23 foot tsunami to scrape up whatever was loose from the coastline sent shockwaves of horror and anguish all over the world.
In this new media age, unless the power has been out for a while, you find out about things like this pretty fast. Twitter and Facebook can get a message through all 7 continents in seconds. What you do with that information, however, can deeply impact you. You have to take everything in context and react without contributing to the problem.
Luckily for me, the people in my social circle are very even keeled and did not overreact. But not everyone is that way, it is very easy to start spouting end of the world dogma when things like this happen. But who does that help?
It sure doesn’t help the relatives of people living in Japan find out if their loved ones are safe. They are monitoring Twitter and Facebook to see if any word is coming from their family. They look at every vivid picture and video in case they see some evidence that the ones they are worried about are still alive.
The sheer tragedy of this situation can only be imagined by those of us with no skin in this game. But what happens if the next one is closer to home?
Live each day like it is your last, that way each new day is like a gift. Tell everyone you love that you love them.
Stay away from the coastline when the ground starts shaking.
By the way… I love you too! So stay safe, and keep in touch. The comment button is always enabled for you!
Just don’t spam on me!

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