Where The Wild Things Are (In Your Mind)

When things are going good, it is easy to forget the struggles. You have lots of things to occupy your mind, so the struggles seem pretty far away.

But it does not take much to bring them back in technicolor with 3D surround sound (and extra bass from the subwoofer) when things take a slow curve through a bad month. Then the struggles feel so real, it is like you are living them all over again. You could be back behind that desk, answering the constantly ringing telephone.

Sometimes, it feels like you never left at all.

That is when you need to put yourself around the people who are not going through the day to day struggles. You need to find a way to escape your own mind and surround yourself with positive, successful people who can help your mindset get cleansed.

Because it does not matter how successful you are, the wild things are lurking, waiting, hoping for a chance to take over your mind and make you feel like you are not a success. They liked it when your domains were getting shut down left and right because you didn’t have the $10 to pay for their renewal. They lust after the emails you get from the bank, telling you that something just bounced and that they are subtracting $34 from a balance that was negative to begin with.

The wild things in your mind feed on the negative emotions that wrack your very core, when your stomach feels like a black hole just opened up inside. Just when the darkness is about to overtake you, the wild things are at their strongest. Those are the times when a CD of Bob Proctor, Les Brown or Stephen Pierce can tame the wild things, and set them in their place.

Attending an event you know in your gut you could never afford to pay for is the perfect time to crush the wild things. It is when you are at your most vulnerable to their destructive enzymes are eating away at your very core that you should find a way to get around a group of positive, successful people who can pull you out of the wild things’ clutches, bathe you in healing salve, and guard you while your mind is healing from the harm the wild things did to it.

You should never try to go it alone.

It is way too dangerous.

The wild things…

…are watching.

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