Can you dig it?

Imagine a bright shiny day, with love in the air and peppermint clouds…

Ok, hard to imagine if things are not going very well. I used to think I had no vision when I was first starting out on my road to wherever I was heading. At the time, just having time off was enough of a dream. I was working 2 jobs and a small business at the time and time was at a premium. Yet I didn’t charge enough for my time.

Let that sink in.

I worked 2 jobs. One was paying around $13 an hour and the other was a salary position that paid me $10k per year but didn’t limit my hours. So when a crisis came up (they seem to occur when you are not in the office), I would either offer tech support over the phone or I would have to drive 30+ miles back to the office. In my small business, I often charged $35 plus the price of parts to fix a computer… most of the time, the computers were just infected or needed some cleaning (people used to smoke in the same room as their computer). I would be in someone’s home for hours and leave with $35. I swear, it felt like I was making $2 per hour running that business.

Still, I was paying the bills. But I never saw my family, except for one meal – that was my breakfast, but everyone else’s dinner. I felt bad, because that was when I was usually at my worst (still not fully awake – coffee hadn’t kicked in yet) so my children saw me once a day while I was not in a good mood. Still, I am fortunate that I forced myself to at least be there during those meals, because otherwise, who knows if my kids would even remember who I was.

It makes me wonder if families these days actually spend meals together (at least one per day). Eating together is something that is important, because you don’t find out about a whole heck of a lot about their day if you don’t take the time to sit with them around the table and stay quiet enough to hear what they are saying to you.

I mean, can you dig it?

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