Do You Have A Valid Lifestyle Plan?

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Lifestyle is dependent on your ability to continue living at the current level or better without having to work harder than you are currently working, right?

After all, we work hard for a certain amount of time and we expect that at some point, we will be able to stop working and enjoy the fruits of our labors. That might be a vegetarian way of thinking, but it still means that you put effort in now to get leisure out later.

Some friends of mine have a plan that is putting money in the pockets of a lot of people who are taking advantage of a “new” up and coming service called AirBNB. If you hadn’t heard of it, it is a travel service where you rent a room (or whole house) from someone using the AirBNB website (or app) to book the time and pay for your stay. It makes finding accommodations in out of the way locations a lot easier for travelers and it gives a more homestyle experience for the traveler who does not like hotels.

They are currently revealing how this works in a series of free videos. Watch them here:

I promise you that this will open your eyes to the opportunities that this type of plan can open up for almost anyone (even if you don’t own any real estate).

Check it out, before they take these videos down.

To your success,

Micheal Savoie

PS – Obviously, this is leading up to their webinar in a few days. You will want to make an educated decision before deciding whether you want to attend this webinar. So watch the videos first, then you can decide if you want to attend the webinar:

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