The Changing Face Of Online Business

As I am often fond of doing, I looked back at where my business stood 5 years ago compared to today. When doing so, I noticed that things had changed, not just for my business, but for the online marketplace in general.

5 years ago, I was earning a significant portion of my income from affiliate commissions. A lot of big ticket items sprinkled with a smaller number of $10 – 50 priced products. And most of those products were make money online types of products.

Today, software is the number one seller in my business, but I also find myself buying an awful lot of software myself. Many new products are coming out that deal with niche specific topics (PLR, how to build an offline or niche specific online business, and of course how to be an amazon seller instead of an affiliate).

My income from MLM is still steady. If you are doing any business, you should also have an MLM business going to give yourself a stable income source.

Online has evolved from email lists to social media groups. Video marketing is as popular as webinar marketing has been (and still is, but the people who are using webinars are selling bigger ticket products more than lower ticket products).

I have gaps in my business. I once broadcast my podcast weekly. Now, it has been over a year since my last broadcast. I am considering canceling my BlogTalkRadio subscription. Podcasts are useful, but videos are more popular and you don’t have to do them in front of a live audience (although I do find that live broadcasts are still more stimulating than prerecordings).

The time I spent organizing my life after the loss of my parents (two years apart) and the inheritance of their home and all the trappings that go with owning a home, has shown me that my own priorities have changed. I used to value my time on Social Media a lot more than I do now. I would rather spend quality time with Yvonne than attend a webinar. Maybe it is the fact that a lot of my lifestyle is not determined by how much I do every day. Or maybe it is the fact the the online business community kept on going without me. The landscape has changed and I needed to change with it.

Or maybe, I just need to figure out my business priorities and act according to what I need to accomplish, not what I thought I needed to do 5 years ago. I would like to run a business locally. But in my opinion, that would be a decline in my lifestyle unless I hired managers and employees to take care of the business while I am going on vacations and traveling.

So maybe, what I need to do is keep working on the things I have been doing over the last year (building an amazon seller business and amazon affiliate business that work together). With continued effort, they will continue to grow, while still allowing me the lifestyle I have become accustomed to.

This has been very therapeutic. Thanks for listening!

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