250+ Visitors Per Day To My Blog Using Traffic Launcher Method!

After watching Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Launcher Video last week, I set about testing this out on his own affiliate program. I wrote blog posts on 5 of my currently existing blogs and linked some of them to my main blog. The results: 1876 clicks on the Traffic Voodoo Link on the opening day of his program!

This blog has bounced back into the 250 visitors a day traffic I had been getting last year when I was blogging more prolifically. And each of the other blogs I am using to help spread the word are getting much higher rates of traffic than I was getting on them at any time in their history.

This Stuff Works!

But the fun part is that I used it for some products that are not being promoted by thousands of affiliates yet. I managed to get over 2000 clicks to my affiliate link for Fast Income Formula over a 24 hour period. This means that people searching for Fast Income Formula on Google were finding my page. In fact, at the time, 2 of my blogs were on the first page of Google for that term. One in the #4 and one in the #6 spot! And I did not mess around with submitting my URL to any Social Bookmark sites yet.

Isn’t That A Link Wheel?

The Traffic Launcher Method is really a rudimentary Link Wheel, and having 3 or more blogs pinging the spiders whenever you make a post, really brings the spiders to the table like a dinner bell brings in the whole family for Sunday dinner! I even managed to get a lot of people over to Ross Goldberg’s website where he is offering his Link Wheel Software for an introductory price. And I did not even promote it that heavily!

Ross reveals a little more about link wheels on his blog: http://nexurl.com/linkwheelrant

The traffic software that Ross Goldberg creates is amazing! First of all, he understands what it is that Google wants out of a website. He then creates the software to give the results that Google expects. You should take a look at the Traffic Magnet Software he has created…

Back To Jeff…

Jeff Johnson is closing down Traffic Voodoo at 11:59PM EDT on Thursday! So if you have been procrastinating, now is the time to join all of the other people who are going to be getting incredible traffic training for the next 6 months! Jeff even took away the excuses by adding a 5 payment plan!

So hurry and get your spot in the Traffic Voodoo Training Class right now!


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