Living The Nightmare Of Someone Else

Children are awesome in their innocence. Sometimes they say things that snap us back to reality and other times they say things that make us laugh. If you ask them what they envision for their future, you will get a myriad of stories. The problem is, not everyone will believe they can achieve the same […]

Never Let Them See You Sweat The Small Stuff!

I have read an awful lot of self help books… and I need to read a lot more. In all of them, they point out that you should have something that you are striving for that transcends all the scrapes and bruises you are going to experience along the way. As soon as you lose […]

Dreams Come To Those Who Look Beyond The Present

For four years, I was dreamless. I lived through the pain of knowing my parents were dying and then watching them go one at a time. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given 6 months to live. He managed to hold on for 9 months. During that period, I did what […]

WARNING: This could be killing your success

The numbers are absolutely terrifying… Nearly 96% of ALL entrepreneurs are destined to fail online.(Even when they know EVERYTHING about internet marketing) Do you know why? The answer is here: This could be happening to YOU! You could be doing everything right: A unique product, a greatwebsite, decent traffic and even a good social media […]

Epic Inspirational Music Mix – Think Beyond | Vol. 1

MusicKaira Websites: Official: Facebook: ReallySlowMotion Youtube:…

Still On The Fence About Traffic Geyser 2.0?

Reprinted from Social Network Effect –  Open Up Your Calendar For Saturday! I am offering a bonus for Traffic Geyser 2.0 if you purchase through my link. This is not a cheap product. It is a seriously powerful business tool that could transform your business as long as you use it effectively. This means that […]

Breaking The Chains

Today, people are chained like never before. Financial headaches are stressing people out. Taxes make our efforts seem to be in vain as the government aims a little higher for our hard earned cash. Identity theft is running rampant and computer viruses can compromise what you believed to be a safe computer with the click […]