Dreams Come To Those Who Look Beyond The Present

For four years, I was dreamless.

I lived through the pain of knowing my parents were dying and then watching them go one at a time. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given 6 months to live. He managed to hold on for 9 months. During that period, I did what I could to spend time with my parents. About 6 months after my father passed, my mom was diagnosed with lymphoma, something she had beaten twice before in her life. But this time, without her husband of 51 years, she did not have the fight left in her to survive. Roughly 18 months after the diagnosis and almost exactly 2 years after my father died, mom left to be with him.

Time seemed to fly by after that.

I still did not have a dream. Sleeping was also difficult.

My wife didn’t say anything, but I doubt she was happy with my lethargic self. I was content to live off of the money we had inherited from my parents’ passing. Then one day, she said she wished she could visit her grandchildren in Illinois during the summer, and that started me thinking. It would be nice to live in Florida during the cold months and live in Illinois during the spring and summer.

We started looking at houses in Illinois. First, we looked at less expensive ones. But that didn’t satisfy us. We looked at nicer ones. Suddenly, my mind went from satisfied to wanting more. I knew that if I blew the entire inheritance on a big house in Illinois, we would have to go back to work in order to keep our lifestyle up. That perked me right up. I knew what we had to do.

The dream is all about the future. It can be the near future, like next summer. Or it can be a few years down the road. It doesn’t matter. It has to motivate you to action!

That is the number one way to tell if you have a dream or are living in present day hell. Are you motivated to action?

If you have a dream, and you are ready to take the next steps to achieve that dream, let me know by filling out the contact form below, and Yvonne & I will show you what we are doing to get that big house and increase our lifestyle.






Are you all in?


Published by Micheal Savoie

Micheal Savoie began his writing career as a contributing author for Amiga World Magazine when the Commodore Amiga was in the midst of a confusing time in its product cycle. Micheal managed to get two stories into print, and then the Amiga vanished from the face of the earth. Undaunted, Micheal pursued his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification and began to work online. After meeting some extremely brilliant marketers at jvAlert Live in Orlando, Florida in 2007, it became inevitable that Micheal would go all out into his marketing business. Now Micheal writes on his blogs, such as Resolve to Succeed, Product In A Weekend, Aggressive Affiliate Training School and My Blogging School.

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