Overheard: ‘It won’t ever work for me.’

The people who say things like this
never see any positive change in their

Maybe they’re scared.

Maybe they’ve been marketing along the
same channels for years now, and haven’t
been seeing the results they want.

In fact, the effect of ONE channel of
marketing is nothing compared to SEVERAL…
Watch this video NOW to discover people
who are seeing HUGE RESULTS from
marketing across a smart mix of media
so easy to manage this


Once inside, you’re going to:
— Be shown how to get YOUR OWN
cross-channel results by people who
are already having success
— Discover the secret to tripling your
sales through reaching customers
across more than one channel
— Hear the EXACT techniques people
are using to pulling in HUNDREDS OF
THOUSANDS of dollars in client contracts
— a ton more…just watch the video!


In this video, technology-marketer,
Mike Koenigs, shares the stories of
people who…just like you…didn’t know
HOW MUCH they could earn from
multi-channel promotion.

Now they know. They REALLY know.

And their bank accounts prove it.



This video shows how regular people
have been able to EFFORTLESSLY
build profitable relationships with
prospective clients and customers.

These people come from MANY
different industries, and generate money
for themselves on their own schedule.
REAL people and businesses…
…with REAL results…
…making REAL money.

Sounds good, huh?

No more waiting!

And if you buy using our link, Yvonne and
I will give you a valuable bonus!

What is the Cross Channel Mojo Bonus?

Yvonne and I will team up with you to
create one 60 to 90 second video and audio
commercial for your small business (or
one of your clients if you are an offline

Not only that, but I will also play the
commercial during my wildly successful
Internet Radio Show, Blogging With Micheal
for 4 episodes starting in January, 2012.

The value of the Video alone is worth over
$997 and the ad spots will help grow your
business over the life of the podcasts that
are created from the show each week.

How do you claim your Cross Channel Mojo Bonus?

Easy, simply use our link when CCM launches,
and if you can, make sure you opt in to at least
one of the Cross Channel Mojo Videos that have
been posted on this blog. This helps ensure that
you are cookied to our affiliate link (we may earn
a commission for your purchase).

Then, just open a support ticket at our help desk
with your receipt information.


I tried REALLY hard not to make
this sound too good to be true, but
whether you’re ready or not, you MUST
watch it.

Check it out.


Published by Micheal Savoie

Micheal Savoie began his writing career as a contributing author for Amiga World Magazine when the Commodore Amiga was in the midst of a confusing time in its product cycle. Micheal managed to get two stories into print, and then the Amiga vanished from the face of the earth. Undaunted, Micheal pursued his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification and began to work online. After meeting some extremely brilliant marketers at jvAlert Live in Orlando, Florida in 2007, it became inevitable that Micheal would go all out into his marketing business. Now Micheal writes on his blogs, such as Resolve to Succeed, Product In A Weekend, Aggressive Affiliate Training School and My Blogging School.

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