Living The Nightmare Of Someone Else

Children are awesome in their innocence. Sometimes they say things that snap us back to reality and other times they say things that make us laugh. If you ask them what they envision for their future, you will get a myriad of stories. The problem is, not everyone will believe they can achieve the same things in their lives.

I have a cousin who is very proactive in his neighborhood, providing meals to the homeless and those who don’t know where their next paycheck is coming from. Those children dream of never going hungry, having a comfortable bed out of the elements and safety from the street life. Imagine if some of us stepped down into that lifestyle for even a day, how would we be motivated to work harder to ensure we never lived like that again? Yet to the people who have always lived in poverty, the dream of simply being out of the cold is almost out of reach.

Why don’t we feel more sadness for these situations? Why aren’t more people working toward helping those people get out of the slums and into society? Is it because those people aren’t posting selfies with the naked drunk in the cardboard box next to theirs? Are they out of sight – out of mind?

I know in my lifetime, I have only seen maybe a dozen or so homeless people in my area. I am also ashamed to admit that I did nothing to help them. Maybe it was because at one time I was a few inches of sheet metal away from being one of them. Mental illness is something that affects all of us. Even the most sane among us has been in contact with mental illness in themselves or someone in their immediate family. If you were to ask the homeless around you their story, mental illness would be involved in some way. The mental illness that many of us share is that of being overwhelmed. I had become overwhelmed with life after having had it rather easy for the first 20 years of it. Soon, decisions became harder and blurred. Living from paycheck to paycheck took its toll as I worked multiple jobs and seemed to barely tread water. At one point, I contemplated taking my own life.

Then, I met others who helped me with the mental difficulties by giving me hope. Hope had been something that I was lacking, because I had felt so beaten down from the constant stresses of life. But as I met more people who were struggling and doing something about it, it sparked something in me that changed the fuel source for my fire and for the first time in years – I was not afraid to put myself out there and talk to people. Comparing that to the people who huddle in sleeping bags near electric transformers to get as much heat as possible on a cold night is not possible. I can’t fathom those depths. It makes me sad that I don’t have the courage to go talk to those brave souls who aren’t afraid to keep on going when they have nothing but the cloths on their back and the sleeping bag that they roll up and carry with them.

Homeless in America

But people like my cousin are out there, feeding them and telling them that they matter. I need to strive to become more like my cousin.

Never Let Them See You Sweat The Small Stuff!

Never Let Them See You Sweat The Small Stuff
Never Let Them See You Sweat The Small Stuff

I have read an awful lot of self help books… and I need to read a lot more. In all of them, they point out that you should have something that you are striving for that transcends all the scrapes and bruises you are going to experience along the way. As soon as you lose the vision of those things you are striving for, the crush of the daily grind will pulverize you mentally. So you often hear motivational speakers telling you not to sweat the small stuff.

But small stuff is only small when you have that huge goal ahead of you that fills your vision, even when the “small stuff” is on the horizon. If you let it become the main thing in your life, any small problem can be overwhelming. In fact, without a vision of something better, small stuff is not small at all. It is enough to make you break into a cold sweat!

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If you look around at the world – social media is a good place to take a snapshot of society – you see a world full of pain and suffering. People are hurting, and they need help. Sometimes help is financial, sometimes it is emotional… and other times it is just jumping in and helping them by getting involved. Remember the small stuff? It isn’t small to everyone. In fact, it may be the vision that they have to finally overcome that hurdle, because it helps them deal with the small stuff in their lives.

I personally could not envision having to endure constant war in my life. Yet many people have known only war all their lives. The sound of gunfire is what they hear before going to sleep at night and what awakens them in the morning. While I may feel inconvenienced when my coffee maker only makes half a cup when I pressed the full cup button, they may not have electricity that morning because someone drove a truck bomb into the local power station.

I find myself looking at social media and the way people behave toward their fellow human beings. They really do not understand that treating others with no respect is tantamount to driving a truck filled with explosives into the local power plant. It damages their psyche, imperceptibly, perhaps, but it does cause pain and suffering. Yet the hate and the intolerance is emboldened, because the other person is on the other side of the internet. Heck, a sports group I am on it Facebook has a policy where people are banned for being disrespectful of another person’s opinion. I agree with that policy, but it should not be something that is needed. Yet people are consistently being banned because they don’t like someone’s opinion and they feel the need to make them feel stupid because they hold that opinion.

You really need to think about why someone believes what they believe. It is the question that is not asked. My cousin often asks me why I believe the things that I do politically, because we do not agree on a whole lot when it comes to politics. I sometimes take the questions as an insult, because sometimes my belief system takes a defensive position when it should allow itself to be questioned. After all, some of the politics that we are fed are just smoke and mirrors – and I mean all parties do it. They take one issue that is very divisive and blend it into other topics so that you have to take issue with the other, milder topics if you still want to be right about your main issue. I won’t go into specifics, because this is not a political post, it is a post about what constitutes small stuff to each of us. Just look at the political news with a broader view sometime. Don’t try to force it into your conservative, liberal, moderate, extremist box or look at it through the lens that those groups pass out to their members. Look at it from a neutral human perspective.

I write all of this to make a point. Things that I used to think were small stuff just 10 years ago have managed to become mountains after losing both of my parents, two good friends and an uncle who was like a second father to me in that short span. Those losses each helped me refocus a little bit on what was right in front of me and not as much on what is down the road. So a lot of my life has changed in ways that you might not consider very big… because your focus is not the same as mine. I choose to focus on the short term right now, because I want to enjoy the time I have on this planet with the people I was fortunate enough to be surrounded with during my time here! Sometimes breaking a sweat on small stuff is just what the doctor ordered, when you want to show someone you care about them.

I can only imagine, what this world would be like, if more people worried about other people in their lives instead of the person in the mirror…

Dreams Come To Those Who Look Beyond The Present

For four years, I was dreamless.

I lived through the pain of knowing my parents were dying and then watching them go one at a time. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given 6 months to live. He managed to hold on for 9 months. During that period, I did what I could to spend time with my parents. About 6 months after my father passed, my mom was diagnosed with lymphoma, something she had beaten twice before in her life. But this time, without her husband of 51 years, she did not have the fight left in her to survive. Roughly 18 months after the diagnosis and almost exactly 2 years after my father died, mom left to be with him.

Time seemed to fly by after that.

I still did not have a dream. Sleeping was also difficult.

My wife didn’t say anything, but I doubt she was happy with my lethargic self. I was content to live off of the money we had inherited from my parents’ passing. Then one day, she said she wished she could visit her grandchildren in Illinois during the summer, and that started me thinking. It would be nice to live in Florida during the cold months and live in Illinois during the spring and summer.

We started looking at houses in Illinois. First, we looked at less expensive ones. But that didn’t satisfy us. We looked at nicer ones. Suddenly, my mind went from satisfied to wanting more. I knew that if I blew the entire inheritance on a big house in Illinois, we would have to go back to work in order to keep our lifestyle up. That perked me right up. I knew what we had to do.

The dream is all about the future. It can be the near future, like next summer. Or it can be a few years down the road. It doesn’t matter. It has to motivate you to action!

That is the number one way to tell if you have a dream or are living in present day hell. Are you motivated to action?

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