24 Feb 2013 @ 12:01 PM 

This week has been hectic, as it was the first full week since I lost my father to cancer. Sadness gripped my heart all week and the details that need to be handled were pressing in on me more than I like to admit. But I handled it.

Unfortunately, I did not get a whole lot of WSO’s posted.

This morning and last night, however, I did get a few of them on WSOInsiders.com

1. Attorney PLR

2. WP Coolbar Plugin

3. WP Mobile Theme Machine 2.0

4. Miranda Premium WordPress Theme

5. CurationSoft 2.0 – available for a limited time…

You can see all of these in their glory at:


To Your Success,


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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 24 Feb 2013 @ 12:01 PM

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     07 Feb 2013 @ 2:20 PM 


    Join Willie Crawford and myself on WSO Insiders Weekly Review Radio Show for a chance to win Willie’s newest WSO offering!

    Willie will be telling you about his newest WSO, and how it can drive traffic to your website from one of the largest social networks in the world, Facebook!

    The WSO is called FB Traffic Unleashed!

    We’re going to show you how to get in front of your ideal
    customers from among those 1.2 billion users, and get them to:
    – Frequent your irresistible Facebook Wall and share what they
    find with all of their friends
    – Visit, Like, interact with, and practically LIVE on your Facebook
    Fan Pages
    – Join, become an active member of, recruit other to, and
    become a huge advocate for your Facebook Groups
    – Join/attend your Facebook Events and spread the word to all of
    their Friends
    – Get off Facebook and visit your blogs, forums and sales pages

    We’re also going to show you how to get paid, VERY-targeted
    traffic from Facebook cheaper than you can from practically any
    other sources including PPC search engines, and solo ads.
    Yes, Facebook IS where the traffic is at, and all that you really
    need to do is find the pools of your ideal prospects, stand in
    front of them, and redirect them to your websites, AND to your
    pages on Facebook that you control, and that you have properly

    Get your copy now:


    Or be on the show at 7PM for a chance to WIN IT!


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      Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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       15 Oct 2012 @ 3:29 PM 

      Video Niche Dominator

      It’s hard to believe but this software not only
      creates, and "spins" slide-show videos, but also
      automatically submits them to YouTube as well..
      unlike other products that can’t hold a candle to
      Video Niche Dominator 2…


      But – This is your last chance, because Todd,
      and Jonathan are pulling Video Niche Dominator
      off the market Monday, and re-releasing it at
      a higher price on Clickbank in November.

      Look, Animoto is a great service for making videos..
      but they are pretty strict about NOT using
      their service commercially for anything less
      than $39 per month!

      Video Niche Dominator allows you to take any
      images, music, and text and mix it together
      into dozens of unique video files, put together
      SUPER FAST, and auto-submitted to YouTube!

      Yup, the software does ALL of that…

      Sound good?

      Watch the video from my friend Todd Gross on
      the page above for more info on how you can
      make DOZENS of videos all-at-once, in record
      time.. AND submit them at the same time!


      Remember that we show you the Warrior Special
      as soon as they are available. We are
      interested in saving you money, not how many
      products we can sell! If this product is not for
      you, we don’t want you to buy it.

      But, if you may need this in the next month or
      so in your business plan, this is the cheapest
      you are going to be able to get this!


      To your success,

      Micheal & Yvonne


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        Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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         06 May 2012 @ 11:33 AM 

        Software is designed to make our life easier.
        They make repetitive tasks simpler, because
        the software does the repetitive tasks instead
        of you!

        Ever since I was a college student in the 80’s
        I knew that software was the best thing to 
        come into our lives, even though the computer
        was not readily available for most of the 

        Now, almost every household has at least one
        computer. Software programs are still the 
        most important thing for making our lives 

        For those of us who are working online for
        our bread and butter, we need tools that make
        it easier for us to get the job done.


        Mark Sandquist has just released a suite of
        four amazing tools that were originally selling
        individually over the last couple months.

        These tools are the Optin Funnel Machine,
        Optin Form Maker, OTO Machine and 
        Expiring Incremental Sales Machine.

        Check out what each of them do here:


        They are only going to be available for the
        next 7 days on the Warrior Forum. So grab
        them while the price is still low!


        To your assured success,

        Micheal & Yvonne

        PS – You are probably wondering why we went from 
        one or more emails a day to just one every so often.

        After doing this online stuff for the last 17 years, 3 of
        those years full time, I figured out a way to make more
        money doing less work.

        Now we only email about deals that are good enough to
        make us sit down in front of the computer long enough 
        to send you a note about it.

        If you want to know more about Warrior Special Offers,
        we suggest you join our fan page, where we post more




        These software tools deliver! Whether you need a powerful optin form, a dime sale type of sales page, a One Time Offer or an Optin Funnel, you are going to find this software suite really makes your life easier! All for one low price for 7 days only!


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           10 Feb 2012 @ 2:12 PM 
          http://wsoinsiders.com The WSO Insiders Team (Micheal and Yvonne) are in Orlando for JVAlert live, and a group of Warriors are in attendance! Check out their digs!
          More in
          Howto & Style
          Posted By: Micheal Savoie
          Last Edit: 10 Feb 2012 @ 02:43 PM

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