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Since we have survived, we better get back to helping our offline clients…

You know that SMS (text messages) get looked at 97% compared
to a drastically smaller number for emails. That explains why Chili’s,
Wendy’s, Subway, Pizza Hut and hundreds of other restaurants
have ditched other programs to concentrate on SMS marketing.


Watch the demo video.


As you can imagine, anything you can do to make it easier for you
to help your clients get more customers will impact your bottom
line. This is a service you can easily offer to your existing clients
and get new clients.

Get Up To 97% Open Rate With wpSMSWizard (You Might Win A Copy Of This Plugin)

Grab this now:


Plus a chance to get wpSMSWizard for free. . .
Special Promotion Till 12/31/12
Yes, you might be one of the lucky customers who will be RANDOMLY selected and get your purchase price back from us! If you are selected we will send you the amount you paid back to your PayPal email address . Note: that we can’t send you a "refund" as that will de-activate your license so you will have to pay the small fee to receive the payment we send.

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    Take advantage of these WSO bargains while you are grilling your burgers (or if you are like me, going to Wendy’s to get one). The savings will help you have an even better day!

    Mobile Promo Design Kit


    Mobile Promo Design Kit – Increases YOUR Credibilty & ELIMINATES a MAJOR Deal Breaker!…

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    [Simple Facebook App] Read Your Visitors’ Mind With Simple Social Surveys


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    MUST SEE! Ready Made Cash Churning Sites GUARANTEED To Make You BIG Profits! Proof Inside!

    With The PLR Rights You Can…

    – Edit the PLR content.
    – Put your own name on the PLR content.
    – Use the PLR content for article, autoresponder, blog, newsletter or website posts.
    – Use the PLR content to create a free or paid digital report or ebook.
    – Use the PLR content to create a free or paid offline product.

    You Cannot…

    – Sell or giveaway with PLR rights, Resale Rights Or Master Resale Rights.
    – List or sell the PLR content on auction websites.
    – Use the PLR on PLR clone websites.

    You can use the PLR to create your own website to flip/sell.



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