03 Dec 2010 @ 8:08 PM 


Your hand-drawn "Non-Stop Traffic Formula" Cheat Sheets are now ready.
Grab your free copies here:


Jeff Johnson Video Tutorial

Jeff  also created a new video tutorial for you. He literally takes you by the hand and personally walks you through… step-by-step… his best "Non-Stop Traffic" Strategies that are so powerful… even Google couldn’t stop you if they wanted to.

Your free Non-Stop Traffic Formula Cheat Sheets lay it all out for you in a step-by-step fashion.

Considering his first video has over 2,508 comments on it, I’d say…

He’s definitely delivering some rock-solid content.
Grab your free cheat sheets and check out the video:


Just so you know…

Jeff’s proven Non-Stop Traffic Formula can literally bring you boatloads of highly-targeted  traffic… most of it free…  starting today, right now… and he’s willing to prove it to you by just flat-out giving you the entire thing for free.

It won’t cost you a penny to get started… your Non-Stop Traffic Formula Cheat Sheets and Training Videos are 100% Free and yours to keep forever.

He even shows you exactly how to implement his entire Non-Stop Traffic Formula using nothing but free traffic-getting tools and free websites, but he also shows you how to tap into a few paid sources such as PPC and CPV as well.

Grab your free copy here:


BONUS: I am hereby announcing my bonus for Traffic Voodoo when it launches on December 8th!

Not only will you get intensive coaching from Jeff, but I will include the first 30 who purchase into my personal mastermind group. Each week we will get together on skype or my conference room and discuss what we are working on, how we can help each other and set goals for the following week. This is worth $97 per week and you will be guaranteed one year of access to this mastermind. So make sure you bookmark this site and make your purchase from my link in order to receive this bonus.

Get your Free SEO Traffic Plugin for WordPress. I use it every day on my blogs to get massive traffic and great SEO results!

Disclaimer: The links on this blog may have affiliate relationships where I may earn a commission if you purchase one of the products recommended herein. Please do your own due diligence research to see if any product or service is right for you!

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 23 Apr 2010 @ 12:13 PM 

Today is your last chance to join Traffic Voodoo and still get your hands on Jeff’s special bonus.

This is the best bonus Jeff has ever offered for joining Traffic Voodoo…

And today is the last day you’ll be able to get it. After today the price either goes up, or he will simply remove this special bonus deal from the current offer.

Grab the best bonus offer for Traffic Voodoo, ever:


If you have ever wished that you had more traffic…

Or you thought that your mailing list could be bigger and more profitable…

Or if you have ever dreamed of making more money online…

Then this brand new video is for you:


The Mastermind Group Level sold out days ago. But the regular level still has a few seats left. Grab yours today and lock in the best bonus package ever:


Before anything else, please accept my apology if you’re not among the first 11 people responding to this post.

Here’s what it’s all about:

My friend and legendary marketer, Michael Penland is hosting his famous "Internet Marketing Super Seminar" in sunny Orlando, May 7-9, 2010.  Regular admission is $1,997.


If you’re one of the next 11 of my BEST readers ONLY to register, you get a seat at this life-changing event … FREE.


As an added BONUS, when you’re one of the next 11 to register and grab your FREE seat at this event, you will be included in a special by-invitation-only Master Mind with me during the Super Seminar in Orlando.

Attend the event with me and discover how to increase your sales, improve your marketing, and give your profits a quantum leap.

This is for my BEST 11 readers ONLY …

See you in Orlando, May 7-9, 2010.  Register.

Dedicated to YOUR Success,

Micheal Savoie

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 19 Apr 2010 @ 6:58 AM 

(SocialNetEffect.com)Social media is a goldmine…

…Problem is…most marketers don’t have a clue how to Really Make Money with it…

… and while they may get lots of fans and eyeballs looking at their posts…

…when it comes down to pulling down the moolah… it’s just not happening.

Well, guess what?

We’ve connected with the guy everyone’s been referring to as "that Facebook expert"… and I’ve got to recommend that you check this out.

His name is Robert Grant, and he’s giving away (for a very short time) absolutely essential info and specific
advice for anyone who wants to start ethically cashing-in on Facebook.

This is like the Holy Grail for social media-using marketers…

…because you KNOW the potential is there… but nobody’s yet figured out how to do it. (Especially if you want to monetize your social media without making people mad at you.)

Go here, and feast on this breakthrough stuff he’s giving away:


We’re already using what we’ve learned from Robert.

The Big Dog marketers are moving fast into social media… and yet, there’s still time for you to get there ahead of your competition… with the tools and savvy to make it a big-buck-producing part of your biz plan.

This is the perfect way to get hip, fast.

We’ll see you on Facebook.


In Other News – Traffic Voodoo Back Door Still Open

Jeff Johnson, in another attempt to win back the early birds that missed out on their chance at getting into the Traffic Voodoo Membership Site, has opened up a back door to buy the package. He had intended to only tell his list of Early Bird subscribers, since they had received word long after the Traffic Voodoo site had already been opened, and many of them had been unable to purchase because of problems with the shopping cart.

Once Jeff had fixed the shopping cart problems, the window of opportunity had closed for those early birds who had missed their initial shot. So Jeff, in an effort to win them back, has been adding bonuses, setting up payment plans and basically doing whatever it takes to get them on board.

It must be working, because Jeff has let another few hundred people in, and he has plans to allow another 50 before he closes the back door for good.

If you want to see what the ruckus is all about, just go watch the latest video (updated on 4/16) and see what I mean:


In a hurry (want to bypass the video)?


I will continue to honor the bonus that I was offering during the launch.

Fast Action For Fast Income

You still have some time to watch the video that  Melford and Concetta Bibens released that reveals how they went from bankruptcy to making up to $89,000 per month in a two year span! I can’t guaranteed it will still be there, because the were telling me on skype how they are getting very close to the cutoff that they had set for themselves…

Watch the video here:


Download Your Own Traffic Dissection Tool For Free

I hope you took Michelle MacPhearson up on her offer of a Traffic Rank Decoder, a software program that allows you to see what sites you need to be linking from to increase your search engine rankings. Basically this tool will dissect your traffic strategy by showing you trends for the keywords you selected.

Discount For Quick Profit Formula!

I don’t know how long this page will be up… But you will save a boatload if you use this link:


Quick Profit Formula is another one of those course that are designed to help you get some money coming in really fast.

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Posted By: Micheal Savoie
Last Edit: 19 Apr 2010 @ 07:01 AM

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 17 Apr 2010 @ 10:12 AM 

(Your Directory Website Info) – Jeff Johnson is such a softie! I emailed him after the launch of his Traffic Voodoo affiliate training course was finally closed and asked him how it went. He told me that he sold a lot of spots, but that many of the people who had tried to sign up on the very first day of launch never came back.

He felt bad.

He did not want to turn anyone away, and once someone has made a decision (one way or the other) it is very hard to get them to change their minds, because they are following one of the laws of influence… commitment and consistency.

Once they had decided it was not worth the hassle to continue fighting the shopping cart, they continued to behave in such a way as to support that decision, even if it goes against their very fiber.

They may have been very interested in becoming a super affiliate. But because they decided that Traffic Voodoo was not worth the time to try to buy it, they will continue to establish evidence that supports that decision!

You Benefit From This Behavior!

So Jeff is allowing a few more people into his closed Traffic Voodoo Program for a very limited time. He is really trying to reach the people who have turned away, but you benefit from this, because you can get in even though you might be hearing about Jeff Johnson’s program for the very first time.


Free Gift For You!

I’ve got an awesome free gift for you today!

My good friend, Tuti Lee, has just released a really cool product called "Twitter Marketing Power Made Simple", and she is allowing me to give it away to you for free ($97 value).

=> http://nexurl.com/tuti

Please don’t wait on this free offer, check it out here before this gets pulled, and please enjoy this gift from us… to you!

Go ahead and download it free at:

=> http://nexurl.com/tuti


Success is YOURS,

Micheal Savoie

PS – I don’t know how long this offer will be available… get it now before it’s gone forever!

=> http://nexurl.com/tuti

PPS – Have you ever wanted to collect silver coins, but did not know how to get good ones that would appreciate in value? Now we have a way to collect mint condition coins at wholesale prices with our coin collection club! This is a great way to set up multiple streams of income that brings value to your portfolio!

Register now:


Need Internet Marketing Tools for your affiliate marketing? Get them at the best price possible at Hosting For Profit! Your Affiliate Tools will always be available for one low price! Included is 70GB of reseller hosting, 200GB of bandwidth for your website traffic, unlimited video storage and bandwidth, top of the line autoresponder system for your leads and a 10 seat conference room for live meetings with your prospects!

Hosting For Profit is your primary source for the Affiliate Marketing Tools that make YOU money! Watch the video below and see how you can make money online, too:


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 09 Apr 2010 @ 11:07 AM 

(Reprint from AutoresponderCodeBonus.com) Today is the final day you can get access to Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Training Course and Private membership. He has kept it open for much longer than anticipated and has added more bonuses than I have ever seen anyone add in the history of product launches.

Check out everything you get:


I am adding an extra Traffic Voodoo Bonus to the next 10 people who purchase traffic voodoo through my link below.


In addition to everything that you get from Jeff and the things I mention here about the Traffic Voodoo Bonus, I am going to give you access to the same training program that I am going to be offering in Orlando next month! This is easily worth $2,495! Look at what I am including in this 6 Week Video Bootcamp:

  • How To Create Videos Without Having A Video Camera
  • How To Use Sony Vegas Professional 9.0 To Create Videos
  • How To Add Soundtracks and Mix Audio In Sony Vegas.
  • How To Pan and Zoom On Still Images So They Don’t Seem Like Still Images.
  • How To Make Music Buzz Videos.
  • The Best Formats To Render To For Uploading To Video Sharing Sites.
  • Using Sony Vegas Transitions To Make Your Videos Look Like Hollywood Videos!
  • Using Sony Vegas Text Generator For Professional Quality Text On Your Video.
  • Adding Motion Video To Your Video Project.
  • Additional Tips, Tricks & Secrets That Will Make It Easy For You To Work With Sony Vegas Professional To Create Professional Quality Video!

I will be adding more to this training, plus, I will be doing a 5 minute video (worth $2,995) for the first person to buy Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Office Field Trip today through my link (I may earn a commission from this).  You simply provide the script, and I will create the video to your specs (stock photos, music and video clips will be extra if you need specific ones – or you supply them with proof of rights) along with professional voiceover unless you wish to supply the voice track. This takes time, so I can only offer this to the first person to buy. If you are purchasing Traffic Voodoo and you want a video done, I will give you a substantial discount off of my $599 per video minute – you would only pay $199 per minute (5 Minute Maximum). You could use this for 5 one minute videos, too, for submission to the video sites. But you must buy today!


Don’t want to watch the video again?


The timing is based on who pastes their receipt into my help desk ticket and submits it to me first. I can only take a maximum of 10 video orders and only 10 can get my 6 Week Video Bootcamp! So you should hurry and grab Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Lifetime Membership right away, because he is closing the doors at midnight tonight!!


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