08 Apr 2011 @ 9:04 PM 

Yvonne and I added a bonus for the Mastermind Level of Jeff Johnson’s Super Affiliate Coaching Club.

Not only will you get My Video Blogger Kit – Jeff Johnson Early Bird Bonus, but we will let you choose between a very nice HP Laptop or a brand new Ipad 2 if you get the Mastermind Level of the SACC!

Here are the details:

Apple Ipad 2

Product Features
  • Apple’s newest generation of iPads.
  • 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology.
  • 1 GHz dual-core Apple A5 custom-designed processor.
  • Forward facing and rear facing cameras.
  • Apple’s iOS 4 and access to Apple’s app store.

Processor, Memory, and Motherboard

  • Hardware Platform: PC
  • Processor: 1 GHz Unknown
  • Number of Processors: 2

Hard Drive

  • Size: 16 GB
  • Type: Solid State

Graphics and Display

  • LCD Native Resolution: 1024×768

Ports and Connectivity

  • Modem: None

Cases and Expandability

  • Size (LWH): 7.31 inches, 9.5 inches, 0.34 inches
  • Weight: 1.33 pounds


  • Rated Charge (normal use): 10 hours


  • Wireless Type: 802.11abg


OR Your Very Own HP Laptop

HP Pavilion dv6-3140us 15.6-Inch Laptop

Product Features
  • AMD Phenom II Triple-Core Mobile Processor P840 (1.90GHz, 1.5MB Cache); 4GB DDR3 SDRAM memory (2 x 2GB) (expandable to 8GB); 640GB (5400 RPM) Serial ATA hard drive; Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • 15.6 Inch diagonal High-Definition HP BrightView LED Display (1366 x 768), ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics with 128MB DDR3 Display Cache Memory with up to 2045MB total graphics memory
  • External Ports: 5-in-1 memory card reader; 4 USB 2.0 (4th port shared with eSATA); 1 HDMI; 1 VGA (15-pin); 1 RJ -45 (LAN); 1 Headphone-out; 1 Microphone-in
  • LightScribe Technology Blu-ray/SuperMulti DVD Burner; Dolby Advanced Audio with Altec Lansing speakers; Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN; Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n WLAN
  • Brushed aluminum finish; 101-key compatible with island-style full-size keyboard; HP Clickpad with On/Off button; HP TrueVision Webcam with integrated digital microphone; HP SimplePass with integrated fingerprint reader

Processor, Memory, and Motherboard

  • Hardware Platform: PC
  • Processor: 1.9 GHz Phenom Triple-Core
  • Number of Processors: 3
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • RAM Type: SODIMM

Hard Drive

  • Size: 640 GB
  • Type: Serial ATA

Cases and Expandability

  • Size (LWH): 14.88 inches, 9.65 inches, 1.37 inches
  • Weight: 5.46 pounds

Yvonne and I use laptops very similar to this one, and we are very happy with them. As a SACC Mastermind member, you will earn enough to buy several of these, but we are offering this to help push you over the fence and to help you make a decision to buy through our affiliate link!

Remember, we will be giving the Video Blogger Kit as soon as the 30 day refund period is over for SACC Basic level is over (on the 3 payment plan, that will be 30 days after the 3rd payment), but the Laptop or Ipad 2 will ship out after the 6th month of membership in the Mastermind Club!

Sign up now and claim yours:


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     08 Dec 2010 @ 8:21 PM 

    Jeff Johnson just opened up his “Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic” training program and coaching club today for the only the second time in 9 long months.

    And if you really want to learn how to drive an insane amount of traffic, and learn exactly how to turn that traffic into money…

    Then Jeff Johnson is definitely the man you need to learn from.

    This video explains everything:


    And since you are still reading this and not watching the video…

    Let me give you 6 no-brainer reasons why you should at least check out Jeff’s traffic-getting training program:

    1. Jeff is always the man listed at the top of just about every major launch that has happened in the last 3 years. And he almost always does it using nothing but 100% free traffic.

    2. Jeff’s stuff works in any market. He’s made an absolute fortune selling products and services in dozens of niches including dog training, wedding speeches, digital cameras, software and even coffee mugs.

    3. Jeff’s students have reported incredible results over the years using his strategies. Just check out the 11.602 comments  left on his content-packed blogs like Traffic Voodoo.

    4. He’s been running online coaching clubs, very successful ones, for almost 5 continuous years. Thousands of people have joined and feedback has been fantastic. You don’t have that kind of staying power unless you really have something special to share with your students, and he does.

    5. Jeff consistently makes more money in a single week than the top income earners in the U.S. earn in an entire year. Let me say that again… he makes more in a week than they make in a year and he makes it by driving an insane amount of free traffic, and then converting that traffic into money… over and over again.

    6.      He absolutely loves to over-deliver on his promises to help people from all stages of business succeed online… and he’s been proving it to thousands and thousands of his successful students… over and over again for the past 7 years… so he must be doing something right!

    Learn how he does it, watch this video:


    Good Luck!

    I say “good luck” because Jeff’s coaching clubs always sell out quickly.

    And then he closes the doors to new students for months, even years at a time.

    Not to mention…

    Jeff’s offering something he’s only offered one time before, and it could end at any minute.

    Get this..

    You get a free Lifetime Membership upgrade when you join Traffic Voodoo 2.0 today.

    One flat fee gets you in… for life.

    But here’s the bad news…

    This is the last time Traffic Voodoo Lifetime Memberships will ever
    be offered at this low of a price… possibly the last time they’ll
    ever be offered.

    After tomorrow the price either jumps up Five Hundred Dollars, or
    this offer for a Free Lifetime Membership Upgrade will be cancelled
    without notice.

    Don’t miss out on the best deal Jeff has ever offered…

    Join right now and you’ll be guaranteed a Lifetime Membership
    Upgrade at the lowest price ever.

    Traffic Voodoo is definitely one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make in your life.

    This video explains it all:


    Simply The Best Traffic Voodoo Bonus For Your Business

    And by purchasing Traffic Voodoo through my link, you will also be eligible for one of my Mastermind Groups where you will be able to discuss your projects in confidence with other business owners who are working hard to make their affiliate marketing work for them. You will be able to hold each other accountable, help each other focus and determine what results you are having from the specific actions you are taking. The entire mastermind group concept has been around for years. Every success story includes a mastermind group, and now you will be part of one when you purchase Traffic Voodoo through my affiliate link.

    When you have purchased, simply contact my help desk and we will connect you with the rest of the mastermind group in the time slot that best fits your schedule. The mastermind groups will begin on January 3rd so make certain you take advantage of this now, so you can be ready to begin!

    Disclaimer: The links on this blog may have affiliate relationships where I may earn a commission if you purchase one of the products recommended herein. Please do your own due diligence research to see if any product or service is right for you!

     09 Apr 2010 @ 11:07 AM 

    (Reprint from AutoresponderCodeBonus.com) Today is the final day you can get access to Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Training Course and Private membership. He has kept it open for much longer than anticipated and has added more bonuses than I have ever seen anyone add in the history of product launches.

    Check out everything you get:


    I am adding an extra Traffic Voodoo Bonus to the next 10 people who purchase traffic voodoo through my link below.


    In addition to everything that you get from Jeff and the things I mention here about the Traffic Voodoo Bonus, I am going to give you access to the same training program that I am going to be offering in Orlando next month! This is easily worth $2,495! Look at what I am including in this 6 Week Video Bootcamp:

    • How To Create Videos Without Having A Video Camera
    • How To Use Sony Vegas Professional 9.0 To Create Videos
    • How To Add Soundtracks and Mix Audio In Sony Vegas.
    • How To Pan and Zoom On Still Images So They Don’t Seem Like Still Images.
    • How To Make Music Buzz Videos.
    • The Best Formats To Render To For Uploading To Video Sharing Sites.
    • Using Sony Vegas Transitions To Make Your Videos Look Like Hollywood Videos!
    • Using Sony Vegas Text Generator For Professional Quality Text On Your Video.
    • Adding Motion Video To Your Video Project.
    • Additional Tips, Tricks & Secrets That Will Make It Easy For You To Work With Sony Vegas Professional To Create Professional Quality Video!

    I will be adding more to this training, plus, I will be doing a 5 minute video (worth $2,995) for the first person to buy Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Office Field Trip today through my link (I may earn a commission from this).  You simply provide the script, and I will create the video to your specs (stock photos, music and video clips will be extra if you need specific ones – or you supply them with proof of rights) along with professional voiceover unless you wish to supply the voice track. This takes time, so I can only offer this to the first person to buy. If you are purchasing Traffic Voodoo and you want a video done, I will give you a substantial discount off of my $599 per video minute – you would only pay $199 per minute (5 Minute Maximum). You could use this for 5 one minute videos, too, for submission to the video sites. But you must buy today!


    Don’t want to watch the video again?


    The timing is based on who pastes their receipt into my help desk ticket and submits it to me first. I can only take a maximum of 10 video orders and only 10 can get my 6 Week Video Bootcamp! So you should hurry and grab Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Lifetime Membership right away, because he is closing the doors at midnight tonight!!


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     02 Apr 2010 @ 8:44 AM 

    Jeff Johnson’s latest video reveals some new “secret” bonuses that will make you want to thaw out your credit cards and take out a 2nd mortgage. He is giving away so much, it is almost insane! The Traffic Voodoo course itself is worth WAY more than the current price tag, but Jeff is pulling out all the stops to bring more people into his first LIVE coaching in over 2 years.

    Some of these “shameless bribes” include a custom designed SEO blog done for you by his design team, the DVD recordings of the Traffic Voodoo course sent to your home, personal website reviews by Jeff Johnson himself and a lot more!

    Watch the video here to see everything he is adding to the mix:


    The reason for this generosity?

    On Monday, when Traffic Voodoo went live, his shopping cart went haywire! He felt so bad that hundreds of people had missed their chance to buy, that he is enticing them to give it another try by offering thousands of dollars worth of extra perks.

    As you may remember, Jeff Johnson gave away a lot of free content during the week prior to his launch, including his Traffic Launcher Cheat Sheets, his Instant Affiliate Traffic Video and finally he gave a preview of the Traffic Voodoo Course itself!

    More Giving – This Time It Is Personal

    Jeff took it personally when the shopping cart acted up on Monday. He had already added 8 extra weeks to the Traffic Voodoo membership and included 3 months of membership in his exclusive Underground Training Lab, where people paid up to $5000 each to get access. But Jeff is not satisfied with the sheer value he is giving those who were lucky enough to be able to follow the shopping cart process all the way through.

    He wants to win back those who gave up! He knows that people are busy. Especially those who are looking to create a business where they can pull money out of thin air, just by driving insane amounts of traffic to affiliate offers using his Traffic Voodoo systems.

    Many of these people are working jobs that demand too much of their time, provide little security and are generally energy sucking black holes. These people need to be helped to create the second income that will overtake and finally replace the income from their jobs, and finally give them the free time to enjoy with their family.

    Take a look at Jeff’s newest video and all the bonuses he is revealing:


    But Wait! That’s Not All Folks!

    I am adding 6 bonuses in addition to the 8 that Jeff Johnson is giving away!

    • I Give You Access To My 5 Day Business Challenge Training Webinars.
    • You Also Get Access To My Backlink Videos Webinars – where I show you where and how to get backlinks. You can check out the first video in the series here.
    • I will do a series of Q & A Webinars where your blog questions will be answered.
    • I will teach how to install WordPress Securely on your domain, and show you how to set up your plugins from Jeff Johnson’s Free Traffic Plugin. I will also help you with additional plugin installations that are necessary for your blog to rank highly and quickly!
    • These webinars will be recorded via Camtasia, and I will give you the recordings along with Private Label Rights (PLR) so that you can resell them as your own product.
    • For the next 5 people to take me up on this, I will also include you in my March Madness Gifts Event, where the top 20 gifts will be visible for the rest of the year, but your gifts will be added in addition to the top 20 (making it 25 gifts), so that your optin page will be getting traffic all year long!

    Open a help desk ticket and let me know that you have purchased Traffic Voodoo from my link. I will then give you a registration link so that you can stay up to date with all of the Webinars.

    So the only thing left for you to do is to watch the video and see how much value you are going to get:


    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

    PS – Be sure and leave comments to let us know what you think about these bonuses.

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     29 Mar 2010 @ 2:57 PM 

    Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Now Open For A Limited Number Of Seats

    (Aggressive-Affiliates Beverly Hills, FL March 29, 2010) Traffic Voodoo just went live at 3:00PM EDT! Already hundreds of spots have been snatched up, according to Jeff Johnson’s office. If you were considering getting ANY traffic training, Jeff is the person to show you!

    Fast Action Traffic Voodoo Bonuses (Very Limited Quantity):

    • 3 months free in Jeff’s Underground Training Lab Coaching Club
    • Jeff is doubling the Traffic Voodoo membership from 8 weeks to a full 16 weeks.
    • But he’s only guaranteeing that you can get these fast action bonuses if you join Traffic Voodoo within the first couple hours.

    And, it may sell out before the 70,000+ people who are on Jeff’s launch list get a chance to buy it, because he does not have enough seats to the course for the entire 6000 people on the Early Bird List!

    Additional Traffic Voodoo Bonuses (If You Buy Using My Link)

    ==> http://nexurl.com/trafficvoodoolive

    • We Will Give You Access To Our 5 Day Business Challenge Training Webinars.
    • You Will Also Receive Access To Our Backlink Videos Webinars – where we show you where and how to get backlinks. You can check out the first video in the series here.
    • We will do a series of Q & A Webinars where your blog questions will be answered.
    • We will teach how to install WordPress Securely on your domain, and show you how to set up your plugins from Jeff Johnson’s Free Traffic Plugin. We can also help you with additional plugin installations that are necessary for your blog to rank highly and quickly!
    • These webinars will be recorded via Camtasia, and I will give you the recordings along with Private Label Rights (PLR) to them so that you can resell them as your own product.
    • For the first 5 people to take me up on this, I will also include you in my March Madness Gifts Event, where the top 20 gifts will be visible for the rest of the year, but your gifts will be added in addition to the top 20 (making it 25 gifts), so that your optin page will be getting traffic all year long!

    To claim your bonus, simply open up a support ticket at my help desk with the receipt information from your purchase of Traffic Voodoo. We will have to verify it against the information we get from Jeff, so it could take up to 48 hours to start getting you some of the bonuses.

    Jeff will send you a link, it will have some code on it that will have ‘af=668720’ or something similar. If the number on the code is different from 668720, please change it to 668720 so that you will qualify for our bonus. We give you the full details on the bonus we are offering on this post at our Aggressive Affiliates Blog. All of the latest bonuses have been added to the this page!

    We Want To See You Succeed

    While we may get paid a commission if you buy using our link to Traffic Voodoo, we want to insure that you are going to receive more than that amount in value toward your own success. Understand that no program will give you success unless you are willing to put forth the effort and work according to the methods that Jeff and I teach. You may earn more than both of us combined, or you may earn less, it is really up to you!

    Our jobs as coaches and trainers are to take you from your starting point and cheer you on to take action. The first 25 who sign up (through our affiliate link) will also become part of a mastermind group that will meet via webinar or phone (we will divide into phone groups and webinar groups) so that we can help each other set goals and achieve them!


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