26 Jul 2011 @ 8:27 PM 

If you’d like to consistently bring in
$2,000.00 to $10,000.00 per week selling
your knowledge, experience, & expertise,
you should ATTEND my buddy JP MARONEY’S
NEW ONLINE WORKSHOP Thursday evening.


There’s no cost to ATTEND THIS WEBINAR.
Starts 7 PM Eastern.

You’ll learn stuff you didn’t
even know was possible.



– How to ONLY create products you
KNOW will sell faster than cotton
candy at a county fair.

– How to build a "Guru Profit
Ladder" that takes prospects all
the way from your giveaway stuff
… to your ULTRA big-ticket
coaching and consulting or info

– The EXACT formula for building
a list of red-hot leads — FAST —
so you can start selling them
stuff and creating big paydays
every week.

– 3 Case studies that prove YOU
can make big bucks in information
marketing on the internet.

– And a bunch of other cool
insider tricks I’ve never taught
in public (certainly not without


You’ll FINALLY get the behind the
scenes view on how to REALLY put
together your own CASH SPEWING
information marketing empire that
rolls money into your bank account
day in and day out.

There’s no cost to attend.
And, I guarantee that your life
and business will be changed –


PS: Hope to see ya there…

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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 26 Jul 2011 @ 08:27 PM

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     07 Apr 2010 @ 1:13 PM 

    Sometimes I wonder…

    I saw more major marketers, including Matthew Glanfield, Jeremy Gislason, Michael Rassmussen and Todd Gross promoting Miracle Traffic Bot during the launch. Sure, Paul Ponna puts out some nice products. But did these marketers do their research?

    Traffic Experts

    When you need traffic, do you know what to do?

    If you listen to the majority of marketers, you have to write articles, submit them to article directories, and then repeat.

    This is a good standard, but not nearly adequate anymore. Not unless you plan on spending all of your time writing and submitting. Time is the main factor, as you have to write good content to be accepted in your market, and that requires research.

    Articles Are Not Enough

    Obviously, articles can’t be the end all, cure all for getting traffic. Most of the experts recommend a balanced approach of Articles, Videos, Press Releases and Social Bookmarks to really help get the links out there for your money site.

    I found a few websites that help you create videos out of your articles, and I will be reviewing those very soon. but even if you just get your flip cam out and shoot a few minutes of you reading your article (or the bullet points of the article), the video will be a great way to supplement your articles. Not to mention that you can take the soundtrack using Audacity and submit that to the podcast sites, too!

    Ok – I Have Videos & Articles – Now What?

    Two products are on the market right now claiming to do the same thing. Miracle Traffic Bot launched with a group of powerful marketers supporting the launch with huge bonuses and bold claims. Ross Goldberg’s Traffic Magnet launched quietly without a whole lot of attention.

    Read More About This Traffic Generating Software Review On Easy Selling Success!

    Disclaimer – The links on this page are my affiliate links and your purchase of these products using my links could earn me a commission. If you are cool with that, I would be very appreciative if you would choose to buy through my links. I do try to provide good information and will continue to serve you whether you purchase through my links or not.

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     26 Jan 2010 @ 12:35 AM 

    Ever wonder why the guru’s make all
    the money and leave you fighting for
    table scraps that look like pieces of
    dog poop and tell you its sirloin steak?

    Well haven’t you gotten sick of seeing
    them make all the money while they
    pass off little so called secrets to you
    that leave you hanging & wanting

    Listen up cause you won’t want to
    miss this.

    I got an email the other day from
    one of my friends and they found
    this really underground marketer
    who finally had enough of the
    “gurus” that it drove him to the point
    of going bonkers and he basically
    just said…

    “#uck it! the money is out there
    and I’m going to get it”


    (That was over 32 months ago when he said that)

    Now, he’s about to burst on to the scene.

    He’s been under ground forever making
    BANK and it looks like he’s going to
    RUFFLE some feathers in the marketing


    Believe me this guy is a *crazy,
    underground, never-before- revealed*
    marketer that has been quietly (well
    not any more) making Bank and been
    sought out by some of the biggest
    marketers online who have forced him
    to put up or shut up.

    It’s true.

    This is what this marketer is claiming,
    (oh by the way he calls himself the
    Affiliate Punisher, catchy I like it)

    He says your going to learn how to
    take full advantage of web 2.0 and
    build a list on autopilot, but more
    importantly your going to learn how
    to profit with that list for life as a
    super affiliate, (he calls it the free
    money for life model)

    and… he’s going give you a blueprint
    on how he gave his secrets away to
    some of his students and one of his
    students used the Affiliate Punisher
    System and kick-butt techniques to…

    (check this out)…

    …Get 22,000 customers in 181 days
    making $2,178,000.00!

    Check it out here, it’s sizzling’


    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal & Yvonne

    P.S. This ‘Affiliate Punisher’ is going to
    be releasing his system full of videos,
    process maps, pdf’s in a day or two
    about how he does all this ninja stuff,
    so be sure to keep an eye out.



     10 Jul 2009 @ 4:51 PM 

    See Nancy Grace Get Owned By One Of Her Crew Members - Is that Chris Lockwood sitting beside her?
    Is that Chris Lockwood sitting beside Elizabeth in this video?

    Ben Shaffer canceled his product launch. You can read about it below, but I wanted to tell you that the pure content video is at the very end of this email. Now back to Ben’s canceled product launch!

    Ben Shaffer has revealed what some have called the holy grail of marketing products. He was setting up for a big product launch in August, but when he sent out an email to his list yesterday about this product…

    They went nuts!

    He sold more copies to this product than he ever sold of anything that he ever mailed to his list! It was incredible, and I watched the video yesterday and it was everything I could do to keep from buying it myself.

    Anyway, Ben decided that this was exactly what the people are hurting for right now, and instead of going through the buildup of a huge product launch, which would take too long…


    Ben has decided to reveal his secret for creating REAL auto pilot cash methods for you to use.

    Watch this 35 minute video as Ben reveals a system for automating income that you can repeat for multiple niches.


    Auto Cash Needs Niches

    This goes great with the free niches that Howie Schwartz is giving away, because once you create these auto-cash streams on one niche, you can rinse and repeat for all 36 of the ones that Howie gives you:


    Easy Selling Success Sales Pages

    Joe Vitale told me you should check this out – 21 Step Formula for Creating Compelling Sales Pages for FREE


    Marc Horne and Hollis Carter from the SNEmpire have create a video that will give you a TON of great information about how to develop an information marketing business that will make you a lot of money!


    In this video they cover a lot about tools you need to fire up your business, then how to brainstorm your business niches.


    So take advantage of this right now!

    Micheal Savoie

    PS – You can still get Howie’s PDF on 36 of the top niches… plus you can also be a part of his IM challenge and win prizes and go for the glory!


     01 Jul 2009 @ 4:02 PM 

    What is up with this? Someone is telling you why you should NOT buy Easy Sales Formula? I don’t believe it, but this is an excerpt from an email I received today from Harris Fellman:

    That’s right, I’m going to tell
    you why you should *NOT* buy
    Easy Sales Formula even though
    13 people have already ordered
    through my affiliate link to
    get my kick-ass bonus.

    The bottom line is, Easy Sales
    Formula is actually *not* for
    everyone. What ESF teaches you
    is how to easily create a sales
    video that you place onto a web
    page INSTEAD of a big long written
    sales letter.

    So, if you’re really good at
    writing long sales letters,
    I’m thinking you may want to
    not BUY Easy Sales Formula.

    Personally, I’m half-way decent
    at writing sales copy; but I’ve
    found using Keith Wellman’s formula
    to be the easiest thing I’ve ever
    done to get great sales conversions.

    It’s not really just about Video
    versus Text though. Sure, Video
    is popular right now – but for me
    it’s about how much easier it is
    to create a site designed to sell
    my products, ya know?

    I have some more reasons you should
    NOT buy it as well… but first,
    let me give you the link:

    (my link substituted… since
    this is my blog)

    So, that brings up another reason to
    not Buy Easy Sales Formula…

    Do not BUY Easy Sales Formula if you
    don’t feel like you’ve got an idea of
    what you’re going to do with it…

    [Micheal here: If you have been watching the videos that Keith has been showing for the last 10 days, you should have at least ONE idea that you could put the product to work on! If you choose my bonus #2, I will create a video for you that you can use to drive traffic to for affiliate commissions. If you choose bonus #1, you can create your own sales video for the Membership Site, DVD course or whatever else you want to make with the Private Label Rights to my Video Workshop at Easy Selling Success. So that argument is blown out of the water…]

    Also, don’t buy it if you’re not ready
    to get a whole bunch of new customers.
    Most people are surprised at how well
    Keith’s Formula works … so, if you’re
    not able to handle a bunch of new customers
    (and the money that comes with it), then
    do not buy ESF.

    Hmmm, what else?

    Those are the big ones, I would think.
    If you’re great at writing long sales
    copy or not ready for a bunch of new
    customers. The creativity, I’ll personally
    help you with.

    Oh, I guess the final reason would be
    if you truly can’t come up with $XXX.
    (Price Hidden In Case It Goes Up By
    The Time You Get There)

    Although, I do believe in ESF so much
    that I can confidently say *as long as
    you truly use it, you’ll make that back*.
    (Plus, it’s going to go up to $1997 soon – ugh)

    I really recommend this to just about
    everyone else – from new to seasoned.
    It’s the easiest most POWERFUL product
    that I’ve seen released this year.

    It’s like your first project using
    Easy Sales Formula almost creates
    itself. So, if you’re not in either
    of the two situations above, I say
    BUY Easy Sales Formula right now –
    you’ll be glad you did.

    Keep Havin’ Fun!

    Harris Fellman, CCM
    Profitable Fun, Inc.

    Now he makes a couple valid points. I will reiterate that if you need the money to pay rent, this is not the product to be spending your money on… pay your rent, save up and when Keith offers it again for $1,997, you may be in a better situation to make the purchase then.

    But, if you are weighing the options of getting a part time job or increasing your income using the web, then you should put this on your credit card and hit the ground running! Follow everything that Keith teaches you. TAKE ACTION!

    It is impossible to fail if you take action, learn from your mistakes and keep taking action! Eventually something you do will pay off! Just never stop learning!

    Last Reason Not To Buy

    If you don’t want to do anything yourself and you would rather pay someone else to do it for you… do not buy this, instead sign up for my Video Skinning Project and let me do the work for you, for the same price as the course, I will create and host 3 Video Skinning Project Sales Pages for three Clickbank Products of your choosing. I even split test them for increasing your results. Now if you buy any of the packages I offer in that video, you can get double the number of videos made for you if you buy Keith’s Easy Sales Formula, too!

    Of course, if you decide to buy the product because it is essentially cheaper than my solution, you have me to help you. You can ask me questions, I am known to be very helpful when I am not biting the heads off of customers… Ok I am kidding. I don’t bite very often.


    You can ask some of the folks in my masterminds…

    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

    PS – Everything Harris and the rest of the Internet Marketing gang do and write about, we use to teach. This was an example of a reverse psychology type of review/post where you are curious why someone would tell you why you shouldn’t buy a product. Some are more blatant about it and some are downright rude about it.

    You should never use negative marketing to get sales, like telling people that a product is a scam in your subject line to get them into your email or blog post. Not only is it against the terms of service of most product owners, it often leaves a bad impression with the market itself of the product, since many people do not read anything but the headlines and would mentally just file away the name of the product and scam together.

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