16 Jun 2013 @ 10:39 AM 

If you can afford to wait another three years to have
some actual money coming in, then ignore this…


But if you want to get started *TODAY*, and learn how
you can run a stable, profitable online business
entirely from home, in just a few hours a week…

Drop whatever you’re doing, and watch this:


This is a true "one-person" business.

And, just to clarify. That means no employees, and no
outsourced people in random foreign countries either.


You don’t have to be technical either…

That means no FTP, no editing web pages, no uploading
files, no writing sales pages – none of that stuff.


But please… hurry!

The guy behind this system hasn’t released anything of
any kind in over three years, and when this comes down
it’s not coming back… from the looks of
his last email, this video could be coming down at any


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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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     01 Nov 2012 @ 5:49 PM 


    Someone I always give thanks for is Jeff Johnson… his free
    training videos are so good that I am usually getting free
    traffic before he even launches his courses.


    Jeff Johnson just posted Video #3 in his free training series for you.

    I’m not sure if you’ve been checking out Jeff’s new "Tube Traffic
    Secrets" training on his blog this week or not, but if you haven’t…
    you really should.

    His first two free training videos and Cheat Sheets have been
    getting rave reviews (all you have to do is look at the hundreds of
    comments left on his blog for each of the free training videos and
    you’ll know what I mean).

    They are jam-packed with 100% pure "take action, get results"
    content that you can put to use in your business starting immediately.

    See for yourself, they’re free:


    To your success at grabbing leads for free!

    Micheal & Yvonne

    PS – I almost forgot to tell you the best news…

    Jeff just posted the third video in his free "Tube Traffic Secrets"
    training series to his blog.

    It’s called "The 7 simple steps that are guaranteed to bring you
    free traffic and free leads from YouTube!"

    It definitely looks like another content-packed winner from Jeff.
    And it’s free.

    Check out Video #3 here:


    PPS – If you missed Video #1 and Video #2, don’t worry…

    Jeff will grant you immediate access to them as well.

    Plus he’ll give you free copies of his Cheat Sheets and Checklist as

    The Cheat Sheets include 42 very specific action items and tips that
    you can apply immediately to your business so you can grab more free
    traffic and free leads from YouTube.

    Download the free Cheat Sheets and Checklist here:


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      Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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       24 Oct 2012 @ 12:05 AM 

      Your free copy of Jeff’s brand new "Tube Traffic Secrets" Cheat Sheet is now ready for download!

      Grab your free "Tube Traffic Secrets" Cheat Sheets here:


      He also created a brand new training video for you. 

      It reveals the 15 quickest and easiest ways to grab more free traffic from YouTube.

      Here’s the best part:

      Your "Tube Traffic Secrets" Cheat Sheets lay all of them out for you in a step-by-step fashion and you can  use it as a "checklist" to make sure you are using all 15 of them to build your business.

      It’s definitely 100% Rock-Solid training that you can put to use in your business starting immediately.

      Grab your free PDF cheat sheets and training video here:


      Micheal & Yvonne

      PS – Did you know that YouTube recently made some major changes to the way it ranks videos in their search engine?

      YouTube rolled out their new ranking algorithm just last week.

      And did you know they also changed the way in which they show "recommended" and related" videos to their visitors, which also affects how much free traffic they send you?

      If you aren’t doing what Jeff teaches in this brand new training video (and in the Cheat Sheets) you could be missing out on some serious free traffic from YouTube.


      But don’t worry…

      Just download your new Cheat Sheet and watch the new Training Video and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to overcome these major changes at YouTube.

      In fact, if you just do half of what Jeff tells you to do you in the Cheat Sheets and the new Training Videos…

      You should see a huge surge in Free Traffic from YouTube!

      Grab your free copies here:


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        Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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         09 Oct 2012 @ 2:06 PM 

        Something has been bugging me…

        It’s this whole IM "industry" as a whole and all
        of the hype that goes along with it.

        If you’re like me you’ve grown weary of the
        extravagant promises, the unbelievable earnings
        claims, and the pictures of a wealthy lifestyle
        that  just doesn’t seem realistic.

        So wouldn’t it be pretty cool to actually find
        something that really works?

        Something that actually does earn you an
        income online, and something that is relatively
        easy to do too?

        Well, I’m sending you this email today because
        I believe I have just discovered that very thing.

        The opportunity I’m talking about is publishing
        eBooks on Amazon Kindle…

        And a good friend of mine, Ty Cohen, is a former
        internet marketer turned Kindle publishing superstar!

        This was a guy who has had profitable websites…

        This was a guy who has made a killing selling
        information products on networks like Clickbank…

        And he gave it all up once he discovered just how
        easy it was to make money on Kindle.

        His first month publishing there he made $174.00,
        the second month he made $545, by his fourth
        month he made $2,873.13, and now three years
        later he’s making $40,000+ per month in income
        strictly from eBook sales on Kindle!

        Now, he’s put together an amazing free video that
        reveals his powerful Kindle publishing system and
        he wants to share it with you!

        So if you like the sound of learning how to make
        some easy money with Kindle from a guy who is
        pulling down five figures per month with them then
        click the link below to check out the video right now!


        Not only that, but you can WIN a Kindle Fire, too!

        Win a Kindle!


        You will have to register your email address, but
        that is a small price to pay to have a chance to win
        a Kindle Fire!


        And best of all, it is FREE, so click the
        link below and check it out, so that you
        can discover how to cash in on this
        amazing money making opportunity:


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           12 Aug 2012 @ 11:39 AM 

          stockvault-cell-phone-calling-man109328When and Where:

          > 8:00 pm EDT (New York) Sunday, Aug 12, 2012
          > Topic: "On FIRE! – The Next Big Thing"
          > LINK: http://adsensemiracles.com/says/nextbigthing

          Tonight Todd Gross is hosting a very special webinar regarding a new opportunity and program that I will be able to get you in on the ground floor.

          Remember to tell Todd that Yvonne and Micheal sent you there, because we want to make certain we are able to help you through the entire process! Todd explains things very thoroughly! Be ready with extra hosiery, because Todd will knock your socks off!

          The possibility of making $20,000+ per month with this
          program is very real due to the nature of how it’s set up…

          – You don’t have to have any internet skills to succeed

          – you don’t have to build web sites

          – you don’t have to buy traffic


          It’s not a travel program

          It’s not an overpriced pill, cream, beverage, potion,
          or lotion..


          95% of the US needs what we will be sharing….

          You are going to hear about this first tonight, then
          you are going to hear about this constantly from many
          of the top marketers and the news media in the months
          ahead, as everything "changes".

          I’ve got more secrets revealed on the sign up page, so go
          there now and sign up…

          1 year)

          Here’s your info:

          8:00 pm EDT, 5pm PDT Sunday, Aug 5, 2012
          Topic: On Fire! – The Next Big Thing
          Link: http://adsensemiracles.com/says/nextbigthing

          It will be a long one with lots of questions
          and answers. . but well worth your time!

          – Micheal & Yvonne

          PS – After you register for the webinar, please request more
          info to follow along with here: http://49dollarcellular.com

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            Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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