11 Nov 2008 @ 6:55 PM 

I used to promote a lot of stuff.

Then I started getting burned by products that  did not live up to what the owner said it would do.

So I changed my methodology.  Now I only promote (most of the time) products that I myself have purchased or tried…
Project Archimedes – One Of The Best…

Ben Shaffer is one of those guys who stays behind the scenes.  He creates niche sites and makes a lot of money.  But most of the time, you don’t see him in the limelight, unless he is winning an affiliate contest or something.

Ben braindumped everything he knows about website flipping and domaining into a course that will help you build the foundation for a massive business.  He calls it Project Archimedes, and it is very much the course that will propel people into transforming their businesses.

Simply by adding the practice of scoping out for undervalued domains to your existing business, you have the ability to add 20% to 50% more to your bottom line while only adding a few extra hours a month to your routine.

Now I would have included more nuts and bolts type of training to the project, but I decided to include that as a bonus to anyone who purchases Project Archimedes through my link.

I am assembling a membership site that you can use to learn the skills you may not have right now (like how to do graphics using either GIMP or Paint.net), how to upload via FTP and cpanel, how to make a paypal button, how to use clickbank (for affiliate products) and how to use KompoZer as your HTML editor.  This membership site will be selling for $47 per month when I release it next week, but anyone who gets on Ben’s prenotification list and buys Project Archimedes on November 11th will get 180 days access for $1! (6 months should be more than enough time to pick up the skills you will need to do a professional looking job with websites so that you can flip them and make more than you invested in both the website and Project Archimedes).

So if you are a Virtual Real Estate guru in training, this is one course that you shouldn’t do without!

For The Faint Of Heart!

Success can be elusive at times.  Sometimes we can actually sabotage ourselves through the negative baggage we carry with us wherever we go, from job to job, business to business even hobby to hobby.

Things that we struggle with are very dependent on our internal struggles.  Things like:
– Lack of money

– Relationship issues

– Why you don’t achieve true success

– Past trauma

– Compulsions / Obsessions/ OCD

– Addictions

– Phobias

– And more…

Visit Pam Ragland and listen to the recordings of her calls…

Micheal Savoie and Pam Ragland in Long Beach at Life's Golden TicketI have gone through her thought shifting program and I can tell you that I have seen a difference.  Incredible focus where total overwhelm and distraction was overcoming me.

But now the only distraction is when I forget to write down my objectives and I just decide to wing it.   

Pam is one of those people who gives so much of herself that she ends up spending the entire day on the phone helping people overcome their roadblocks and inner negativity.

I urge you to take her up on her offer to answer your toughest questions about why you are not succeeding at relationships, at business, work, breaking addictions and other emotional and mental challenges.  Visit Pam’s website now!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Jeff Johnson wanted me to tell you that he still has some great content to share with you:

How To Quickly and Easily Create Your Very Own Highly Profitable
Info Product!

Viral Video and Social Media Tutorial

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