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stockvault-cell-phone-calling-man109328When and Where:

> 8:00 pm EDT (New York) Sunday, Aug 12, 2012
> Topic: "On FIRE! – The Next Big Thing"
> LINK: http://adsensemiracles.com/says/nextbigthing

Tonight Todd Gross is hosting a very special webinar regarding a new opportunity and program that I will be able to get you in on the ground floor.

Remember to tell Todd that Yvonne and Micheal sent you there, because we want to make certain we are able to help you through the entire process! Todd explains things very thoroughly! Be ready with extra hosiery, because Todd will knock your socks off!

The possibility of making $20,000+ per month with this
program is very real due to the nature of how it’s set up…

– You don’t have to have any internet skills to succeed

– you don’t have to build web sites

– you don’t have to buy traffic


It’s not a travel program

It’s not an overpriced pill, cream, beverage, potion,
or lotion..


95% of the US needs what we will be sharing….

You are going to hear about this first tonight, then
you are going to hear about this constantly from many
of the top marketers and the news media in the months
ahead, as everything "changes".

I’ve got more secrets revealed on the sign up page, so go
there now and sign up…

1 year)

Here’s your info:

8:00 pm EDT, 5pm PDT Sunday, Aug 5, 2012
Topic: On Fire! – The Next Big Thing
Link: http://adsensemiracles.com/says/nextbigthing

It will be a long one with lots of questions
and answers. . but well worth your time!

– Micheal & Yvonne

PS – After you register for the webinar, please request more
info to follow along with here: http://49dollarcellular.com

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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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     08 May 2010 @ 1:24 PM 

    It is called the Megapak… A package of 500 business boosting products that you can use to increase your traffic, conversions, sales and profits! Here is just a sampling of the products you will receive for a $20 commitment:

    • 76 Master Resale Rights Products
    • 10 Twitter Ebooks and Guides
    • 8 Internet Marketing Scripts w/ Private Label Rights
    • 34 Private Label Rights Products
    • 6 Subliminal Audios
    • 6 Traffic Resources
    • 47 Video Loops with 110 Bonus Videos
    • 71 Niche Products
    • OTO Toolkit
    • Video Toolkit
    • Traffic Toolkit
    • 40 WordPress Templates

    Read in more detail what all you get, I am just giving you a quick synopsis, you can’t go wrong with this package for $20! Heck, any one of these products is worth more than that!


    Why am I telling you about this? I see way too many people who are complaining about not having the resources to get started. $20 is nothing for a business to invest, because your business is going to continue to provide you benefits if you help it get started on the right foot.

    Just like Hosting For Profit. You would not believe the number of people who look at the $44.95 price tag and say, “I can get my hosting cheaper than that.”

    You can, but how many hosting companies provide you with a world class autoresponder, a world class conference platform, a world class video sharing site and world class hosting? This is truly a business toolbox for much less than you would get at comparable companies…

    Try Hosting For Profit yourself and see:


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     09 Mar 2009 @ 2:15 PM 

    First of all I have to say I am NOT blown away at what I am hearing. I was telling you about this the week before it launched and for good reason!  I know all three of the trainers in this course.  All of them have one thing pushing them – the intense desire to make a difference in the lives of people who are willing to take action!

    Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts, and Dixie Brown have their brand new students making money through
    their brand new Rapid Cash Marketing Course (Quick Bucks Pro) in under 2 days and they have not really even started the training.

    They have done this just through Networking with their new students in their Forum.


    The next thing I hear is that they are getting phone calls from people thanking them for creating this service and telling them it is exactly what was needed.  This economy has scared a lot of people in the last 6 months.  The news media has been trying to push us into a recession and now they want to force us into a depression… but Paul, Jeff and Dixie stand in the way of that scenario, and they make themselves accessible!

    Imagine that a group of people willing to put the phone number on their sales page and sitting there waiting for the phone to ring, just to talk to those that want the assurance of hearing from someone REAL on the other end of a phone line.  Jeff Wellman has received emails from some of his readers whose lives he has changed that brought a room full of entrepreneurs to tears.

    You really need to drop by their site and check this out for yourself…These folks are the Real Deal!


    These folks are showing you that you don’t need any special skills, JV partners, or anything at all to make money.

    You can literally make cash on demand in under a week with their techniques… You can finally get some much needed results and stress relief…

    I guess I should say for Stress relief check out the link below…


    Have an Amazing Day!

    Micheal Savoie

    PS:  These guys have some awesome bonus offers waiting for you on the inside that have been
    provided by some very gracious friends of theirs.


    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 09 Mar 2009 @ 02:15 PM

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