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I’ve got something VERY special for you today.  I’m giving you one of my money-making systems that has been working like crazy for me.

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It’s a project I’ve been working on for the past few months with a friend of mine. I’ll let everyone know in more detail exactly what this is very soon, but I wanted to give you a chance to get early access.

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Micheal Savoie & Yvonne Lyon

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Get Your Gift Here

==> http://www.leadgentoolbox.com/sms

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 20 Jul 2013 @ 1:30 PM 

Anchor2When my father died, I think I went through a period of severe disorientation. An anchor in my life had been cut loose and I was drifting with the current. In a way, I still am. But in February, I was more of a wreck than I appeared to the rest of the world.

So when I got a call from my old manager at Sam’s Club offering me a part time job, I took it. It was different anchor that forced me to get up in the morning and gave me some structure in my life that I had not had for a while. But with everything, there is a price that must be paid, and the price for me was my business. I was earning a significant amount from posting Warrior Special Offers and New WordPress Plugins on WPPluginGuide prior to getting the job. Since I no longer had the time to post new offers on a consistent basis, the traffic to those sites dropped and the sales slowed to a trickle. So by renting myself out to Sam’s Club, I found myself losing money.

Yet I was finding it difficult to cut away this new anchor. I would fight management on a daily basis because I was getting scheduled on Sundays (family and football day) and they were scheduling me 5 days for 20 to 32 hours. It really irritated me driving 42 miles one way to work 4 hours. Yet the anchor was still attached.

stormbrewingIt took an incident that was totally out of character for me to finally break through the anchor’s lines and cut it completely. I was told to go work an area of the club that is physically difficult for me because of my arthritis. I have done it before without question when asked nicely. But I was told by a 20 year old co-worker who had not even been working there as long as I had been. And I totally went against every fiber of my being and rebelled to the point that I told him I was not going to do it and then went to management.

All would have been well, though, if management had followed through immediately. But management is one of those jobs that puts so much on the plates of the people who choose to take them on that they do not have (or make) the time to go talk to the people they need to until it is too late. It wasn’t until I walked in and told the manager in charge that I was giving him my 30 day resignation that he finally took action.

I had gone to him earlier and asked if the co-worker was my supervisor, because being ordered to go work where it physically hurt me was not something I was going to do without being warned about it ahead of time. He and the supervisor for the evening agreed that I should continue working my regular area and for me to tell my coworker that he had said that the coworker should work the area that he had told me to work.

I told the coworker that the manager had said the I was working my area and that he should be doing the other area. At that point, if the coworker would have just gone ahead and done the job, all would have been well, but he decided to do anything else that needed done EXCEPT for the area that he was supposed to be working. So toward the end of the shift, the manager and supervisor were discussing the state of the club on the radio and realized that nobody had been working the dreaded area that neither I nor the coworker wanted to work.

At that point, the supervisor called everyone over to that area so that we could work it as a team. And again, if the coworker in question would have chipped in, I might not have cut the anchor line… but he chose that moment to go work with paper products. Which left the rest of us to work an area that should have been done by either the coworker or myself. In retrospect, I think I was close to going over and doing it just so the rest of the team would not have to, but once I heard the manager and supervisor discussing it on the radio, it really cemented the deal, because that should not have been a surprise had they been paying attention.

That is the point when I walked in on the manager and told him I was resigning and stormed back out.

I have to question my motives that evening. Did I rebel because someone younger than me was giving orders? Almost all supervisors are younger than me, but this kid was not a supervisor (yet). He is today, as his promotion took effect at midnight tonight… but why should it bother me? Part of it is the fact that I know what being a leader is all about, having supervised in the past. It is putting the team above yourself. I was not being a leader last night. But neither was the kid, who used his up and coming position to wield power he did not know how to control. One does not order people to do things, one asks people to do things. One listens to others (like when I told him that it physically hurt me to do that job) rather than ignore it. (Later on, he was still telling the manager and supervisor that I had not told him that it was painful for me to do that job)… and one jumps in and does a job when the team needs a job done, especially when the rest of the team is forced into it. His choosing to do the paper towels and toilet paper instead of joining with the rest of us showed me that his leadership skills were questionable.

kylie-day1I am not perfect (I learned that many moons ago) but I also know everyone believes I am. It is something I have worked hard to perfect… try to predict what someone is going to need and then take care of it for them. That is why customers have always looked for me to help them. That is why other associates are happy to see me scheduled with them. My uncharacteristic turn toward anarchy appears to have come out of nowhere, but I think it came from the birth of my 2nd granddaughter, Kylie, who made her mommy work hard to bring her into this world.

She became one of my new anchors. She and Chloe, my granddaughter from 15 months ago have replaced the anchor I lost with my father. I believe it took two little anchors to replace the strong and sturdy one that my father had been in my life. The last 5 years of his life, I had been there when he needed me, because I had released Sam’s Club from my life back in 2008.

Anchors are important, because they steady us when the storms are brewing and keep us from drifting away aimlessly when we are at rest. I plan on refocusing my energy into some positive areas where I will impact people who need help building a business or growing an income stream to help them replace a job. Some anchors are good, like the family ones, but some anchors are keeping us from enjoy life. When the anchor line becomes too rigid and cannot be adjusted with the tide, it can actually pull a ship below the surface and sink it. I believe that at first, Sam’s Club, as an employer, was a good anchor, but now it has become a harmful anchor. Luckily, I cut the anchor loose in time (again)!

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 16 Jun 2013 @ 10:39 AM 

If you can afford to wait another three years to have
some actual money coming in, then ignore this…


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And, just to clarify. That means no employees, and no
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You don’t have to be technical either…

That means no FTP, no editing web pages, no uploading
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But please… hurry!

The guy behind this system hasn’t released anything of
any kind in over three years, and when this comes down
it’s not coming back… from the looks of
his last email, this video could be coming down at any


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     15 Dec 2012 @ 11:10 AM 

    Warriors! Do you dream of hitting it big someday?

    When you wake up in the morning do you curse the daylight, or do you start the day with your visions in front of you? Sometimes, when things get tough, we start to wonder what the hell we are doing. Why are we putting ourselves through this?

    We work 20 hours so we can make money in our sleep… but is that really why we do it?

    I retired from my job in 2008.

    My first year in retirement, I struggled. I had no regular income – everything I earned went to the bills, I had built a list over the last few years, but in my desperation to keep money flowing in, I burned out my list. Boy did I burn them out.

    Money that used to come in monthly from affiliate commissions slowed to a trickle. I had violated one of the first rules of list building. I hadn’t kept on building the list, and I was promoting up to 4 times a day. So as attrition continued, I began to worry about how the bills were going to get paid.

    A friend of mine told me about a program that was in prelaunch in the summer of 2009, and since I liked what the product was (hosting and autoresponder service), I promoted it with all I had. In 6 months, I had built that into a $1500 a month business. Now the bills were getting covered, and the checks were coming in on a regular basis. So I began to take time off. A lot of time off.

    I would spend an hour or two posting some products, and once a week (if that much), I would send an email to my list. Somewhere in all of this, I had a thought in my head that I needed to add an income stream. But I was not looking all that hard for it. Some opportunities came around, but I was not excited by them, so I did not do them justice and I did not get the results for them, either.

    It was odd to see myself (as I look back on myself now) going into another decline. I reached a point where I was not promoting anything to my list for months at a time. Maybe I was just believing what others were saying about the economy. I was also helping other marketers with their projects (for no pay), and not spending any time developing anything of my own.

    It wasn’t until this summer that I realized I was not in as good a position as I had been just two years ago. I had restarted mailing my list 5 times a week. I was posting WSO’s on WSOInsiders.com and on the Facebook Fan Page, and getting some results. But I was in a position similar to 2009. I had income from the Hosting For Profit commissions still coming in, but I had increased my spending: a larger house, satellite TV, High Speed Internet. Suddenly it looked like I would have to find another source of income.

    The same friend who brought the Hosting For Profit system to my attention contacted me about a way to save money on my cellular bill. I was paying $90 a month for 700 minutes and unlimited text and data… he showed me a company that allowed me unlimited calling, text and data for $49 a month. I immediately switched, and because this company has an affiliate program that gives you a piece of the action, I was able to turn that around to the point where I had turned my cell phone bill into an income stream! http://49dc.co is the site you should check out to get more information on how you could do the same thing.

    And now, I am putting myself into building this income stream for all it is worth. The thing that I really love about the company is that they are not pushing the dream of creating thousands of millionaires… but rather, they want to create millions of thousandaires!

    If you could use an extra thousand dollars a month, then I can help you. It requires a small commitment (very small if you act before the end of December…) and a willingness to share with your social circle. While supplies last, you can get a ZTE Origin phone Free (after rebate) and one month of free service.

    This is the best time to get started! You get a cool 3G smartphone, and you have a chance to start earning bonuses and a residual income for simply telling others how to save money on something that we all use.

    Head over to http://49dc.co to see how our team can help you create an income that you can use to take the pressure off your checkbook each month!

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       06 Nov 2012 @ 10:30 AM 


      If you are paying more than $49 per month for your
      cellular service, you should check out the link below.


      Want to save even more money? Contact me
      immediately and I will explain how you can earn
      $20 a month for every three people who get wireless
      service from you!

      This is HUGE!

      Use the contact form on the page below:


      We can even get you a free month…


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