29 Apr 2011 @ 1:33 AM 

This is very important for you if you are really serious about your business.  I am talking business of any kind.

There are some big changes taking place right now that you need to be aware of and one of them is a real GIANT!

changeYou really only have one of two choices to make:

Either be ahead of it (Take The Lead) or behind it.

If you choose to stay behind, that is where you will always remain.  Behind and trying to catch up – which is going to be next to impossible to catch up if you wait much longer to get started.

If you’re concerned about "really" being able to make money online, watch this video as soon as you can.



(You have not seen it yet)

I am serious do not hesitate when it comes to watching this video.


Micheal & Yvonne

PS – Keith uses a Facebook Approved Optin App on this page,
and you can get access to it for a one time payment of $27
at http://www.fboptinapp.com

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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 29 Apr 2011 @ 01:33 AM

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     27 Apr 2011 @ 2:56 AM 

    Not only is this new product teaching Facebook Strategy a “must-have”… it’s how experts keep up with this changing front as well,  and …

    You can go get a “free gift” that turns out to be a piece of technology you run on your website that… I don’t want to spoil the surprise – pretty remarkable.


    Grab it now and see what I mean!

    Micheal & Yvonne

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      Posted By: Micheal Savoie
      Last Edit: 27 Apr 2011 @ 02:56 AM

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       01 Jul 2009 @ 4:02 PM 

      What is up with this? Someone is telling you why you should NOT buy Easy Sales Formula? I don’t believe it, but this is an excerpt from an email I received today from Harris Fellman:

      That’s right, I’m going to tell
      you why you should *NOT* buy
      Easy Sales Formula even though
      13 people have already ordered
      through my affiliate link to
      get my kick-ass bonus.

      The bottom line is, Easy Sales
      Formula is actually *not* for
      everyone. What ESF teaches you
      is how to easily create a sales
      video that you place onto a web
      page INSTEAD of a big long written
      sales letter.

      So, if you’re really good at
      writing long sales letters,
      I’m thinking you may want to
      not BUY Easy Sales Formula.

      Personally, I’m half-way decent
      at writing sales copy; but I’ve
      found using Keith Wellman’s formula
      to be the easiest thing I’ve ever
      done to get great sales conversions.

      It’s not really just about Video
      versus Text though. Sure, Video
      is popular right now – but for me
      it’s about how much easier it is
      to create a site designed to sell
      my products, ya know?

      I have some more reasons you should
      NOT buy it as well… but first,
      let me give you the link:

      (my link substituted… since
      this is my blog)

      So, that brings up another reason to
      not Buy Easy Sales Formula…

      Do not BUY Easy Sales Formula if you
      don’t feel like you’ve got an idea of
      what you’re going to do with it…

      [Micheal here: If you have been watching the videos that Keith has been showing for the last 10 days, you should have at least ONE idea that you could put the product to work on! If you choose my bonus #2, I will create a video for you that you can use to drive traffic to for affiliate commissions. If you choose bonus #1, you can create your own sales video for the Membership Site, DVD course or whatever else you want to make with the Private Label Rights to my Video Workshop at Easy Selling Success. So that argument is blown out of the water…]

      Also, don’t buy it if you’re not ready
      to get a whole bunch of new customers.
      Most people are surprised at how well
      Keith’s Formula works … so, if you’re
      not able to handle a bunch of new customers
      (and the money that comes with it), then
      do not buy ESF.

      Hmmm, what else?

      Those are the big ones, I would think.
      If you’re great at writing long sales
      copy or not ready for a bunch of new
      customers. The creativity, I’ll personally
      help you with.

      Oh, I guess the final reason would be
      if you truly can’t come up with $XXX.
      (Price Hidden In Case It Goes Up By
      The Time You Get There)

      Although, I do believe in ESF so much
      that I can confidently say *as long as
      you truly use it, you’ll make that back*.
      (Plus, it’s going to go up to $1997 soon – ugh)

      I really recommend this to just about
      everyone else – from new to seasoned.
      It’s the easiest most POWERFUL product
      that I’ve seen released this year.

      It’s like your first project using
      Easy Sales Formula almost creates
      itself. So, if you’re not in either
      of the two situations above, I say
      BUY Easy Sales Formula right now –
      you’ll be glad you did.

      Keep Havin’ Fun!

      Harris Fellman, CCM
      Profitable Fun, Inc.

      Now he makes a couple valid points. I will reiterate that if you need the money to pay rent, this is not the product to be spending your money on… pay your rent, save up and when Keith offers it again for $1,997, you may be in a better situation to make the purchase then.

      But, if you are weighing the options of getting a part time job or increasing your income using the web, then you should put this on your credit card and hit the ground running! Follow everything that Keith teaches you. TAKE ACTION!

      It is impossible to fail if you take action, learn from your mistakes and keep taking action! Eventually something you do will pay off! Just never stop learning!

      Last Reason Not To Buy

      If you don’t want to do anything yourself and you would rather pay someone else to do it for you… do not buy this, instead sign up for my Video Skinning Project and let me do the work for you, for the same price as the course, I will create and host 3 Video Skinning Project Sales Pages for three Clickbank Products of your choosing. I even split test them for increasing your results. Now if you buy any of the packages I offer in that video, you can get double the number of videos made for you if you buy Keith’s Easy Sales Formula, too!

      Of course, if you decide to buy the product because it is essentially cheaper than my solution, you have me to help you. You can ask me questions, I am known to be very helpful when I am not biting the heads off of customers… Ok I am kidding. I don’t bite very often.


      You can ask some of the folks in my masterminds…

      Have an amazing day!

      Micheal Savoie

      PS – Everything Harris and the rest of the Internet Marketing gang do and write about, we use to teach. This was an example of a reverse psychology type of review/post where you are curious why someone would tell you why you shouldn’t buy a product. Some are more blatant about it and some are downright rude about it.

      You should never use negative marketing to get sales, like telling people that a product is a scam in your subject line to get them into your email or blog post. Not only is it against the terms of service of most product owners, it often leaves a bad impression with the market itself of the product, since many people do not read anything but the headlines and would mentally just file away the name of the product and scam together.

       30 Jun 2009 @ 5:52 PM 

      The man of the hour is Keith Wellman, with a launch that plastered his name into the record books with a launch that had 30,000 people scraping their penny jars and cracking open their piggy banks to find the $1,997 that Keith was telling us his product was going to cost.

      The launch began in a big way with Keith giving up a lot of free content, including one of his brainstorms of taking a clickbank product, creating a sales video for it and linking directly to the order button to make sales directly from your video! Sheer brilliance. Then he hosted an 8 hour Q & A live streaming broadcast where he bonded with his audience. Over the next few days he gave out even more content, including the recording of the Easy Sales Formula Workshop he had done for people who paid $4997 to attend.

      The pressure cooker was up to the bioling point and the steam was trying to find a way to escape when the door flew open and the crowd rushed in to watch the sales page video that promised a big reveal: the price was not going to be $1,997 after all.

      Well, the order buttons got clicked in a big way and Keith is getting very close to pulling the plug on this already, almost 6 hours into the selling process. But one thing still nags at Keith.

      The people who had to be at work today will miss this, and he really doesn’t want to hurt the thousands who wanted to buy this product but for whatever reason did not make it to the sales page, but he knows that he can’t possibly leave it at such a ridiculous price, so he is raising the price… first by a couple hundred and then by more, so if you get there and it is back up to $1,297, you have been warned.


      Google Goggles And Rose Colored Beer Bottles

      When they told me about the Google Goggles that they were giving away, I thought to myself, you guys have been smoking some of that funny stuff haven’t you?

      They noticed the strange look on my face and said, “What? We left the bong at home, bro, this is the real deal! You use this software to see your landing pages through Google’s eyes. It will tell you if your cost per click will be too high for the campaign to be worth pursuing!”

      So take a look at it… It’s cool “ninja” level stuff, and it’s yours free (it normally costs about $150 bucks). . .

      It’s good stuff that will make you money . . . and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

      Check it out at http://crosb.com/goggles

      Long Day Eh? Try This Sneaky Email Trick To Double Sales…

      Now that I have your attention.

      Here is one of 13 Sneaky Email Tricks,
      check out the other 12 at:


      This one is my gift to you…

      Fact: Only 20-30% of your list will EVER open any
      email you send them EVER….the first time.

      Ouch huh? Here is the big ah-ha.

      Take the list of people who didn’t open your first
      email and send them the SAME mail again the
      next day with a different headline.

      Just a different headline. Takes about two minutes.

      It’s simple but powerful.

      Look at the math from a recent promo my buddy
      Perry Belcher just ran:

      Mail #1 Generated 121 Sales
      Mailed to Un-Opens #2 Generated 66 Sales
      Mailed to Un-Opens #3 Generated 47 Sales

      The Old Way = 121 sales at $97 = $11,737
      The New Way = 234 sales at $97 = $22,698

      Look, just a hair shy of DOUBLING his sales
      and he only mailed my entire list once.

      The people who opened the first mail never saw
      the other 2 mails.

      Here’s the bottom line…

      Re-mailing un-opens really works. If you don’t
      do this you must hate money.

      DOUBLE! Did you hear that part?!

      This is just ONE of 13 Sneaky Little Email Tricks
      that are explained in depth in a new report that
      Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher just released

      Check out 12 more “Sneaky Tricks” here:

      Use all 13 of my sneaky tricks and you could
      increase email revenues by 10 to 20 times.

      To doubling email sales,

      Micheal Savoie

      P.S. These 13 tricks are currently being used by a
      ton of “A” list marketers.

      Now you can use the same strategies and get the same

      P.P.S. Remember to check out the report here now

       29 Jun 2009 @ 10:37 PM 

      I am looking forward to taking some time off later this summer.

      I am mentally exhausted, because of some projects I have taken on, and it just seems like whatever direction I am going is adding even more to my plate. I know for sure that I will be taking a break, because I am not going to schedule anymore new projects until each of these has come to a reasonable conclusion.

      Keith Wellman just announced that he has an announcement scheduled for tomorrow when he sends out the early bird notification about Easy Sales Formula. I have a sneaky suspicion that he is planning on offering a payment plan to really eliminate all of the excuses from the people who have been saying they want to buy it but that $1,997 was a little too hard to handle all at once! But you didn’t hear that from me.


      The Dawn Of The Delaverian Era!

      I helped John Delavera and Mark Joyner with their latest project by creating a video of the interview that Mark did with John Delavera, because Mark was totally amazed at the business ideas coming from the mind of John.  He was so amazed that he asked John to do a phone interview and then they arranged to have it transcribed and the transcript played on video to make it as easy for people to follow as possible.

      Click Here To Watch The Video (Listen To The Interview & Read Along)

      Free CD Market Test Finishes Tomorrow

      The Direct Response Marketing Team is about ready to drop from exhaustion after their launch of the market test to see how receptive the market was to the power of offline AND online marketing combined in a powerful course.  The campaign was amazing, with three very well done and entertaining videos that showed the current state of affairs with email marketing alone.


      The rate of people getting this product is incredible, with more people asking to get their free CD than they had originally envisioned! Not only that, but people are snatching up every offer (upsell, downsell and cross sell) that they have set up, because of the brilliance of the team of marketers that put this together!

      Remember how many millionaires materialized after Product Launch Formula, Traffic Secrets and Butterfly Marketing? I predict we will see a huge wave of new 7 and 8 figure earners coming out of the woodwork by the fall of this year! All because these people took action on a free CD!


      What Can The Tribe Do For Your Marketing?

      Tomorrow morning at 11:00AM on Blogging With Micheal I will have a guest that will really make you excited, as J.P. Micek joins me for an hour of blog discussion as we talk about the rapidly changing world of affiliate marketing and tribal seduction techniques for making your audience truly yours.

      J.P. is one of the founders of Blog I360, a hub site platform for rich media blogging that makes it easy to develop a network of webs all from the comfort of a single dashboard.  I will be asking him about the latest version of WordPress and whether it was a little forced or if it was necessary to scare the bugs out into the open.

      You can take a look at the Blog I360 platform here:


      Finally – Alex Is Threatening To Close Down

      Alex Jeffreys created a video that promises an awful lot. Basically, Alex is going to create a business for his new clients, set it up and teach them how to manage it so that they are making 100% of the money from it, but have done maybe 20% of the work… now that is my kind of program!


      If you like the kind of lifestyle that allows you to travel all over the world and work from your laptop every once in a while when you need a little infusion of cash, you should be watching the video that Alex will probably be taking down within the next 24 to 48 hours because of the sheer numbers of people who are signing up for his program (I thought people didn’t have any money…)!

      Go now:


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