08 May 2010 @ 1:24 PM 

It is called the Megapak… A package of 500 business boosting products that you can use to increase your traffic, conversions, sales and profits! Here is just a sampling of the products you will receive for a $20 commitment:

  • 76 Master Resale Rights Products
  • 10 Twitter Ebooks and Guides
  • 8 Internet Marketing Scripts w/ Private Label Rights
  • 34 Private Label Rights Products
  • 6 Subliminal Audios
  • 6 Traffic Resources
  • 47 Video Loops with 110 Bonus Videos
  • 71 Niche Products
  • OTO Toolkit
  • Video Toolkit
  • Traffic Toolkit
  • 40 WordPress Templates

Read in more detail what all you get, I am just giving you a quick synopsis, you can’t go wrong with this package for $20! Heck, any one of these products is worth more than that!


Why am I telling you about this? I see way too many people who are complaining about not having the resources to get started. $20 is nothing for a business to invest, because your business is going to continue to provide you benefits if you help it get started on the right foot.

Just like Hosting For Profit. You would not believe the number of people who look at the $44.95 price tag and say, “I can get my hosting cheaper than that.”

You can, but how many hosting companies provide you with a world class autoresponder, a world class conference platform, a world class video sharing site and world class hosting? This is truly a business toolbox for much less than you would get at comparable companies…

Try Hosting For Profit yourself and see:


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 22 Apr 2010 @ 12:46 PM 

(Social Network Effect News) Today’s the day you can finally get your hands on the entire Crowd Conversion social media results program. And if you’re smart, you’ll move quickly, because it’s going to fill up fast.


Robert Grant and Ian David Chapman finally rolled it out at 9 a.m. Pacific 12 Noon Eastern amid a major clatter of keys on keyboards, typing in credit card numbers! This is going to sell and sell fast!

Let’s face it, social media delivers results (if you do it the right way)!

[Crowd Conversion—It Rocks!]


Their program totally rocks, because anybody can build a huge network of potential customers extremely fast, at absolutely NO $$ for traffic.

This really IS the solution—especially if you’ve been agonizing over how to build your business…

…how to attract the most perfect clients for your product or service, and how to do it without draining your bank account for expensive paid traffic.

If you’ve seen the stuff Robert and Ian have been giving away, you should already be chomping at the bit to get their entire strategy as quickly as possible.

[This Really IS The Solution!]


Seriously, they’ve attracted the attention of an army of super guru’s who have begged, pleaded, and practically arm-wrestled them into teaching their entire teams.

Why? Because this is so incredibly powerful, and it works like a mofo. 

The real urgency here is Facebook’s dynamic—because right now there is unprecedented access to anyone you’d like to get close to with your business.

That means right now you can leverage the heck out of your presence on Facebook. No holds barred but you MUST go about this the right way or risk being banned, shunned, and shut out.

And eventually, just like paid search was once a dime a pop and then rocketed to dollars a hit—the same thing could happen with this.

It’s not a stretch to believe that in the not so distant future, you just won’t have this kind  of access anymore.

That’s why I highly recommend you take advantage of this, and be on the front lines of the early adopters.

I know you will be VERY glad you did.

Robert built his personal network to somewhere in the realm of 300,000 people in just one year, starting from scratch as a complete newbie.

Do you have any idea how incredibly fast that is? I know plenty of marketers who have been trying to do this for a decade and STILL don’t have these kinds of numbers!

Be smart. Get this and DO it.

[Crowd Conversion—Works Like Gangbusters]


Butterfly Source Code Closing Down

It’s been 10 days since I announced that you can now get free access to Mike Filsaime’s most coveted
piece of software… and with Open Source Code and Private Label Rights too!

If you haven’t been one of the 60,000+ people to secure their download, go here now to get it:

=> http://bfmsourcecode.com

All you have to do is tell Mike the best place to email it to you and it’s yours at no cost.

Hopefully by now, you understand the value in what you’re getting from Mike, but if you’re still not sure what the big deal is or why he’s even doing this to begin with…

…you should watch this quick 2 minute video:

=> http://bfmsourcecode.com

Listen, I’d love to write you about this everyday until you finally decided to just download it (especially since there is no catch), but there are hundreds of thousands of people who are also reading this and I’m pretty sure they want me to tell them about something else by now.

So this is the last time you’ll hear about this from me and Mike may decide to pull the page down without warning which means you really should download this now while all it’s going to cost you is nothing 🙂

Here’s where to register for it:


Make sure you look out for the invite you’ll receive from Mike to become a charter member of the Private Developers Forum.

That is where all the serious marketers are going to get the most out of the butterfly script as well as to land some big money JV deals. Plus, you get some really sweet bonuses just for checking out the community.

But it’s optional and you can’t even be a part of this unless you register for your free Open Source Code and PLR rights:


Final 24 hours for Traffic Voodoo begin at 9PM!

Just a heads up if you wanted to get Jeff Johnson’s newest live coaching program, this is your last chance to do it!


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Posted By: Micheal Savoie
Last Edit: 22 Apr 2010 @ 12:48 PM

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 11 Jun 2009 @ 3:33 PM 

They made a liar out of me…

I was planning on only opening up those 10 spots for my coaching
program, but alas, life got in the way!

I went to my mechanics this morning to get my truck all prepped up
for the drive to Washington DC for jvAlert Live. After all, it is a
14 hour drive, and I want to be sure the truck is safe.

The mechanic comes up with a list of things that HAVE to be taken
care of before I drive to DC. My serpentine belt (that belt that
runs the AC, the alternator and the water pump) needs to be
replaced, I need a front end alignment, they need to replace the
rack (leaking) and of course because of the alignment being out,
the front tires need replacing…

So now my budget is shot to heck, since I had not planned on that
expense in addition to the hotel, gas and food of jvAlert, so I
have to open up 5 more spots for my coaching program.


I had only intended to open up 10 spots, but now to stay on budget,
I have to add 5 more. Now these can be either the up front $697 or
the $77 per month option. But I do need these spots to sell before
midnight tonight. To entice you, I will add a little bonus to
sweeten the deal and for everyone who buys the coaching program
before midnight, you will get platinum membership to
ExtremeProductExplosion.com which gives you access to all the audio
interviews and video training modules. You will get that for as
long as you stay a member of my coaching program.

In addition, you will get access to My Blogging School for as long
as you stay a coaching student. But you have to hurry and make the
purchase now, because if I don’t fill those 5 slots tonight, I will
be stuck waiting until Friday for my truck, so I won’t be able to
attend jvAlert live.

The coaching program is designed to help you find your direction
and choose the projects that can make you money now and help you
get to your goals sooner. We work through any roadblocks by
figuring out what is the problem and finding ways around it.

It will require a lot of work on your part, because all I can do is
point out where the solutions are, it is up to you to get them
done. But sometimes just having someone there to help you see past
the information overload is worth the extra work.

My friend Dee Ferdinand is giving a 7 day trial for $1 to Niche
Empire, a site you can get niche products to make your niche
marketing a little easier!


I have a lot more I need to tell you about, but I have to take my
truck to the tire store and then get an alignment.

By the way, if you want to try out my coaching for one month, I am giving one month away if you buy my Emergency Fire Sale Deal to help me get to DC.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – You can still download the free plugins for traffic and for spying on your competition…

PPCSpy Plugin:


Free Traffic Getting Plugin:


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