23 Aug 2013 @ 12:18 PM 

Lead generation programs are starting to come out of the woodwork. Over the last 6 months training courses, tools and income systems have all been released to rave reviews. Why?

Power Lead SystemBecause in the business world, leads are the straw that we magically turn to gold with our marketing systems. Realtors want leads to whom they can show homes, financial advisors want leads to teach about investing so they can earn commissions on the stocks and funds that they sell and the list goes on and on. In the online world, you can turn a lead into a nice income from affiliate sales, CPA offers or simply selling them your own products and services.

So how can you get leads? A great way to get leads is to create content that interests the people you are targeting. If you are looking for golfers, you write blog posts, create videos and podcasts that golfers would be searching for. You want to have an optin form on your blog or your fan page (a good tool for that is the EZ FB Squeezey Plugin for WordPress) and when people fill out the form, you want them to go on your autoresponder.

Pay Per Click ads are a good way to get leads to your optin page, but Adwords is very particular about the content of your squeeze page and the terms of service of your site. Other PPC services may also give you a hard time about your message, so you will have to do your research with different PPC providers before you submit ads to them.

A service that allows you to put leads into your aweber autoresponder for free is called the Power Lead System. They are currently in prelaunch, so you will not start getting the leads until they launch, but they have made this into something that you can actually build an income around the lead generation system itself. The free model allows you to generate leads using their landing pages, but because it is a free system, every other lead passes up to the next paying member. So being a paid member gives you a huge advantage because you are getting inundated with leads from the people to whom you have given the free lead system.

What if they get smart and pay for the system? Well, the creators of the Power Lead System thought of that, and they pay out 100% commissions on the people you refer, but they also made it interesting by passing up every other paid member to the person who referred you for the first 10. When you bring someone in who pays, you get every other paid member that they bring in for their first 10 at 100% commission.

You may be saying to yourself, “WTF, I brought them in and someone else gets the 100% commission?” To which I say, “calm down, Grasshopper, when I snatch the pebble from your hand, you still make a 50% matching bonus on them!” That means that you get paid 50% of whatever that person earns. I like that better than the 100%, because the potential is much bigger if that person is a lead generating machine!

For those of you who did not understand the Kung Fu reference, what I mean to say is when you pass a person upline, you give up the 100% commission on their purchase, but instead, you get 50% of whatever they earn. So if you passed up a Russell Brunson to me, I would get the 100% commission on the product, while you would get 50% of the hundreds of 100% commissions he makes. (OK, I would also get 5 of his first 10 signups, but that still pales in comparison to the 50% matching check).

Look, I may not be explaining this in an understandable manner, so I got my upline Todd Gross to explain it to you in better detail:


Watch that video. If you still have questions, follow the link on that page and watch the video on the 4th tab. That is a Google Hangout from the owners of the program. They will explain everything as only they understand it…lol.

But don’t wait too long, because right now we are all grabbing up the people that we know and adding them to the early notification list. Get on that list and start telling people about this. This is going seriously viral!


 23 Oct 2012 @ 6:40 PM 

Today on Blogging With Micheal we talked about the top selling Warrior Special Offers on the Fan Page.

Number one was Marketing With Alex Jeffreys, a $997 coaching program that is currently sizzling at only $37!


Second place is the Offline Marketing System known as the Bob Ross M3 System:


Third place went to an Offline WordPress Theme known as PremoPress:


And honorable mention went to the Lite Version of Evergreen Business System (EBS):


During the show, I mentioned how if you aren’t certain how you will use the EBS system to make money, you should definitely invest in the Lite version, where you get unlimited use of the system for only one webinar. If you don’t make any money from that webinar, you only invested $97 instead of $497. But if you find yourself killing it with that one webinar, and want to branch out into other markets, then jump on the $497 version at:


Tune in next week, where we will discuss more traffic generating tips and how you can build a list. We may even discuss blogging, too!


ACME Plugin Bundle

Massive collection of WordPress Plugins to make your blogging easier!





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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 23 Oct 2012 @ 06:40 PM

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     19 Sep 2012 @ 7:58 PM 

    JUST RELEASED is product that Mark Thompson and
    Todd Gross put together that shows MANY ways to
    "trick-out" your videos to  increase conversions;
    It’s called Video Marketing Debunked.

    Watch the video here:

    Watch then click the link below.




    It is AMAZING how few YouTube videos have the
    right elements in place to get them to actually

    Views, sure.. that’s easy – but getting
    subscribers, leads and  sales is another story

    Mark Thompson and Todd Gross solve that problem in
    Video  Marketing Debunked by showing you tricks
    that you would  have never though to use, all
    right there in front of you  INSIDE YOUTUBE!

    Here’s an example, watch the video on this page,
    and  get ready to "click" after the 1 minute mark,
    you’ll  see why…


    Now couple THAT trick with some good ol’ YouTube
    analytics,  and you have the recipe for a video
    that actually converts!

    There’s a dozen videos, and 2 case studies, nearly
    TWO HOURS worth of video instruction on how to
    make YouTube run.. the RIGHT way.


    Get access to my exclusive video training on how to download
    and brand videos for your own use right off of YouTube!

    Simply order ‘Video Marketing Debunked’ here:


    Your link to register for your bonus will be on the
    JV Zoo delivery page.

    Price goes up today, so don’t delay!

    To your successful videos,

    Micheal & Yvonne

    PS – You can check out the other Warrior Special Offers
    on the Fan Page:


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      Posted By: Micheal Savoie
      Last Edit: 19 Sep 2012 @ 07:58 PM

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       06 May 2012 @ 11:33 AM 

      Software is designed to make our life easier.
      They make repetitive tasks simpler, because
      the software does the repetitive tasks instead
      of you!

      Ever since I was a college student in the 80’s
      I knew that software was the best thing to 
      come into our lives, even though the computer
      was not readily available for most of the 

      Now, almost every household has at least one
      computer. Software programs are still the 
      most important thing for making our lives 

      For those of us who are working online for
      our bread and butter, we need tools that make
      it easier for us to get the job done.


      Mark Sandquist has just released a suite of
      four amazing tools that were originally selling
      individually over the last couple months.

      These tools are the Optin Funnel Machine,
      Optin Form Maker, OTO Machine and 
      Expiring Incremental Sales Machine.

      Check out what each of them do here:


      They are only going to be available for the
      next 7 days on the Warrior Forum. So grab
      them while the price is still low!


      To your assured success,

      Micheal & Yvonne

      PS – You are probably wondering why we went from 
      one or more emails a day to just one every so often.

      After doing this online stuff for the last 17 years, 3 of
      those years full time, I figured out a way to make more
      money doing less work.

      Now we only email about deals that are good enough to
      make us sit down in front of the computer long enough 
      to send you a note about it.

      If you want to know more about Warrior Special Offers,
      we suggest you join our fan page, where we post more




      These software tools deliver! Whether you need a powerful optin form, a dime sale type of sales page, a One Time Offer or an Optin Funnel, you are going to find this software suite really makes your life easier! All for one low price for 7 days only!


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         16 Apr 2010 @ 11:20 AM 

        Everyone is going crazy over Fan Pages and with good reason. If you’ve been noticing that old tricks aren’t working lately, you’re right.

        And it’s only going to get worse.

        [THIS is the solution…]

        Over 20,000,000 people are joining Facebook Fan Pages every day. They are the most powerful viral marketing weapon you could ever get your hands on… period.

        [Don’t get left behind]

        Seriously, Robert Grant and Ian Chapman are giving away some Amazing Content… all I can tell you is you’re leaving a boat load of cash on the table if you don’t do this ONE thing on Facebook.

        [Here’s The Proof]

        If you liked the last video, this video is going to blow your mind.

        After watching it one guy said….

        “My blood pressure went up ten notches
        when I watched this — because this is so freaking
        awesome, my heart was racing!”

        I want to thank you for the hundreds of glowing comment you left me on the last video.

        One guy left the funniest comment I have ever seen.

        You have to read this!!

        “You did leave me on a high. In fact you have me
        in a bit of a frenzy wanting the next video already.
        I do thank you for giving me a break though, if not I would
        have pee’d my pants.”

        And I give everyone a warning you might want to put on a diaper before you watch this next one as its packed with money making strategies you can start using immediately and is…

        100 times better and more exciting

        [Grab this while you can]

        Incredible Fast Income Response

        You won’t believe the sheer numbers of people who are taking advantage of the training that Melford Bibens and his wife Concetta are revealing for Fast Income Formula! While they are out on the boat in the Gulf of Mexico, people are signing up and taking the training that they have recorded from undisclosed beach locations. Watch the video and see what I mean!


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