15 Oct 2012 @ 3:02 PM 

Since I first started marketing online in 1993, a lot of tools were designed for marketers to use. I remember using Groupmail on my computer to send out emails to my list (this was the precursor to the autoresponder), and wondering how many people actually clicked on my links…

Then, with the advent of aweber, I began using the link tracking from my autoresponder, since each link I placed in my autoresponder messages was replaced with ugly tracking code. But that got old when aweber was going through growing pains. If their site went down, none of my links would work. I was getting emails from my readers, complaining that my links did not work.

But as I began working on blogs, I discovered a plugin that blows away the traditional link trackers and cloakers…


Not only does this protect my links using my choice of iframe or redirect (iframe cloaks a link to only show my link in the address bar, even though the page being displayed is on another website entirely – while redirect will send the person to the website, and the address bar will show the final destination of the link), but it also tracks number of clicks and where the clicks came from.

Want to see an example of a redirect? Here is http://wsoinsiders.com/go/ebs/ which points to http://www.warriorplus.com/w/a/wn65n in an indirect sort of way… I double stacked the redirect to phleg.com, a special redirect that allows a popup in front of the main page: http://phleg.com/redir.php?id=197 but once you close the popup, it takes you to the Warrior Special Offer.

Here is a cloaked link: http://crosb.com/go/kindle-cash-flow/

Notice how the URL stays the same? That keeps people from being able to easily hijack your link. And GoPages also includes Social Media buttons to help get you shared traffic!

So go ahead and grab JVPress GoPages while it is still so inexpensive! The extra commissions you will get will make up for the price of the software.


The Ultimate Link Cloaker For WordPress

This Month’s NameCheap Discount Coupon Code: SPOOKYDEAL

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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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     04 May 2010 @ 3:03 PM 

    When things are going good, it is easy to forget the struggles. You have lots of things to occupy your mind, so the struggles seem pretty far away.

    But it does not take much to bring them back in technicolor with 3D surround sound (and extra bass from the subwoofer) when things take a slow curve through a bad month. Then the struggles feel so real, it is like you are living them all over again. You could be back behind that desk, answering the constantly ringing telephone.

    Sometimes, it feels like you never left at all.

    That is when you need to put yourself around the people who are not going through the day to day struggles. You need to find a way to escape your own mind and surround yourself with positive, successful people who can help your mindset get cleansed.

    Because it does not matter how successful you are, the wild things are lurking, waiting, hoping for a chance to take over your mind and make you feel like you are not a success. They liked it when your domains were getting shut down left and right because you didn’t have the $10 to pay for their renewal. They lust after the emails you get from the bank, telling you that something just bounced and that they are subtracting $34 from a balance that was negative to begin with.

    The wild things in your mind feed on the negative emotions that wrack your very core, when your stomach feels like a black hole just opened up inside. Just when the darkness is about to overtake you, the wild things are at their strongest. Those are the times when a CD of Bob Proctor, Les Brown or Stephen Pierce can tame the wild things, and set them in their place.

    Attending an event you know in your gut you could never afford to pay for is the perfect time to crush the wild things. It is when you are at your most vulnerable to their destructive enzymes are eating away at your very core that you should find a way to get around a group of positive, successful people who can pull you out of the wild things’ clutches, bathe you in healing salve, and guard you while your mind is healing from the harm the wild things did to it.

    You should never try to go it alone.

    It is way too dangerous.

    The wild things…

    …are watching.

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     02 Apr 2010 @ 8:44 AM 

    Jeff Johnson’s latest video reveals some new “secret” bonuses that will make you want to thaw out your credit cards and take out a 2nd mortgage. He is giving away so much, it is almost insane! The Traffic Voodoo course itself is worth WAY more than the current price tag, but Jeff is pulling out all the stops to bring more people into his first LIVE coaching in over 2 years.

    Some of these “shameless bribes” include a custom designed SEO blog done for you by his design team, the DVD recordings of the Traffic Voodoo course sent to your home, personal website reviews by Jeff Johnson himself and a lot more!

    Watch the video here to see everything he is adding to the mix:


    The reason for this generosity?

    On Monday, when Traffic Voodoo went live, his shopping cart went haywire! He felt so bad that hundreds of people had missed their chance to buy, that he is enticing them to give it another try by offering thousands of dollars worth of extra perks.

    As you may remember, Jeff Johnson gave away a lot of free content during the week prior to his launch, including his Traffic Launcher Cheat Sheets, his Instant Affiliate Traffic Video and finally he gave a preview of the Traffic Voodoo Course itself!

    More Giving – This Time It Is Personal

    Jeff took it personally when the shopping cart acted up on Monday. He had already added 8 extra weeks to the Traffic Voodoo membership and included 3 months of membership in his exclusive Underground Training Lab, where people paid up to $5000 each to get access. But Jeff is not satisfied with the sheer value he is giving those who were lucky enough to be able to follow the shopping cart process all the way through.

    He wants to win back those who gave up! He knows that people are busy. Especially those who are looking to create a business where they can pull money out of thin air, just by driving insane amounts of traffic to affiliate offers using his Traffic Voodoo systems.

    Many of these people are working jobs that demand too much of their time, provide little security and are generally energy sucking black holes. These people need to be helped to create the second income that will overtake and finally replace the income from their jobs, and finally give them the free time to enjoy with their family.

    Take a look at Jeff’s newest video and all the bonuses he is revealing:


    But Wait! That’s Not All Folks!

    I am adding 6 bonuses in addition to the 8 that Jeff Johnson is giving away!

    • I Give You Access To My 5 Day Business Challenge Training Webinars.
    • You Also Get Access To My Backlink Videos Webinars – where I show you where and how to get backlinks. You can check out the first video in the series here.
    • I will do a series of Q & A Webinars where your blog questions will be answered.
    • I will teach how to install WordPress Securely on your domain, and show you how to set up your plugins from Jeff Johnson’s Free Traffic Plugin. I will also help you with additional plugin installations that are necessary for your blog to rank highly and quickly!
    • These webinars will be recorded via Camtasia, and I will give you the recordings along with Private Label Rights (PLR) so that you can resell them as your own product.
    • For the next 5 people to take me up on this, I will also include you in my March Madness Gifts Event, where the top 20 gifts will be visible for the rest of the year, but your gifts will be added in addition to the top 20 (making it 25 gifts), so that your optin page will be getting traffic all year long!

    Open a help desk ticket and let me know that you have purchased Traffic Voodoo from my link. I will then give you a registration link so that you can stay up to date with all of the Webinars.

    So the only thing left for you to do is to watch the video and see how much value you are going to get:


    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

    PS – Be sure and leave comments to let us know what you think about these bonuses.

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