03 Aug 2013 @ 12:49 AM 

I’ve got something VERY special for you today.  I’m giving you one of my money-making systems that has been working like crazy for me.

Get Your Gift Here

==> http://www.leadgentoolbox.com/sms

It’s a project I’ve been working on for the past few months with a friend of mine. I’ll let everyone know in more detail exactly what this is very soon, but I wanted to give you a chance to get early access.

To Your Success!

Micheal Savoie & Yvonne Lyon

P.S.  At that link there is an opt-in.  Go ahead and put your email in to get your free gift and don’t worry….I am the only one that gets that email.  The reason I ask for your email is I need you to "Experience" what I’m giving you… because YOU are going to be able to give this same gift to others.  You are going to love it…

Get Your Gift Here

==> http://www.leadgentoolbox.com/sms

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 01 Jul 2013 @ 7:14 PM 


My dad was the communication guy in our family. He had managed to obtain his class 2 Amateur Radio license and he loved to be listening in on the ham radio whenever he had some spare time.  He loved to stay in touch with friends and family, too.

Since he was the only one with the ability to communicate via ham radio, he often used the phone and then later email and finally Skype to keep in touch will everyone in his circle of influence. I lived across town from him and I often received Skype video calls from him whenever he got bored. It was a great way to stay up to date with everyone.

This June, I buried my father’s ashes in Quebec, Canada. We spent a month in Quebec to enjoy the company of my relatives and a lot of my father’s friends. It was amazing how many of them said how they had been keeping up with my dad on Skype. While I was away, I managed to keep up to date with my daughter and granddaughter via Skype, too. It was great to be able to introduce my granddaughter to my aunts and uncles who had never seen her.

To keep this short, I just want to remind you that you have the tools in front of you to keep in touch with everyone you hold dear. Take advantage of it.

Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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 16 Jun 2013 @ 10:39 AM 

If you can afford to wait another three years to have
some actual money coming in, then ignore this…


But if you want to get started *TODAY*, and learn how
you can run a stable, profitable online business
entirely from home, in just a few hours a week…

Drop whatever you’re doing, and watch this:


This is a true "one-person" business.

And, just to clarify. That means no employees, and no
outsourced people in random foreign countries either.


You don’t have to be technical either…

That means no FTP, no editing web pages, no uploading
files, no writing sales pages – none of that stuff.


But please… hurry!

The guy behind this system hasn’t released anything of
any kind in over three years, and when this comes down
it’s not coming back… from the looks of
his last email, this video could be coming down at any


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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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     15 Dec 2012 @ 11:10 AM 

    Warriors! Do you dream of hitting it big someday?

    When you wake up in the morning do you curse the daylight, or do you start the day with your visions in front of you? Sometimes, when things get tough, we start to wonder what the hell we are doing. Why are we putting ourselves through this?

    We work 20 hours so we can make money in our sleep… but is that really why we do it?

    I retired from my job in 2008.

    My first year in retirement, I struggled. I had no regular income – everything I earned went to the bills, I had built a list over the last few years, but in my desperation to keep money flowing in, I burned out my list. Boy did I burn them out.

    Money that used to come in monthly from affiliate commissions slowed to a trickle. I had violated one of the first rules of list building. I hadn’t kept on building the list, and I was promoting up to 4 times a day. So as attrition continued, I began to worry about how the bills were going to get paid.

    A friend of mine told me about a program that was in prelaunch in the summer of 2009, and since I liked what the product was (hosting and autoresponder service), I promoted it with all I had. In 6 months, I had built that into a $1500 a month business. Now the bills were getting covered, and the checks were coming in on a regular basis. So I began to take time off. A lot of time off.

    I would spend an hour or two posting some products, and once a week (if that much), I would send an email to my list. Somewhere in all of this, I had a thought in my head that I needed to add an income stream. But I was not looking all that hard for it. Some opportunities came around, but I was not excited by them, so I did not do them justice and I did not get the results for them, either.

    It was odd to see myself (as I look back on myself now) going into another decline. I reached a point where I was not promoting anything to my list for months at a time. Maybe I was just believing what others were saying about the economy. I was also helping other marketers with their projects (for no pay), and not spending any time developing anything of my own.

    It wasn’t until this summer that I realized I was not in as good a position as I had been just two years ago. I had restarted mailing my list 5 times a week. I was posting WSO’s on WSOInsiders.com and on the Facebook Fan Page, and getting some results. But I was in a position similar to 2009. I had income from the Hosting For Profit commissions still coming in, but I had increased my spending: a larger house, satellite TV, High Speed Internet. Suddenly it looked like I would have to find another source of income.

    The same friend who brought the Hosting For Profit system to my attention contacted me about a way to save money on my cellular bill. I was paying $90 a month for 700 minutes and unlimited text and data… he showed me a company that allowed me unlimited calling, text and data for $49 a month. I immediately switched, and because this company has an affiliate program that gives you a piece of the action, I was able to turn that around to the point where I had turned my cell phone bill into an income stream! http://49dc.co is the site you should check out to get more information on how you could do the same thing.

    And now, I am putting myself into building this income stream for all it is worth. The thing that I really love about the company is that they are not pushing the dream of creating thousands of millionaires… but rather, they want to create millions of thousandaires!

    If you could use an extra thousand dollars a month, then I can help you. It requires a small commitment (very small if you act before the end of December…) and a willingness to share with your social circle. While supplies last, you can get a ZTE Origin phone Free (after rebate) and one month of free service.

    This is the best time to get started! You get a cool 3G smartphone, and you have a chance to start earning bonuses and a residual income for simply telling others how to save money on something that we all use.

    Head over to http://49dc.co to see how our team can help you create an income that you can use to take the pressure off your checkbook each month!

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       20 Aug 2012 @ 2:14 PM 

      I saw this email from Mike Filsaime and
      I got permission to share it with you.

      What he has here is pretty cool, so after
      I saw it I felt I needed to let you see it,
      too. Here it is below…

      I will explain why I created the
      Micro Model Business System in a second,

      But first I want to let you know that I am offering
      it Free for the next 14 days but that offer may change
      so after you see that your like it, don’t wait.

      Let me ask you these questions:

      – If you had something to sell online would
      that make things easier?

      – If you were given 2 new products each month to
      sell would that make things easier for you
      to succeed?

      – If these products were in all different types
      of Niches (not all Make Money) would that be more

      Well.. I am not done. I have a few more Q’s

      – If the products came with great sales pages
      and sales copy as well as thank you pages, is
      it getting even more interesting?

      – What if you did not have to pay extra for hosting
      to some 3rd party. What if hosting was included?

      – What about a shopping cart, affiliate program and
      help desk. What if all that was set up with a few clicks?

      – And what if it was as easy as, choosing a product,
      entering your domain, pressing build and everything I just
      said was built for you and ready to make sales?

      Well, you would say Mike.. there has never been anything
      like that.

      I know because it took me 2 years to perfect this for you.

      But I knew having the product and technology all included
      was only half the picture.

      So I also included course on how to get traffic Free and
      or Cheap to allow you to profit.

      But the marketing game change, so I wanted to included
      my Newsletter for free with this. (Other pay $29.95)
      and you won’t half to pay extra for it…

      But the name “Micro Model” what is that?

      Well, Mini-Sites don’t work unless you have affiliates.

      Google hates them

      These sites are Micro Models because they are a fusion
      of GOOGLE loving search engine friendly sites as well
      as High Converting sales offers.


      – You keep all the profits.
      – I provide you with 2 new products every month for life.
      – You share nothing with me
      – You can have your own affiliates
      – I including the hosting
      – It’s easy but I still included training videos so anyone
      can get started in minutes if they never even purchased a domain.
      – Plus I give a system of getting free and cheap traffic in
      videos that you will find fun and easy to implement.
      – And you get access at no charge to my MDC monthly newsletter
      which is a $29.95 value.

      And for the next 14 days… anyone that sees this can
      have it Free. So you should hurry.


      I have a great video that it explains it in more

      PLUS I even demo the products and a site being built
      so you know I am not making it up how cool this is
      and how easy it is.

      We now live in a world where we should not have to
      focus on all the tech.

      Marketing should be FUN…

      …and that is why I created the Micro Model Business System



      Mike Filsaime

      PS – Remember, for the next 14 days… It’s your free
      so hurry before the free offer goes away.



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