09 Oct 2012 @ 2:06 PM 

Something has been bugging me…

It’s this whole IM "industry" as a whole and all
of the hype that goes along with it.

If you’re like me you’ve grown weary of the
extravagant promises, the unbelievable earnings
claims, and the pictures of a wealthy lifestyle
that  just doesn’t seem realistic.

So wouldn’t it be pretty cool to actually find
something that really works?

Something that actually does earn you an
income online, and something that is relatively
easy to do too?

Well, I’m sending you this email today because
I believe I have just discovered that very thing.

The opportunity I’m talking about is publishing
eBooks on Amazon Kindle…

And a good friend of mine, Ty Cohen, is a former
internet marketer turned Kindle publishing superstar!

This was a guy who has had profitable websites…

This was a guy who has made a killing selling
information products on networks like Clickbank…

And he gave it all up once he discovered just how
easy it was to make money on Kindle.

His first month publishing there he made $174.00,
the second month he made $545, by his fourth
month he made $2,873.13, and now three years
later he’s making $40,000+ per month in income
strictly from eBook sales on Kindle!

Now, he’s put together an amazing free video that
reveals his powerful Kindle publishing system and
he wants to share it with you!

So if you like the sound of learning how to make
some easy money with Kindle from a guy who is
pulling down five figures per month with them then
click the link below to check out the video right now!


Not only that, but you can WIN a Kindle Fire, too!

Win a Kindle!


You will have to register your email address, but
that is a small price to pay to have a chance to win
a Kindle Fire!


And best of all, it is FREE, so click the
link below and check it out, so that you
can discover how to cash in on this
amazing money making opportunity:


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     08 Jun 2010 @ 7:57 PM 

    Quick… here are 3 little known methods for boosting your profits online. Best part is, you can implement them right now.  I’m serious, they’re hidden away in this page…
    (This is a sales page, but James Yii made sure you would be rewarded for reading the content… how often have you ever seen a sales page that gives away good actionable content?)

    A couple years back, James Yii released The Shortcut. It was a mind-control system that enhances your productivity aimed specifically for internet marketers.

    The course sold out and James… well James vanished. He disappeared back into his underground super affiliate’s lair to craft a comprehensive blueprint of the fastest,
    easiest cash generating methods online.

    You see, James is an ex-engineer and like all of these anal-retentive types, he’s obsesses with tracking and documenting everything he does to make money on the internet.

    This is good news for you and I.

    It’s his attention to detail that’s created the unique blueprint you’re about to get your hands on. Now, I’ve been through the course already. Frankly, you’ve never been anything like this.

    If you’ve struggled to make any money or you just want a quick cash injection TODAY…
    … you have to check this out.
    And just to prove to you he’s got the goods, there are 3 techniques right there on the
    page you can swipe today for easy money. But they’re nothing compared to those tactics
    revealed deep inside Operation SCAR. Yvonne and I are going through the product right now and we’ll have a review for you by this weekend. But don’t wait on us, I read James’ previous product The Shortcut, and I know he is going to deliver the goods for you in this product, too!

    We can’t wait to hear your success story!

    We’re not kidding… you may have to look closely to find them, but apply the tactics available on his sales page and you, too, will be able to cash in….

    What Is The Super Affiliate’s #1 Secret Weapon?

    (assuming you know how to use it?)
    Think you know the answer? I’d bet you do! Check it out, and earn your FREE Autoresponder Blueprint!

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     20 Apr 2010 @ 9:10 AM 

    When you see how powerful this is, you may decide not to tell anybody else your secret…

    [ This Is Almost Too Easy]


    Because this, easy money getting strategy seems so simple—but only if you have ALL the strategies in place first.

    If you’re serious about finding a way to monetize your social media presence, or even curious about HOW to do that, you should definitely check this out:

    [So Easy Anybody Can Do It]


    Make no mistake—this works like a charm to put you into the big leagues of building a massive network on Facebook, and turning that into a steady stream of revenue.

    The thing is, this guy Robert Grant is practically a fanatic about building ethical and authentic relationship, and delivering full value.

    Actually, I’d say he OVER-delivers with this, because all you have to do is take the stuff he is giving away, and begin.

    Robert is going to lay it all out for you in full detail. I’m thinking maybe he shouldn’t do this, because it’s so darned valuable, but he’s a pretty determined guy.

    So grab it while you can…

    [Does Robert Give Away The Farm?]


    OK, that’s it for now. I’m off to start implementing this myself!

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