19 Sep 2012 @ 7:58 PM 

JUST RELEASED is product that Mark Thompson and
Todd Gross put together that shows MANY ways to
"trick-out" your videos to  increase conversions;
It’s called Video Marketing Debunked.

Watch the video here:

Watch then click the link below.




It is AMAZING how few YouTube videos have the
right elements in place to get them to actually

Views, sure.. that’s easy – but getting
subscribers, leads and  sales is another story

Mark Thompson and Todd Gross solve that problem in
Video  Marketing Debunked by showing you tricks
that you would  have never though to use, all
right there in front of you  INSIDE YOUTUBE!

Here’s an example, watch the video on this page,
and  get ready to "click" after the 1 minute mark,
you’ll  see why…


Now couple THAT trick with some good ol’ YouTube
analytics,  and you have the recipe for a video
that actually converts!

There’s a dozen videos, and 2 case studies, nearly
TWO HOURS worth of video instruction on how to
make YouTube run.. the RIGHT way.


Get access to my exclusive video training on how to download
and brand videos for your own use right off of YouTube!

Simply order ‘Video Marketing Debunked’ here:


Your link to register for your bonus will be on the
JV Zoo delivery page.

Price goes up today, so don’t delay!

To your successful videos,

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – You can check out the other Warrior Special Offers
on the Fan Page:


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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 19 Sep 2012 @ 07:58 PM

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     08 May 2010 @ 1:24 PM 

    It is called the Megapak… A package of 500 business boosting products that you can use to increase your traffic, conversions, sales and profits! Here is just a sampling of the products you will receive for a $20 commitment:

    • 76 Master Resale Rights Products
    • 10 Twitter Ebooks and Guides
    • 8 Internet Marketing Scripts w/ Private Label Rights
    • 34 Private Label Rights Products
    • 6 Subliminal Audios
    • 6 Traffic Resources
    • 47 Video Loops with 110 Bonus Videos
    • 71 Niche Products
    • OTO Toolkit
    • Video Toolkit
    • Traffic Toolkit
    • 40 WordPress Templates

    Read in more detail what all you get, I am just giving you a quick synopsis, you can’t go wrong with this package for $20! Heck, any one of these products is worth more than that!


    Why am I telling you about this? I see way too many people who are complaining about not having the resources to get started. $20 is nothing for a business to invest, because your business is going to continue to provide you benefits if you help it get started on the right foot.

    Just like Hosting For Profit. You would not believe the number of people who look at the $44.95 price tag and say, “I can get my hosting cheaper than that.”

    You can, but how many hosting companies provide you with a world class autoresponder, a world class conference platform, a world class video sharing site and world class hosting? This is truly a business toolbox for much less than you would get at comparable companies…

    Try Hosting For Profit yourself and see:


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     01 Jul 2009 @ 4:02 PM 

    What is up with this? Someone is telling you why you should NOT buy Easy Sales Formula? I don’t believe it, but this is an excerpt from an email I received today from Harris Fellman:

    That’s right, I’m going to tell
    you why you should *NOT* buy
    Easy Sales Formula even though
    13 people have already ordered
    through my affiliate link to
    get my kick-ass bonus.

    The bottom line is, Easy Sales
    Formula is actually *not* for
    everyone. What ESF teaches you
    is how to easily create a sales
    video that you place onto a web
    page INSTEAD of a big long written
    sales letter.

    So, if you’re really good at
    writing long sales letters,
    I’m thinking you may want to
    not BUY Easy Sales Formula.

    Personally, I’m half-way decent
    at writing sales copy; but I’ve
    found using Keith Wellman’s formula
    to be the easiest thing I’ve ever
    done to get great sales conversions.

    It’s not really just about Video
    versus Text though. Sure, Video
    is popular right now – but for me
    it’s about how much easier it is
    to create a site designed to sell
    my products, ya know?

    I have some more reasons you should
    NOT buy it as well… but first,
    let me give you the link:

    (my link substituted… since
    this is my blog)

    So, that brings up another reason to
    not Buy Easy Sales Formula…

    Do not BUY Easy Sales Formula if you
    don’t feel like you’ve got an idea of
    what you’re going to do with it…

    [Micheal here: If you have been watching the videos that Keith has been showing for the last 10 days, you should have at least ONE idea that you could put the product to work on! If you choose my bonus #2, I will create a video for you that you can use to drive traffic to for affiliate commissions. If you choose bonus #1, you can create your own sales video for the Membership Site, DVD course or whatever else you want to make with the Private Label Rights to my Video Workshop at Easy Selling Success. So that argument is blown out of the water…]

    Also, don’t buy it if you’re not ready
    to get a whole bunch of new customers.
    Most people are surprised at how well
    Keith’s Formula works … so, if you’re
    not able to handle a bunch of new customers
    (and the money that comes with it), then
    do not buy ESF.

    Hmmm, what else?

    Those are the big ones, I would think.
    If you’re great at writing long sales
    copy or not ready for a bunch of new
    customers. The creativity, I’ll personally
    help you with.

    Oh, I guess the final reason would be
    if you truly can’t come up with $XXX.
    (Price Hidden In Case It Goes Up By
    The Time You Get There)

    Although, I do believe in ESF so much
    that I can confidently say *as long as
    you truly use it, you’ll make that back*.
    (Plus, it’s going to go up to $1997 soon – ugh)

    I really recommend this to just about
    everyone else – from new to seasoned.
    It’s the easiest most POWERFUL product
    that I’ve seen released this year.

    It’s like your first project using
    Easy Sales Formula almost creates
    itself. So, if you’re not in either
    of the two situations above, I say
    BUY Easy Sales Formula right now –
    you’ll be glad you did.

    Keep Havin’ Fun!

    Harris Fellman, CCM
    Profitable Fun, Inc.

    Now he makes a couple valid points. I will reiterate that if you need the money to pay rent, this is not the product to be spending your money on… pay your rent, save up and when Keith offers it again for $1,997, you may be in a better situation to make the purchase then.

    But, if you are weighing the options of getting a part time job or increasing your income using the web, then you should put this on your credit card and hit the ground running! Follow everything that Keith teaches you. TAKE ACTION!

    It is impossible to fail if you take action, learn from your mistakes and keep taking action! Eventually something you do will pay off! Just never stop learning!

    Last Reason Not To Buy

    If you don’t want to do anything yourself and you would rather pay someone else to do it for you… do not buy this, instead sign up for my Video Skinning Project and let me do the work for you, for the same price as the course, I will create and host 3 Video Skinning Project Sales Pages for three Clickbank Products of your choosing. I even split test them for increasing your results. Now if you buy any of the packages I offer in that video, you can get double the number of videos made for you if you buy Keith’s Easy Sales Formula, too!

    Of course, if you decide to buy the product because it is essentially cheaper than my solution, you have me to help you. You can ask me questions, I am known to be very helpful when I am not biting the heads off of customers… Ok I am kidding. I don’t bite very often.


    You can ask some of the folks in my masterminds…

    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

    PS – Everything Harris and the rest of the Internet Marketing gang do and write about, we use to teach. This was an example of a reverse psychology type of review/post where you are curious why someone would tell you why you shouldn’t buy a product. Some are more blatant about it and some are downright rude about it.

    You should never use negative marketing to get sales, like telling people that a product is a scam in your subject line to get them into your email or blog post. Not only is it against the terms of service of most product owners, it often leaves a bad impression with the market itself of the product, since many people do not read anything but the headlines and would mentally just file away the name of the product and scam together.

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