15 Oct 2012 @ 3:29 PM 

Video Niche Dominator

It’s hard to believe but this software not only
creates, and "spins" slide-show videos, but also
automatically submits them to YouTube as well..
unlike other products that can’t hold a candle to
Video Niche Dominator 2…


But – This is your last chance, because Todd,
and Jonathan are pulling Video Niche Dominator
off the market Monday, and re-releasing it at
a higher price on Clickbank in November.

Look, Animoto is a great service for making videos..
but they are pretty strict about NOT using
their service commercially for anything less
than $39 per month!

Video Niche Dominator allows you to take any
images, music, and text and mix it together
into dozens of unique video files, put together
SUPER FAST, and auto-submitted to YouTube!

Yup, the software does ALL of that…

Sound good?

Watch the video from my friend Todd Gross on
the page above for more info on how you can
make DOZENS of videos all-at-once, in record
time.. AND submit them at the same time!


Remember that we show you the Warrior Special
as soon as they are available. We are
interested in saving you money, not how many
products we can sell! If this product is not for
you, we don’t want you to buy it.

But, if you may need this in the next month or
so in your business plan, this is the cheapest
you are going to be able to get this!


To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne


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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 15 Oct 2012 @ 03:30 PM

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     09 Oct 2012 @ 2:06 PM 

    Something has been bugging me…

    It’s this whole IM "industry" as a whole and all
    of the hype that goes along with it.

    If you’re like me you’ve grown weary of the
    extravagant promises, the unbelievable earnings
    claims, and the pictures of a wealthy lifestyle
    that  just doesn’t seem realistic.

    So wouldn’t it be pretty cool to actually find
    something that really works?

    Something that actually does earn you an
    income online, and something that is relatively
    easy to do too?

    Well, I’m sending you this email today because
    I believe I have just discovered that very thing.

    The opportunity I’m talking about is publishing
    eBooks on Amazon Kindle…

    And a good friend of mine, Ty Cohen, is a former
    internet marketer turned Kindle publishing superstar!

    This was a guy who has had profitable websites…

    This was a guy who has made a killing selling
    information products on networks like Clickbank…

    And he gave it all up once he discovered just how
    easy it was to make money on Kindle.

    His first month publishing there he made $174.00,
    the second month he made $545, by his fourth
    month he made $2,873.13, and now three years
    later he’s making $40,000+ per month in income
    strictly from eBook sales on Kindle!

    Now, he’s put together an amazing free video that
    reveals his powerful Kindle publishing system and
    he wants to share it with you!

    So if you like the sound of learning how to make
    some easy money with Kindle from a guy who is
    pulling down five figures per month with them then
    click the link below to check out the video right now!


    Not only that, but you can WIN a Kindle Fire, too!

    Win a Kindle!


    You will have to register your email address, but
    that is a small price to pay to have a chance to win
    a Kindle Fire!


    And best of all, it is FREE, so click the
    link below and check it out, so that you
    can discover how to cash in on this
    amazing money making opportunity:


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       20 May 2010 @ 3:02 PM 

      How often have you wanted to create a membership website but didn’t know where to start?

      “Hot New Word Press Plug-In Turns Any WordPress Blog in Any Niche Into a Cash Pumping Membership Site That PAYS YOU EVERY MONTH!”

      Membership Site In A Box

      Micro-Membership is a basic, easy to use WordPress plugin that adds full featured “membership” functionality to any WordPress blog.  The real benefit of this plugin is that it seamlessly integrates PayPal or ClickBank payment processing into your blog allowing you to charge for content and automatically collect payments from your users.

      Fully Automated Membership System

      Micro-Membership fully automates your membership system from the user registration to confirmation of payment and account activation. Micro-Membership integrates with the subscription and notification services of both PayPal and ClickBank to fully automate the subscription billing and payment process.  Micro-Membership generates the required PayPal or ClickBank “Subscribe” buttons on the fly, so you don’t need to add or change any WordPress code.

      Fast Activation & Install

      Micro-Membership installs just like any other WordPress plugin.  You can use use WordPress’s Manual installation process or you can install “the old way” – using FTP to place the plugin in your WordPress plugins directory.

      FIVE (5) Membership Levels

      Five membership levels from free to elite!

      Micro-Membership creates and manages five membership and payment levels:

      · Free – the user has registered thru WordPress but has chosen not to pay for a subscription

      · Standard – the user has paid for the “standard” subscription

      · Premium – the user has paid for a “premium” level subscription

      · Executive – the user has paid for an “executive” level subscription

      · Elite – the user has paid for an “elite” level subscription

      You don’t have to implement all five subscription levels; for example, you may only need the “Paid” subscriptions.  That’s fine – Micro-Membership still works great.


      Take 40% off select PC’s using coupon code CLR-MSAFL-40%-PC while supplies last at the Microsoft Store!

      Dell Alienware M17x Space Black CWF-00155
      Dell Inspiron 1764 Notebook Ice Blue CWF-00149
      Dell Inspiron 1764 Notebook Obsidian Black Config CWF-00146
      Dell Inspiron 1764 Notebook Promise Pink CWF-00152
      HP Envy 15 Silver – Config CWF-00110
      HP Pavilion dv6-2182nr Black/Silver – Config CWF-00164
      HP Pavilion TouchSmart 300-1128 Black – Display RCF-00002
      Sony – W211 Brown – Config CVF-00090
      Sony – W211 Pink – Config CVF-00087
      Toshiba Satellite P505-S8011 Fusion Finish in Sonic Black CWF-00122

      Take 50% off select Xbox games from the Microsoft Store! Offer valid while supplies last!


      If you have a blog, but you aren’t generating enough cash from it, this plugin will help get you excited!

      Yvonne and I have just added a membership site plugin to our MyBloggingSchool.com line of products!


      We priced this plugin to make it stupid simple to make a decision… and we are even offering Master Resale Rights if you hurry!

      If you are a MBS affiliate, I recommend you tell your subscribers about it, because we are offering 100% commissions on the actual plugin, and 40% commissions on the Master Resale Rights!

      If you are a JV partner, your commissions may be higher. So hurry and get your plugin now before it we raise the price, because we are not going to keep the price this low for much longer!


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       14 Aug 2009 @ 9:11 PM 

      Congratulations to Anik Singal and his company Lurn.
      Inc magazine just announced Lurn, Inc to be one of the fastest 500
      growing Private companies in the US.

      #216 to be exact 🙂

      Better yet they are the SECOND fastest growing education company!

      Honestly…sit down for a few minutes and read this, it’ll tell you
      exactly how *BIG* affiliate marketing is getting and how it changed
      Anik’s life.  More importantly how it can change yours.

      6 years ago Anik had $100 in his pocket – he won it in a super bowl
      game (by guessing the right score).

      That was the $100 he used to buy his first domain name and hosting.
      He quickly started learning…

      – Copywriting
      – SEO
      – PPC
      – Forum Marketing
      – Article Marketing
      – Blogging
      – etc…

      He was still in college and his goal was to make at least $10,000 a
      month so he didn’t have to get a *real* job.

      He tells the details of his story here:

      Initially…he tried to do it by launching his own product on Clickbank
      and BOY did he struggle. For an entire year, he didn’t make a penny.
      He spent most of what he had and was very down and out…

      In Comes Affiliate Marketing…

      Thank goodness someone introduced him to affiliate marketing because
      everything FINALLY clicked after over a year of failure after failure…

      Long story short…the FIRST night he REALLY tried affiliate marketing
      (after over a year of learning internet marketing) – he made $300 in
      5 hours while he SLEPT!!

      60 Days later…he had made over $10,456…

      90 Days later…he was making more than his college professors…

      6 months later…he would never *work* again

      6 years later…his company would be named one of the fastest growing
      companies in the U.S.! (and in one of the worst economies ever).

      Who would have thought!

      $1.7 Million Later…

      In just a few short years he went to make over
      $1.7 Million as an affiliate marketer.

      I’m not lying! Check out some of the income proof here:

      Then, when he got so busy at Lurn and didn’t have that much time for
      affiliate marketing…

      Well…he STILL made another $1.4 Million as an affiliate marketer!
      Fast forward today and his company is set to do $10 Million this year.

      He started ALL of this with just $100! He would be NO WHERE today if
      it was not for affiliate marketing…

      But It Took him a YEAR To Lurn!

      Over a year of constant failing before he made anything. Then it took him months more to break into the “6-Figure” – he started Affiliate Classroom specifically to make sure “you” never have to go through that!

      He knew when he set-up Affiliate Classroom, he had to show people how to get the right information, at the right time.

      It wasn’t easy to put the pieces together, but after de-constructing his learning curve, he discovered the pattern!

      That’s why Affiliate Classroom has become THE ultimate shortcut for going
      from ground ZERO to a cash-pulling affiliate in the shortest time possible.

      You get the benefit of years of frustration and heartache he went through!

      And the best part is, you get to find out if this is everything I said it
      was for a measly $1.

      Look, I know some people on the web will tell you you can make a million
      in your underwear…while you sleep.

      Well, that’s only partly true.
      What they DON’T tell you is it’s going to take a little time!

      But hey, I’ve seen students go from losing money to making as much as $7,300
      a month in just 90 days!

      Seriously, 90 days? Would having the right training, tools and support for
      90 days be pretty darn fast?

      You can find out yourself. I’m sure you’d rather take 90 days and KNOW it
      would  happen than chase another “Magic Pill” that promises you “instant riches.”

      By now…you’ve gotta be smarter than that!  Go check out Affiliate Classroom 2.0
      and get your account. I know it’s’ THE shortcut you’ve been looking for.

      I filmed his story a year and a half ago.  Anik is the real deal.

      If he didn’t do things RIGHT…he never would have been included in the Inc. 500.

      There’s a reason Lurn is the second FASTEST growing education company in the
      country right now…



      That’s what their students are making now. These are HARD facts.

      It’s only $1 to give it a shot. Let me PROVE it to you.


      Because I can GUARANTEE this is the best resource you’ll ever see on affiliate marketing.
      Affiliate Classroom IS the short-cut you’ve been looking for and you WILL see results
      if you just do the step by step plan they put together…

      Just $1 to give it a spin!

      Anik’s stuff works.

      Now go out and become legendary.  Who knows 6 years from now your company could be
      listed as one of Inc’s fastest growing privately held companies.

      To your success,

      PS – You can download some premium gifts at the Home Business Giveaway.

       29 Jun 2009 @ 7:09 AM 

      Tomorrow at 12pm EST Keith Wellman will launch the
      Easy Sales Formula

      Over 20,000 people have opted in to get on the VIP list
      and hundreds of thousands have watched the video’s…


      My Bonus For Easy Sales Formula
      First I wanted to offer a bonus that would be difficult to
      get on your own.

      That is why I am offering Private Label Rights to my
      Easy Selling Success Video Workshop that reveals all of
      the portions of a sales letter (or video) in easy to watch

      This is something that can be placed on DVD and sold
      as a home study course or online as a membership site.

      The Private Label Rights to Easy Selling Success
      Workshop is going to sell for $997, because video is a
      time consuming medium, but a very powerful one, as
      Keith points out in his training courses.

      Bonus #1 is Easy Selling Success Workshop
      Private Label Rights
      . It will be available on August 1,
      2009 for you to download. I can also ship the DVD’s to
      you so you have a hard copy.

      This bonus is a very valuable bonus, and if you create
      a Sales Video For It, you can sell it from your own

      You also have a choice of Bonus #2, which is
      having me create your own video skin for any Clickbank
      product. I will be doing this as a service for $197 each,
      and if you purchase Easy Sales Formula from me, I will
      create your video skin video for the product that you
      choose, including the redirect to the sales button and
      the iframe that sets YOUR cookie on the sales page.

      If you want a button to appear after the video ends,
      I can make that happen for you, too. It is yours just
      for buying Easy Sales Formula through my link on
      June 30, 2009 after 12:00 noon Eastern Time

      Some Words Of Warning

      Only 50 people will ever get access to Easy Selling
      Success Workshop Private Label Rights. So if 49
      people buy Easy Sales Formula from me and choose
      Bonus #1, then when I launch it myself, I will only
      sell one copy. So there is a limit of 50 people that
      can get this bonus.

      My time is limited on Bonus #2. Each video skin
      that I produce will take at least 4 hours to do the
      research, create the powerpoint, record the video
      and set it up on the web for you. So when you put
      your request for your bonus, it may take up to 2
      weeks to get your video produced.

      I can take unlimited orders for these, but know
      that the more orders I get, the longer delivery
      will take, so I recommend that you make your
      purchase of the course on Tuesday, June 30th as
      close to noon as you possibly can using this link


      Then submit your support ticket to my help desk
      telling me which bonus you are getting (Bonus #1
      or Bonus #2) so that you get your place in line.


      You can take your time giving me the website you
      want to have your video skin created for, but the
      first 20 people will get their videos done within 2
      weeks from the submission of their website choice.

      Want Your Own Video Skins?
      I am setting up a site to create video skins for you.
      Since many people are not exactly action takers for
      whatever reason, I thought that people who buy
      Easy Sales Formula would want to hit the ground
      running while they are going through the product
      and filling their minds with everything you will
      need to be able to do this on your own. So for
      $197, I will create a video skin for you, too! Sure,
      you will be able to do them yourself, but you also
      want to get to the point where you are making
      money fast, right? Let me create your first 2 or
      3 video skins while you are learning from Keith.

      I will have them setup and you can start driving
      traffic to them and earning money for you while
      you plan out your own sales videos for your own

      Easy Selling Success Video Skin Project

      Watch this video to see what I mean about the Easy
      Selling Success Video Skinning Service. By the way, if
      you purchase any package from the Video Skinning
      Service before you buy Easy Sales Formula, I will
      Double Your Order When You Buy Easy Sales Formula
      Through My Link! Just open a support ticket to let me
      know what products you want me to create Video
      Skins for you after you make the purchase.

      Then, when you buy Easy Sales Formula, you will get
      to double your order, so open another support ticket
      and paste your receipt from the purchase, and your
      second set of video skins will be created after the
      refund period expires for Easy Sales Formula.

      One Small Problem…
      There is a small problem.  Keith is limiting the number
      of his formula for several reasons (I’ll let him explain
      tomorrow) but what’s important is that there will be a
      very small window to purchase if you plan on doing so.

      There are literally hundreds of marketers recommending
      the Easy Sales Formula and millions of emails are going

      I suspect it will close out in a few hours…maybe a bit
      longer but I doubt it.

      Make sure you’re on the list…


      Alex Is Probably About To Close The Doors Today…

      I just saw that Alex Jeffreys released a new video
      where he’s basically giving away the secrets behind
      his $20,000 a month business:


      I’ve heard of “hands on support” before, but this is
      getting a bit out of hand. I doubt this is video
      will be available for long, so you should probably
      go check it out right away. Here’s the link:


      Have an amazing day,

      Micheal Savoie

      PS – More important (as far as I’m concerned), the
      video also shows how a whole bunch of regular
      people in regular niches who are making a killing
      with Alex’s support … Go check it out:


      PPS – Alex’ offer is a great example of Keith Wellman’s
      Easy Sales Formula in action.

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