28 Jun 2014 @ 11:00 AM 

What an incredible response to yesterday’s
email!  This ‘weekend only special’ is REALLY
going like craaaaazy! 🙂

Omar Martin and Melinda have been running
one of the BEST members sites that I have
EVER seen (really) for YEARS now…

Members get unrestricted access to what I
can only describe as a ‘GOLD MINE’ of
quality software, tools, training and LIVE
weekly coaching for LIFE!

They are running a ‘weekend only special’
right now that gets  you in for JUST $37,
check it out here:


Omar actually runs you through exactly what
you get, plus you get a video tour of the
members area, so you can see what I mean
when I say that it’s a ‘GOLD MINE’!

Remember, this ‘special’ is only available for
this weekend this weekend after that you may
never be able to get in for just $37 EVER AGAIN!


Micheal – WSOInsiders.com

PS – Do NOT miss this. I am serious!


Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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 27 Jun 2014 @ 8:55 AM 

There’s a  “Once in a Lifetime” weekend special
offer taking place this weekend that I felt
compelled to share with you because this thing
will blow your socks off!

Now… don’t freak out on me… this isn’t some sort
of fire sale kind of thing where you get all excited
and buy a bunch of crap you’ll never need.

This is the “real deal” . . .


Omar Martin and his wife Melinda have been
running a site called "My Unfair Advantage" for
years now.

This site gives members unrestricted access to
all the tools and training they use to run their 7
figure online business.

But one of the best parts is that all the members
get live weekly coaching from Omar for LIFE!
(yes I said LIFE.)

This is no joke Batman…


Omar & Melinda have TONS of success stories
under their belts and I’m being VERY sincere
when I say that you simply could not be in better

This membership used to cost $1497 BUT they
are doing a 72 Hour Special right now that gets
you in for JUST $37.  (I know… its nuts)

Better grab ahold of this bad boy now:



Micheal – WSOInsiders.com

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 20 Apr 2013 @ 1:45 AM 

Jeff Johnson just posted a new training video to his blog for you.

It’s actually the second video in his fantastic "build your brand, your list,
and your business with YouTube" training series.

It reveals a simple little trick that only takes 5 minutes to set up
yet it’s so powerful that it practically forces YouTube and Google to
instantly send you Free Traffic and Free Leads.

This simple trick is amazing, check it out:


It also reveals how a small business owner pulled
his business out of the recession and generated record sales and
profits for the past 3 years.
Here’s a hint:
Jeff taught him now to tap into the business-building power of YouTube
back in 2009 and he’s been crushing it ever since.
It’s really much easier than you think.

Here’s a quick  case study that lays it all out for you:


Free leadsConsumer notice: I’m an affiliate for Jeff and this post may contain my affiliate link so if you ever decide to buy something from him I may earn a commission.

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     09 Jan 2012 @ 10:18 PM 
    http://wsoinsiders.com Become a WSO insider and be the first to find out about Warrior Special Offers that can save you up to 90% off of the top business training and tools (including software and graphics)!
    More in
    Howto & Style

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       29 Mar 2010 @ 2:57 PM 

      Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo Now Open For A Limited Number Of Seats

      (Aggressive-Affiliates Beverly Hills, FL March 29, 2010) Traffic Voodoo just went live at 3:00PM EDT! Already hundreds of spots have been snatched up, according to Jeff Johnson’s office. If you were considering getting ANY traffic training, Jeff is the person to show you!

      Fast Action Traffic Voodoo Bonuses (Very Limited Quantity):

      • 3 months free in Jeff’s Underground Training Lab Coaching Club
      • Jeff is doubling the Traffic Voodoo membership from 8 weeks to a full 16 weeks.
      • But he’s only guaranteeing that you can get these fast action bonuses if you join Traffic Voodoo within the first couple hours.

      And, it may sell out before the 70,000+ people who are on Jeff’s launch list get a chance to buy it, because he does not have enough seats to the course for the entire 6000 people on the Early Bird List!

      Additional Traffic Voodoo Bonuses (If You Buy Using My Link)

      ==> http://nexurl.com/trafficvoodoolive

      • We Will Give You Access To Our 5 Day Business Challenge Training Webinars.
      • You Will Also Receive Access To Our Backlink Videos Webinars – where we show you where and how to get backlinks. You can check out the first video in the series here.
      • We will do a series of Q & A Webinars where your blog questions will be answered.
      • We will teach how to install WordPress Securely on your domain, and show you how to set up your plugins from Jeff Johnson’s Free Traffic Plugin. We can also help you with additional plugin installations that are necessary for your blog to rank highly and quickly!
      • These webinars will be recorded via Camtasia, and I will give you the recordings along with Private Label Rights (PLR) to them so that you can resell them as your own product.
      • For the first 5 people to take me up on this, I will also include you in my March Madness Gifts Event, where the top 20 gifts will be visible for the rest of the year, but your gifts will be added in addition to the top 20 (making it 25 gifts), so that your optin page will be getting traffic all year long!

      To claim your bonus, simply open up a support ticket at my help desk with the receipt information from your purchase of Traffic Voodoo. We will have to verify it against the information we get from Jeff, so it could take up to 48 hours to start getting you some of the bonuses.

      Jeff will send you a link, it will have some code on it that will have ‘af=668720’ or something similar. If the number on the code is different from 668720, please change it to 668720 so that you will qualify for our bonus. We give you the full details on the bonus we are offering on this post at our Aggressive Affiliates Blog. All of the latest bonuses have been added to the this page!

      We Want To See You Succeed

      While we may get paid a commission if you buy using our link to Traffic Voodoo, we want to insure that you are going to receive more than that amount in value toward your own success. Understand that no program will give you success unless you are willing to put forth the effort and work according to the methods that Jeff and I teach. You may earn more than both of us combined, or you may earn less, it is really up to you!

      Our jobs as coaches and trainers are to take you from your starting point and cheer you on to take action. The first 25 who sign up (through our affiliate link) will also become part of a mastermind group that will meet via webinar or phone (we will divide into phone groups and webinar groups) so that we can help each other set goals and achieve them!


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