16 Jun 2013 @ 10:39 AM 

If you can afford to wait another three years to have
some actual money coming in, then ignore this…


But if you want to get started *TODAY*, and learn how
you can run a stable, profitable online business
entirely from home, in just a few hours a week…

Drop whatever you’re doing, and watch this:


This is a true "one-person" business.

And, just to clarify. That means no employees, and no
outsourced people in random foreign countries either.


You don’t have to be technical either…

That means no FTP, no editing web pages, no uploading
files, no writing sales pages – none of that stuff.


But please… hurry!

The guy behind this system hasn’t released anything of
any kind in over three years, and when this comes down
it’s not coming back… from the looks of
his last email, this video could be coming down at any


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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 16 Jun 2013 @ 10:40 AM

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     26 Mar 2010 @ 2:19 PM 

    Jeff Johnson is known as a Super Affiliate because he can direct thousands of visitors to a website at the push of a button! In his latest video, he teaches how you can harness the power of super affiliates for your own use.

    Imagine getting people like Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Gary Ambrose, Mike Filsaime, Anik Singal or Jeff Johnson to mail out for your product. Do you think that would impact your bottom line?

    That is exactly what Jeff teaches in Instant Affiliate Traffic, his latest in a series of videos that shows you how to get traffic, leads and sales from thin air! The video is 48 minutes long, and it includes some funny pictures as well as some solid information on how to get access to Internet Marketing Big Guns.

    Jeff reveals some of the tactics that help get his attention (it may surprise you to find that sending a penny in the mail does not work). Sometimes it is important to get past the office staff, the first line of defense, and Jeff gives some ways to get through the roadblocks.

    Remember that Jeff Johnson is launching his Traffic Voodoo live coaching program in a few days, and this video is one of the ways to figure out if his coaching is for you. As one of his affiliates for the last two years, I have had many of my customers go through his training, and so far, all of them have absolutely been thrilled with the material he teaches.

    Traffic Voodoo Bonus

    As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, I want to help keep you from getting road blocks as you get the training. One of Jeff’s first claims was that this is not for newbies, because he is not going to spend any time on the “how to create a blog” part of the training, although he has announced that he has added a step by step training for newbies that will help catch you up (but it will require additional work).

    Here is what I am doing for my Traffic Voodoo Bonus:

    • I will do a series of Q & A Webinars where your blog questions will be answered.
    • I will teach how to install WordPress Securely on your domain, and show you how to set up your plugins from Jeff Johnson’s Free Traffic Plugin. I will also help you with additional plugin installations that are necessary for your blog to rank highly and quickly!
    • These webinars will be recorded via Camtasia, and I will give you the recordings along with Private Label Rights (PLR) so that you can resell them as your own product.
    • For the first 5 people to take me up on this, I will also include you in my March Madness Gifts Event, where the top 20 gifts will be visible for the rest of the year, but your gifts will be added in addition to the top 20 (making it 25 gifts), so that your optin page will be getting traffic all year long!


    So your first step is to get over to the Instant Affiliate Traffic page and sign up for Jeff’s Early Bird List, because you will want to be one of the first to get notice when Jeff makes Traffic Voodoo available. You can also catch Jeff’s first video called Traffic Launcher Road Map, where he also has a place to sign up for the Early Bird list.

    Remember that Jeff’s objective is to teach you how to make money by generating a lot of traffic to whatever offer that you want! This works in all niches, not only the Internet Marketing Niche, and if you combine it with the Affiliate Punisher training and the Backlink Videos where I show you how to get backlinks, you can have a very fast growing niche business in no time!

    Head over to this post to get ALL the details about the Traffic Voodoo launch and my bonus:

    What Is My Traffic Voodoo Bonus?


     10 Feb 2009 @ 7:14 PM 
    {{fr|1=Paneau de entrée en Savoie}}
    Image via Wikipedia

    I hope you had a chance to see jvAlert Live this weekend. I was running the camera at http://jvalert.tv for most of the weekend, and my best friend Yvonne Lyon helped me broadcast when I had to be on stage.

    This is the transition of going from newbie to expert.

    I started out going to jvAlert as just a helper. Not standing out, not known by many. But as I continued to grow and met new people who influenced me, I began to make the transition.

    Growth comes from many sources. Going through challenging times, overcoming obstacle and stepping out of your comfort zone are all ways that you can become the person you want to become.

    You must choose a mentor or a group that you can take direction and accept accountability from. It is vital to your success that you choose someone with the qualities that will help you increase your skills rather than let you flounder.

    My success is not dependent on anyone but myself, but I have chosen a mentor and a mastermind group to help me make the right decisions, while preventing me from making excuses.

    A mentor is great for asking the right questions.

    If you want to see how my friend Dan Lopez became a mentor and helped his student make her first sale in 7 days using his unique FAR Method of coaching, I suggest you visit http://FARMethod.com and see how easy it can be if you choose to go FAR!

    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

    PS – Don’t forget that you can still get the recordings from a seminar that Gary Ambrose and Keith Wellman put together for $5000 per attendee last year for $1! http://EasyButtonCash.com

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