20 Apr 2013 @ 1:45 AM 

Jeff Johnson just posted a new training video to his blog for you.

It’s actually the second video in his fantastic "build your brand, your list,
and your business with YouTube" training series.

It reveals a simple little trick that only takes 5 minutes to set up
yet it’s so powerful that it practically forces YouTube and Google to
instantly send you Free Traffic and Free Leads.

This simple trick is amazing, check it out:


It also reveals how a small business owner pulled
his business out of the recession and generated record sales and
profits for the past 3 years.
Here’s a hint:
Jeff taught him now to tap into the business-building power of YouTube
back in 2009 and he’s been crushing it ever since.
It’s really much easier than you think.

Here’s a quick  case study that lays it all out for you:


Free leadsConsumer notice: I’m an affiliate for Jeff and this post may contain my affiliate link so if you ever decide to buy something from him I may earn a commission.

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     26 Jan 2012 @ 11:31 AM 


    WSO Pro Affiliate Plugin For WordPress



    If you are a WarriorPlus Silver member and promoting WSO offers as an affiliate this is a game changer…

    Game Changer for WSO Insiders like you!

    This new WordPress Plugin allows you to automatically email every buyer that purchases from your WSOPRO Affiliate link AND distrbute bonuses to those people.

    Even more..it automatically verifies that they paid and locks out refunders!

    WHAT? No Big deal? If that’s what you think then you’re missing the BIG PICTURE.
    Do you know how those WSO Owners make all of their real money?

    Back End Sales – One Time Only Offers… that’s right…and sometimes they offer commissions on those…and sometimes they don’t.
    But bottom line, using this little WordPress Plugin you can now get a bigger piece of the pie.
    Here’s why…

    Using this little WordPress plugin you can now immediately contact every single buyer that purchases from your affiliate link, automatically.

    This little plugin automatically sends out a notification letting the buyer know that you have a special offer, a bonus, a free download or whatever else you want to offer and all they need to do is just claim it…

    Once the buyer visits your wordpress blog they enter the Paypal Transaction ID already provided in their email that this little automation engines sends out and BOOM…they’re verified for access.

    Are you seeing the potential? I hope so…and check this out…

    Remember those OTO‘s (One Time Offers) where WSO owners make their money? Well now you can offer your own to those buyers… you can even offer your own products, promote other WSO‘s..the sky is the limit.

    The best part? IT’S ALL AUTOMATED!

    Check it out now!



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       09 May 2010 @ 1:32 PM 

      The deadline to get your bonus for purchasing the 500 product Megapak ends at midnight tonight! Everyone who purchases the Megapak from my affiliate link (I may be compensated for this) will receive one year of hosting for unlimited websites – your only limit is the disk space and bandwidth…

      This hosting package will include:

      • 750MB of Diskspace 
      • 1.5GB of bandwidth
      • Fantastico
      • cpanel

      In addition, I will install an SEO optimized blog on your domain. Unlimited domains can be added on to this account.
      After the year is up, your hosting will cost $2.50 per month.

      Here is what you do to get this:
      Purchase the megapak:


      Open a support ticket at:


      I’ll send you a subscription link for one year free and $2.50 per month after that. This offer expires at midnight, Sunday, May 9… so if you are interested in this at all, get to the url below and grab your megapak now!


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       05 May 2010 @ 7:33 PM 



      Automated Ads Review

      Have you gotten caught up in the fuss over the new Automated Advertising "Bot"… 

      It’s a system to automate your advertising by getting more traffic to the ads that are profitable for you…automatically.

      This is actually pretty cool, so pay attention!

      ***What IS Automated Ads and what can it do?

      It’s a site preloaded with banners for the different categories at ClickBank.  You simply plug in your ClickBank ID, and the system generates banners all pointing to your affiliate link. Once you have selected your category, size of banner, and number of banners to rotate, Automated Ads does the rest.

      Banners are shown based on their performance which makes your campaigns more and more profitable over time. Another really cool feature is Automated Ads will automatically test out new popular ClickBank products as they are added to ClickBank for you.

      So once you set this up, you never have to worry about which offers are converting for you or not, nor do you have to continually monitor what ClickBank has to offer.  Affiliate marketing couldn’t get any easier!

      ***How much does it cost?

      Here’s the best part…right now it’s free.  The downside to the free application, however, is that you can’t rotate any of your own banners to your own sites, or banners to sites not currently in the program.

      The upside is that you can upgrade your account and have free reign at adding whatever banners you want.  Plus, you’ll also get 4 other scripts and software tools that allow you to automate your traffic, and ultimately your sales!

      Anyway, you can check it out here:


      Looks like a potential "game-changer" to me.

      Depending on how this takes off, you may see it down the road costing $47/month, so grab it for free while you can.


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       11 Apr 2010 @ 1:17 PM 

      When Melford and Concetta Bibens were going through their devastating bankruptcy 2 years ago, they thought they had lost their shot at living a lifestyle that they had watched others living while they struggled in the Catskills with their Gym.

      Yet today, Melford and Concetta have a lifestyle that many only dream about.

      They start their day by chartering a yacht to take them to their favorite islands in the Gulf of Mexico for a little swimming, relaxing and maybe even a picnic lunch (unless they decide to visit one of their favorite restaurants by the docks in Tampa or St. Petersburg) before heading home in the evening to take a look on their computer at the money that came in while they were out having fun.

      Melford and Concetta have figured out how to make thousands of dollars per month, with very little work, and they were not able to share this information until only recently. They uncovered a “glitch” that allows them to siphon traffic to their affiliate links without their own list, without their own website and with only about a half dozen hours per week or less. The rest of the time, they spend out on the gulf!

      Melford calls his system the Fast Income Formula. He and his bride, Concetta, are only going to train a limited number of new students at a time in how to take advantage of this traffic generating loophole. You can get find out all about this (and hear their story) by going to the link below:


      Fast Income Formula Bonus

      In order to entice you to get their course from my affiliate link (if you purchase using my link, I may get paid), I am preparing a bonus for the first 50 who signup using my link. This bonus will allow you to start getting traffic even before you have finished their course.

      Here is what I am giving:

      • Your own 5 blogs that are interconnected to help focus traffic on a specific money page (of your choice) so that you can start generating leads, sales or both.
      • 6 Months of hosting for 5 domains ($150 value)
      • I will install my secret plugin combination that will help you get traffic to your blogs even faster.
      • I will create a twitter account for each of your blogs and set it up for your blog to continue posting on autopilot.

      To claim this bonus, you first have to buy Fast Income Formula from the link below:


      Then you paste your receipt information into a ticket at my help desk.

      Then you start following the directions that Melford and Concetta give you!

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