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Offline Commissions Crusher

Lead Generation SYSTEM That Makes $107,125 in Commissions in Less Than 8 Weeks


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     09 Feb 2012 @ 12:29 PM 

    I have been a Paypal user for as long as they have existed, and even a little before since they bought out x.com which was where I was banking prior to the acquisition. I feel they are delivering a massive service to the economy by making it possible for people to buy and sell (and send money to friends and relatives) without having to be there in person. The latest news, however, shows that if you are an “Internet Marketer,” you may be targeted by the payment processor.

    Internet Marketing has gone from marketing online to a subculture of online marketing that exists solely to prey on those who are looking for the quick fix, the magic button, the rapid cash infusion and the get rich quick scheme. At least, that is what the executives at Paypal (a division of eBay – which wants to keep itself isolated from the digital goods niche as much as possible) think of the words Internet Marketing.

    I recently listened to a recording of a telephone conversation between Anthony Aires and Tony, a Paypal representative, as they discussed why Anthony’s paypal accounts were closed and Anthony banned from Paypal for life. In Paypal’s own words, the activity that Anthony’s company was doing was too risky for their own comfort. They likened the Warrior Forum and the Warrior Special Offers as a Ponzi Scheme, where the people buying the products were using money that they had made from the sale of other products that they had created after buying another product. So basically, they felt that the information being sold was getting more and more diluted and resold and becoming a risky venture for Paypal to continue being a party to.

    If you recall a few years back, the Online Marketing world was rocked when eBay stopped allowing digital product sales on their auction site. Some of the reasons that they cited for halting digital sales was the fact that refunds were too high, there was no way to prove that the buyer had received the product and the same products were being purchased and resold on eBay. Now Paypal is following that up with a very similar attack on the digital information resellers on the Warrior Forum.

    If you are an affiliate of WSO products, be prepared for the inevitable. If you are a WSO product creator, be prepared to be targeted first. Start looking for other payment processors and set yourself up to not be affected if(when) Paypal decides to review your business.

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       31 Jan 2012 @ 5:56 PM 


      Get Mobile Optin As A Bonus




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        YOU weren’t invited..

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        Hope you get this in time!

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          WSO of The Week

          This week, I have seen a WSO that makes all other Warrior Special Offers look pale in comparison: Content Multiplier!


          It is my pick for WSO Of The Week!

          Read about it here:


          Warrior Special Offers from this week:

          This is my pick for WordPress Plugin of the Week on WPPluginGuide.com

          Ultimate Marketers Plugin:


          WordPress Auto Cloaking and Tracking Plugin:


          Proven Offline client getting method:


          Cheryl Cigan reveals what she does to drive massive traffic to any money site using free Web 2.0 properties!


          Software that can get you ranked on Page 1 of Google:


          Hidden Affiliate Goldmine – find profits from non-mainstream affiliate networks:


          Become an offline expert on Google Plus Pages!


          Discover the crazy email methods that make 6 figures in 2011!


          Includes the new Google+
          Business Pages!


          Liz Tomey’s newest PLR package!


          If you want to vote for any of these for WSO of the month, leave a comment!

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