20 Oct 2014 @ 9:34 AM 

Last week, Julius Thomas, tight end for the Denver Broncos, received a touchdown pass from Peyton Manning and exclaimed, “This is so easy!”

Well, for a tight end with great physical prowess who is part of a system that dissects defenses into nuggets that are easily taken advantage of, it is easy!

When people talk about how easy it is to make money online, it isn’t hard, but you have to have a system and you have to do some groundwork before you can start to see the money rolling in.

What is the groundwork?

First of all, you need to have an idea. Or as the teenagers say, “get a clue.” You have to watch and observe the trends. What is selling?

You can find a lot of this just by surfing the web, because the ads will be out there. But even more accurate is to research on Amazon or eBay. You can access their lists of top sellers really easily. But maybe you haven’t decided on a market yet. You can start your research by looking for the different niches that have products available: http://www.amazon.com/gp/site-directory/

Once you have found a market, let’s say Golf Equipment, you can start to find your focal point. You need a hook or angle to make you the person to go to for Golf Equipment.

This is the part where I have been in your shoes and thought to myself, “what sets me apart from the rest of the online stores?” But you cannot let negativity creep into your plan. You have to keep digging. Sometimes it can be something as simple as making the search for golf equipment fun for the shopper. In other cases, you can be the place where they get in depth reviews of the products. Just find your hook and run with it.

Want more?

I want to help people create an online income like I have been able to do over the last 15 years. I have a lot of experience that has done me a lot of good. I am sure that if I share that experience with people who are interested in hearing about it, I can help them to make money online. But without feedback, I won’t know if anyone is really interested in hearing more.

So all you have to do is comment, like and share this post. When we reach 100 likes/comments, I will keep going.


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 26 Sep 2012 @ 2:19 PM 

How often do you see Pat Sajak giving someone an all expense paid trip on Wheel Of Fortune? It seems like daily, right?

But the randomness of actually getting on the show, then being lucky enough to win the trip, makes it seem like way more work than the reward.

But my new business, 49 Dollar Cellular, is offering hotel and airfare to Hawaii if you sign up and help get 90 other people to save money on their cellular bill by October 31, 2012.

I know what you are thinking… “90 people! That is an awful lot of people!”

It seems like it at first glance. But think about this. How many people do you know that are tired of spending $100 or more on their cellular bill each month? Do you think they may know someone that wants to save money and go to Hawaii, too?

Once you start working as a team (and we will be helping you) with your new people, you will be getting closer to the Hotel and Airfare to Hawaii. My goal is to have at least 10 people going to Hawaii with us.

Are you coming?

To get started, watch the video on this page: http://solavei.com/michealsavoie

If you have any questions, reply to this message.


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     09 Dec 2011 @ 5:13 PM 

    There’s a NASTY MONSTER that’s
    ruining your business.

    You’ve invested money and time in
    trick after trick to get more leads and

    …you’re looking for breakthroughs in
    websites, email, social media, print ads,
    direct mail, whatever…


    The perfect blend of using multiple
    marketing channels is here.

    What is that?

    Check this out:

    The online barber approach.


    In this free video, you’re going to see my
    buddy, Mike Koenigs, walk you through
    business-changing marketing technologies
    and strategies.

    It’s called "Cross-Channel MOJO" and
    it’s changing the way marketing is done
    online and offline, worldwide.

    Go here to learn more.


    You’re going to discover how to automatically
    build PROFITABLE relationships with clients.
    And it doesn’t have to just be sending
    emails that HOPEFULLY get read.

    The news is blaring about the economy
    and how terrible things are for businesses.

    And most of it’s true.

    Especially if you aren’t adapting.

    In Mike’s video, you’re going to discover
    what adapting means in today’s
    "relationship-based economy."


    Mike has been a successful online
    marketer for over seven years, creating
    some of the most powerful tools, systems
    and training programs including Traffic
    Geyser, Main Street Marketing Machines
    and many others.

    People like Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul,
    Tim Ferriss, Harvey Mackay, Brendon
    Burchard, Debbie Ford, Brian Tracy, John
    Assaraf come to him for online, video and
    mobile marketing advice.

    Mike has worked with big brands like
    Apple, Sony Entertainment, 20th Century
    Fox, 3M, General Mills, Dominos Pizza,
    BMW, Ralston and Mazda.

    What he’s showing you in this video
    series are the same strategies he’s
    using with his six and seven figure
    clients and businesses.

    Here’s the video.


    If you’ve invested money and time
    in trick after trick and have been looking
    to media web sites, e-mail, social media,
    print ads, mail, whatever for your
    breakthroughs, STOP.

    Mike’s going to show you a how to gain
    INFLUENCE that you can quickly begin
    using to make significantly more money
    across ALL your communication channels.

    Go here to see for yourself.


    This video is no joke. It’s the best stuff
    I’ve seen Mike give away, and I’ve seen a
    TON of his content.

    Don’t miss this video.


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       08 Oct 2011 @ 12:44 PM 

      You already know about all the hullaballoo going on with Occupy Wall Street! If you don’t, let me take a couple minutes to show you how huge this movement is…

      Occupy Wall Street Quiz – NYTimes.com

      After weeks of silence, politicians finally took sides on the Wall Street protests.

      Publish Date: 10/07/2011 19:50


      Occupy Wall Street – The camp organization — RT

      Accused of being anarchist and disorganized, the Occupy Wall Street encampment is far from chaotic.

      Publish Date: 10/07/2011 17:50


      As you can see, this movement is HUGE! People are pissed off about the corporate bail outs, the jobs being moved overseas and the general apathy of the politicians to actually making anything happen!

      But you and I have a responsibility in all of this.

      We are the small businesses of the world. Small business makes corporations their money by consuming the products they produce. If small business were to disappear from Main Street, corporations would fall into even further financial trouble.

      We as entrepreneurs are here for one thing, to make a profit. But we can make a bigger profit by growing our business. The political conditions are making small businesses tougher to start or grow. Not impossible by any means, just tougher.

      Small Business Positioning For Growth : Innovation :: American

      According to the American Express Small Business Monitor, more than one-third of SBOs believe we are still in recession.

      Publish Date: 10/04/2011 15:00


      In my opinion, we need to be educating the business owners in our communities that the recession is only in the minds of the people. We can bring the country out of any economic crisis by building up small business! Thousands of unemployed people have no idea how awesome they would be as a small business owner.

      We just need to make conditions better for the startup of small business, and for growth of current small businesses so that they need new employees! (And not penalize them for hiring people with silly tax codes and health insurance requirements!)

      Sen. Sherrod Brown pitches small business growth at forum hosted

      Sen. Sherrod Brown pitches small business growth at forum hosted by STERIS Sep 27, 2011 (The News-Herald – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

      Publish Date: 10/07/2011 22:15


      If we can help small business grow, we can hire more unemployed people and pump money into families that can pump money into the economy!

      Business Consulting Firms – Changing Business The Right Way

      Patrick Muldoon, Owner – Dominate Locally, Online Marketing, Windsor, Ontario

      Patrick Muldoon, Owner – Dominate Locally, Online Marketing, Windsor, Ontario Dominate Locally 515 Riverside Dr. W., Suite 1706 Windsor, ON N9A 7C3 DominateLocally.ca


      The presence of industry leaders for retail, manufacturing, wholesale, among others may be enough to make small business owners cringe. Big firms have vast resources at their disposal. Fortunately, business consulting firms

      Publish Date: 10/08/2011 3:09


      David Crow, Consulting Practice Manager

      Author:SCORE Chicago

      Jerry Hicks

      Author:SCORE Chicago

      Eugene Migely

      Author:SCORE Chicago

      Business Consultants in the Chicago Area are teaching from experience!

      National Recognition for SC Small Business Development Center

      SC Small Business Development Center Consultant. Greenville, SC—Melissa Thomas, business consultant with the Greenville Area SBDC, was recently honored as the State Star for South Carolina. Thomas was recognized

      Publish Date: 10/07/2011 15:55


      Setting Up A Consultancy Business | Power Through Starting Your

      Successful QuickBooks Consulting: The Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Growing a QuickBooks Consulting Business —Ideal for Bookkeeping or Bookkeepers, Accounting or Accountants, or Consultants $14.27. This book will help you start earning money in your OWN business with the wealth of information it in australia, setting up a consultancy business in ontario, setting up a consultancy business uk. Posted by admin on Oct 8th, 2011 and is filed under Small Business.

      Publish Date: 10/08/2011 8:40


      And small business consulting is emerging as one of the best small businesses to start up!

      Small Business Marketing Consulting The Perfect Home Business

      Small Business Marketing Consulting The Perfect Home Business? by admin Leave a reply ». The next “big thing” in Internet marketing is helping small “offline” businesses around the world to get online, get ranked, and get extra revenue.

      Publish Date: 03/09/2010 3:00


      The Legendary Consultant–David Preston


      One of America’s top small business consultants, David Preston, also known as the Legendary Consultant, is disgusted with the way a lot of predators are selling business consulting tools that have never been tested in the field, and the only persons actually using these business tools and training materials are the consultants who purchased them in the hopes that they would help increase the number of clients they were getting.

      Offline Profits Consult1

      Henry with Legendary consultant David Preston


      David has been consulting for years and he has amassed a large pool of knowledge that he has used to train other consultants.

      As you can see from the video above, he has a lot of great information to offer, and if you are planning on consulting with small business owners on your Main Street, you really need to get all of David’s training. And he is offering his training for an unheard of $27 if you act right now!


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         15 Jun 2011 @ 1:45 AM 

        I have really found myself doing a lot more movie watching this year. Not only have there been a bunch of big name movies coming out; like Thor, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, X-Men: First Class and coming soon: The Green Lantern and Captain America: The First Avenger. As you might be able to tell, I like Marvel and DC movies, and of course the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

        Thing is, I often had difficulties getting to the movies, even a couple years ago, as I didn’t have the time, and I didn’t have the money. Movies are so expensive, that to go there requires some disposable income (even before popcorn and soda).

        I managed to free myself of money issues for the most part. You can do the same, if you devote a few extra hours to building some streams of income. Your first choices should be recurring consumable services like Hosting For Profit and Webinars For Profit. Once you have those and you want to expand your business, you can use videos to build a powerful lead generation system. My friend (from Facebook) Andy Jenkins is hosting a live Bossathon right now that will help you get yourself into video production for very little money. Andy’s course is called Video Boss, and it has helped turn rookies into video pros! If you buy his course (which is a pricey investment) from my link, I will get you the Video Blogger Kit that I have been recommending to people for a while. I will also work with you on a weekly call (on skype or my teleseminar line) where we can discuss your projects and how best to proceed with them. I love doing videos, and I am somewhat good at it. I can use my experience to help you through the learning process with Andy’s course.

        But just making movies is not enough. You need a product. Once you have your own product to sell, it is a good way to bring people into your circle of influence. You can wow them with the quality of what you deliver. Always deliver good quality products, and you will build a fan base.

        A marketer I know is offering a complete Business In A Box for people who want to have a product to sell. It is called Blogging Power House! He is offering it at a WSO price for a little while. Here is the link for it:


        I find that because I took the time (and made the investments) in the past, I can take the time to enjoy myself and watch my favorite movies in the theater, and rent a ton of Blu-Rays from Netflix. Actually being able to take the time to watch videos at home is a commodity when you are working multiple jobs. At one point, paying $10 per month for Netflix was out of my reach.

        So make a decision to work a little harder, invest in yourself, read a few books by some of the experts in the business you are creating and develop some income streams. Go after each bill with a different income stream. Maybe you want to get rid of your cell phone bill, so build several blogs targeting some keywords that have good products available for sale.

        Each income stream can target a particular bill. Or maybe two or three streams can cover a bigger bill. But it is not difficult to build small income streams, then tweak them into larger ones.

        I will be releasing a free audio that I just made with expert blogger Eppie Vojt, so be on the lookout for my email tomorrow. If you have wondered how you should monetize your blogs, Eppie has one of the best ways to do it.

        See you tomorrow,

        Micheal Savoie

        PS – I don’t write these emails to brag about my life, but more importantly to tell you how you can do this yourself! If you want more personal coaching, simply let me know and we can work out a price that can work for the both of us.

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