09 Nov 2012 @ 2:09 PM 

Imagine a scenario where a swat team is at a hostage situation
in a suburban home. A man is holding a family hostage.

The SWAT team arrives and a perimeter is set up around the 
house. The captain has people set up to be able to see into each 

After surveying the situation, the captain speaks into his radio 
and then shouts now!

Screams are heard from inside the house, a group of SWAT
members batter down the door and bring out a scratched up
man. Blood is streaming down his face from what looks like
hundreds of scratches.

The captain, when asked what he did, explained to the media:

"I surveyed the situation, and my team acted quickly. They
shined their laser scopes into the house through the windows
and moved them around the gunman’s face, whereupon the 
cats in the house did the rest!"

While the captain in this story used what was at his disposal
to get his desired result, we sometimes miss some obvious 
tools we could be using to get the word out about our blogs,
niche sites or even our own products.

That is why I got excited about the Virtual Seminar that my
friend Ross Goldberg is holding this month!

Ross has gathered 10 of the top experts in all aspects of
Lead Generation.

They will be showing you what has made them successful
as lead generating ninjas, and the price to get in is less than
the cost to take your family to the movies!


Hope I see you there!

Micheal & Yvonne


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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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     16 Aug 2010 @ 6:44 PM 

    Happy Birthday Ross Goldberg!

    The very first person to believe in me when I first made a decision to pursue Internet Marketing full time was Ross Goldberg. He was behind me during the good and the bad times. He always knew when I needed that swift kick in the pants to get me out of a slump, and he always encouraged me to keep going when things were not going my way (or I did not see far enough down the road to know that I just needed to keep going).

    I remember the phone call I received in July of 2008, the year I finally walked away from my job. Ross was in Chicago getting set up for his Masters Seminar, and he told me “you need to get up here, bro!”

    I was wallowing in the crap that surrounded me at home, and I did not know how I would be able to swing a trip to Chicago, let alone get a hotel room. Well, when I got that call, I had been pretty down, so I told Ross, “I really don’t have the money for a trip to Chicago… I took the time off from work, in the hopes that my commissions would come in, but nothing… I have $50 in my Paypal.”

    “Listen, I really need you up here, don’t worry about the hotel room, I’ll make sure you have a place to stay, just get up here, bro!”

    So I checked my frequent flyer miles, and I found I had enough miles to book a flight, but the only flight that was available was in less than 2 hours, and I was not ready… but I booked it anyway, because I knew that Ross was counting on me. It took my last $50 to reserve the ticket, because it was less than 24 hours to fly out, but I was able to get the flight.

    I sent an email out to my list between shower and packing, telling them about my trip and how I had my coaching program available at an outrageous discount and that they could score it while I was flying to Chicago. Then I drove like the wind to Gainesville Airport, and of course I missed the flight, because it takes an hour and a half to get to Gainesville, but I knew that a second flight was leaving from there an hour later. As soon as I arrived in Gainesville, the ticket agent said I had missed my flight, but that they had gotten me a spot on the next flight, so I ended up getting to Chicago that same evening!

    During my layovers, I advertised a couple of products that I had on Rapid Action Profits and found that I had made a couple of sales netting me about $30, which helped pay my lunch and dinner. But I arrived late that night, and I couldn’t catch up with Ross. his phone went straight to voice mail, which told me he was crashed, because he was running pretty hard all day, getting set up for the event the next morning.

    I hung around the hotel lobby for a while, and finally settled in for the night on a loveseat in a (somewhat) quiet section where all the conference rooms were, and stretched out to sleep a while. Around 2AM, I still hadn’t slept, and I looked at my email via my phone and noticed that I had made a sale of my coaching program. I was excited, because that was $200… so I quickly went to the front desk and told them I needed a room. The clerk said they were sold out, but she pointed me to the hotel across the street! I went across the street and booked a room for $179 for the night – I needed to sleep, the music in the lobby at the first hotel was too perky for me to sleep…lol.

    The rest of the weekend continued to be filled with miraculous experience after miraculous experience,, as I found just enough money to get what I needed – either lunch, dinner, parking fees and I bunked with Ross in his room along with two other marketers who slept during the day and worked most of the night on graphics and other projects (they usually didn’t get into the room until Ross and I headed out, so we hardly ever saw them…lol).

    If I had not gone to that event…

    I would not have met Felicia Slattery, Tracy Repchuck and James Lee there, which would have made it much harder for me to become friends with them at a later time (each of whom I have seen multiple times since that event). I doubt I would have been chosen for the Impact Action Team, had I not made that leap of faith. And I would not have solidified my friendship with a certain Yvonne Lyon, whom I had first met in person at the first Masters Seminar. We had lunch together with Willie Crawford, dinner with a huge group and of course, she was helping Ross with the seminar as I was. So I managed to talk with her quite a bit throughout the weekend.

    That Chicago Masters Seminar was the turning point in my business, too. I now had a coaching client, who went on to become a speaker in his own right, not even one year later. I had developed relationships with many of my favorite marketers, who are now some of my best online friends – Lee & Robin Collins, Alan Bechtold, Erik Stafford (who spoke for the first time on Ross’ stage) and of course Donna Fox, who I was bumping into at almost every event I attended or helped at in 2007 and 2008.

    Because of Ross Goldberg, I never gave up on my dream. I hope you have a friend like Ross in your life. Someone who will not give you everything, but will believe in you and help you become your best. I think there are times we take a friendship for granted, and I feel like sometimes I took advantage of my friendship with Ross to get access to his training and tools – even though I would gladly work for Ross on whatever he wanted done if he asked.

    The Traffic Master

    But because of this access, I was able to develop on online presence that makes it very difficult to erase. Ross revealed everything he knew about web traffic in his first ebook, Traffic Masters. Then his Traffic Manifesto updated the Traffic Masters to include much of what is taught today by the other marketers. It is no surprise to me that Ross is releasing his first print book: The Web Traffic Book. He has been the guy that the experts talk about when they are discussing traffic strategy.  And his software is designed to work without leaving a footprint, which Ross explains in detail on his blog.

    When you get his book, keep it next to your computer. You will find yourself referring to it time and again as you plan out your SEO. You might want a couple copies if you have a staff, because having everyone on the same page is crucial in getting your message out there.

    Since today is Ross’ birthday, tell others about his book. Either you can send them here to read about the man behind the legend, or send them to his website:


    Then tell my friend Happy Birthday!

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    You now can buy Accutane

     07 Apr 2010 @ 7:53 PM 

    After watching Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Launcher Video last week, I set about testing this out on his own affiliate program. I wrote blog posts on 5 of my currently existing blogs and linked some of them to my main blog. The results: 1876 clicks on the Traffic Voodoo Link on the opening day of his program!

    This blog has bounced back into the 250 visitors a day traffic I had been getting last year when I was blogging more prolifically. And each of the other blogs I am using to help spread the word are getting much higher rates of traffic than I was getting on them at any time in their history.

    This Stuff Works!

    But the fun part is that I used it for some products that are not being promoted by thousands of affiliates yet. I managed to get over 2000 clicks to my affiliate link for Fast Income Formula over a 24 hour period. This means that people searching for Fast Income Formula on Google were finding my page. In fact, at the time, 2 of my blogs were on the first page of Google for that term. One in the #4 and one in the #6 spot! And I did not mess around with submitting my URL to any Social Bookmark sites yet.

    Isn’t That A Link Wheel?

    The Traffic Launcher Method is really a rudimentary Link Wheel, and having 3 or more blogs pinging the spiders whenever you make a post, really brings the spiders to the table like a dinner bell brings in the whole family for Sunday dinner! I even managed to get a lot of people over to Ross Goldberg’s website where he is offering his Link Wheel Software for an introductory price. And I did not even promote it that heavily!

    Ross reveals a little more about link wheels on his blog: http://nexurl.com/linkwheelrant

    The traffic software that Ross Goldberg creates is amazing! First of all, he understands what it is that Google wants out of a website. He then creates the software to give the results that Google expects. You should take a look at the Traffic Magnet Software he has created…

    Back To Jeff…

    Jeff Johnson is closing down Traffic Voodoo at 11:59PM EDT on Thursday! So if you have been procrastinating, now is the time to join all of the other people who are going to be getting incredible traffic training for the next 6 months! Jeff even took away the excuses by adding a 5 payment plan!

    So hurry and get your spot in the Traffic Voodoo Training Class right now!


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     07 Apr 2010 @ 1:13 PM 

    Sometimes I wonder…

    I saw more major marketers, including Matthew Glanfield, Jeremy Gislason, Michael Rassmussen and Todd Gross promoting Miracle Traffic Bot during the launch. Sure, Paul Ponna puts out some nice products. But did these marketers do their research?

    Traffic Experts

    When you need traffic, do you know what to do?

    If you listen to the majority of marketers, you have to write articles, submit them to article directories, and then repeat.

    This is a good standard, but not nearly adequate anymore. Not unless you plan on spending all of your time writing and submitting. Time is the main factor, as you have to write good content to be accepted in your market, and that requires research.

    Articles Are Not Enough

    Obviously, articles can’t be the end all, cure all for getting traffic. Most of the experts recommend a balanced approach of Articles, Videos, Press Releases and Social Bookmarks to really help get the links out there for your money site.

    I found a few websites that help you create videos out of your articles, and I will be reviewing those very soon. but even if you just get your flip cam out and shoot a few minutes of you reading your article (or the bullet points of the article), the video will be a great way to supplement your articles. Not to mention that you can take the soundtrack using Audacity and submit that to the podcast sites, too!

    Ok – I Have Videos & Articles – Now What?

    Two products are on the market right now claiming to do the same thing. Miracle Traffic Bot launched with a group of powerful marketers supporting the launch with huge bonuses and bold claims. Ross Goldberg’s Traffic Magnet launched quietly without a whole lot of attention.

    Read More About This Traffic Generating Software Review On Easy Selling Success!

    Disclaimer – The links on this page are my affiliate links and your purchase of these products using my links could earn me a commission. If you are cool with that, I would be very appreciative if you would choose to buy through my links. I do try to provide good information and will continue to serve you whether you purchase through my links or not.

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     06 Apr 2010 @ 9:55 PM 

    If you paid $77 for Miracle Traffic Bot and are planning
    to continue paying $37 per month for the premium
    membership, prepare to be sick to your stomach.

    The price for it is going up.

    But think about this. The software submits to 30 sites:

    • 10 article sites
    • 10 video sites
    • 10 social bookmark sites.

    Each submission is supposed to be 100% automated,
    but if you don’t want to pay for the Captcha answering,
    you have to wait and answer the captchas.

    You are submitting the identical article, video description
    and link description to all of the sites, unless you want
    to take the time to change them each time you are ready
    to submit.

    You can buy Miracle Traffic Bot here: http://nexurl.com/magicrobot

    Or you can watch Ross Goldberg explain what he does to
    get traffic on this video…


    He will explain what Traffic Magnet is, and what it does:

    With Traffic Magnet, you submit to

    • 48 video sites
    • 41 article sites
    • 40 press release sites
    • 22 podcast sites
    • 43 RSS sites,
    • 58 Social Bookmark sites,
    • 13 Classified Ad Sites
    • Over 3000 Web Directories!

    All for only $37 per month!

    Makes the Premium Version of Miracle Traffic Bot
    look a little inferior, eh?

    You see, Ross went all out with his Traffic Magnet
    software, and he made it automated so that you can
    submit your articles, videos, press releases, podcasts,
    RSS feeds, social bookmarks and classified ads
    without spending a lot of time at the computer.

    AND, it also spins the content automatically by sentence
    or word so that your submissions are not identical at
    all of the sites at the same time! (No duplicate content)


    ——- News Flash —————–
    Watch this video about how an accidental online
    money "glitch" made this couple $89,000 in a
    single month. (It is not what you think)


    Watch this video completely, they reveal their
    fast income formula!



    Listen to replays of my hit show, Blogging With Micheal:

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