03 Feb 2018 @ 11:24 AM 

Over the years, my business has changed a lot. I have gotten away from blogging, because I went full time into options trading. Unfortunately, that leaves a large hole in my traffic, since without new content, no new people come to my websites. I thought I was ready to walk away from blogging entirely and was thinking about downsizing my domain holdings this year. But the stock market did something that reminded me that it is not always a good thing to step away from one of your prime income sources.

When things look badThe market dropped almost 1.5% in a week. While 1.5% doesn’t look bad, it actually translates to larger numbers inside one’s portfolio. My portfolio value dropped almost 25%! That put the fear of God into me. It told me that I should not stop what got me here in the first place, since closing off one income source to grow your current holdings is probably not a good idea. I have a responsibility to my family that I have not taken lightly. So when I see my legacy lose a quarter of its value in the span of a week, it is time to get back to business and bringing in money the old fashioned way.

I am still going to be doing my options trading, because I have a system in place to keep me earning good money, but I will be writing more on my blogs. Writing is actually good for my mind. I used to say this a lot in the prime of my blogging and podcasting days. I got a lot of therapy out of it. Then I stopped podcasting during the worst of my grief from the loss of my father and then my mother to cancer. Much of my grieving became channeled into just getting my life into some semblance of normalcy. It is finally as close as it will ever be to that goal, but I do not plan on being satisfied with normalcy.

I have set some goals that took a major hit with the profit taking in the market. All that means is the timetable might be rearranged for a while. Many of my investments are long term, so a value drop for a short time is not critical. As long as the market levels off and then turns around, everything there will be fine. But a few of my short term goals got set back. All that means is that I need to keep going.

When you see a goal get pushed further out, it does not mean your long term goals have to suffer, it just means you get to work on making the next goal attainable in spite of the setback. Hence my getting back to writing.

Let’s kick ass! The first month is gone, month two is ahead of us. Look at your goals and figure out what is needed. Then get back to work.


Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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 28 Feb 2014 @ 9:43 AM 

Skype used to be the coolest program. My dad and I would communicate with it all the time, and we lived less than 2 miles away from each other. Before Skype, he would call me at least once a week. With Skype, he called me a couple times a day.

I think Skype reminded him of the science fiction of his youth, where people could video call each other, kind of like the Jetsons. I enjoyed the extra time we shared on Skype, and we talked about a lot of stuff – sometimes about nothing. But it was always real.

Over time, I could see my dad was getting older in the Skype viewer. Sure we were both aging, but something was making my dad look older faster. Not long after that, he told me he was diagnosed with lung cancer and the doctor gave him 6 months to live if he didn’t treat it and 8 to 12 months if he did treat it.

Devastation is the only word that came to mind when the news hit me. It meant the end of the world as I knew it. I respected my father for everything he had done in his life to make sure I had every chance that he hadn’t had. He was well respected by his entire family – his brother and sisters looked to him when they had questions about things. He could usually get things handled when problems arose.

He had his opinions. I didn’t always agree, but when the rubber met the road, his opinion was usually the right one.

The fact that we communicated so much made me more dependent on him than at any other time in my life. I still didn’t listen to him when he told me things I didn’t want to hear, but the fact that I had him to help me set my resolve in times of uncertainty made it possible for me to accomplish so much.

I now wonder, though, if I had not rebelled so much in those times when he gave me advice I didn’t want to hear… would I be in a better place now if I had listened?

We shouldn’t bring the past back unless we have something we want to learn from it. I am dredging up these memories now because I care about making my future better and by extension help you make your future better. Having someone in your life that motivates you to action (either by opposition or by appreciation) is a good thing. Look at your circle of influence and see if you have those motivators in your life.

Communicate with your motivators more than with anyone else. They will help you set your resolve and make things happen for the completion of your task and attainment of your goals. Without that communication, you could be spinning your wheels or lying dormant and stagnating instead of thriving.

In retrospect, that year of disaster I live through following my father’s passing was a lesson that I needed that communication more than ever. You are the beneficiary of that lesson. Take advantage of the communication in your life that makes you more resolute in your mindset. And make stuff happen!

Action Step: Who are the motivators in your life? Are they positive or negative motivators?

Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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 27 Feb 2014 @ 10:15 AM 

Yvonne and I were not finished. Over time, we began talking via text.

I hate text talking. Yet I do it more than talking. I just think it slows down the thought process as you have to correct the autocorrect as you go. Sometimes, in situations where emotion is strong, you actually do need to pause before answering.

We are more likely to say things that hurt people when texting than when speaking face to face. I don’t know what the psychological reasoning behind it is, but it tends to be a loose cannon of emotional blasts followed by explaining what you meant or why you feel that way.

Being logical more than emotional, I dislike that method of communication simply because it allows me to communicate via emotion more than I would prefer.

Emotion is something that we all possess but we all should keep harnessed. The sheer power of emotion is why sales copy makes people a lot of money. They tug at your heart with the words that they weave, and you tug at your wallet, then tug at your credit card and months later you tug at your hair wondering why you were stupid enough to spend that money.

After a few weeks of texting, we finally started seeing each other again. I finally took steps in the fulfillment of the promise I had so long neglected and finally I invited Yvonne to move back in.

I am not perfect and I cannot expect anyone else to be until I become perfect. It feels that as I am aging, the perfection is slipping in the wrong direction. Never discredit someone else unless you are fully comfortable being them… because life has a way of making that happen.

I do look forward to the day when I can walk into a grocery store and fart out loud like some of the seniors I see doing in our local Winn Dixie. Reminds me of the lady who went to the doctor because of her gas…

She was in the doctor’s office and as he checked her ears and nose and throat, she was telling him how she had this bad gas. “It doesn’t smell and doesn’t make any noise coming out, but it is constant. In fact, since I have been in the office, I have released some of it quite a few times… you you probably didn’t even notice!”

The doctor scribbled something on his prescription pad and told her to come back in two weeks after taking this medicine.

Two weeks later the lady bursts into the doctor’s office and shouts at the doctor indignantly, “I don’t know what was in those pills you gave me, but now my gas smells like something out of a horror picture… like rotten corpse mixed with garbage and sewer sludge! I thought you were going to help me with this problem, not make it worse!”

“Ma’am,” the doctor said calmly as he scribbled on his prescription pad, “the medicine fixed the problem with your nose, now take this to help you with your hearing.”

Our perception of situations is only as good as what we know to be true. We really need to understand what is motivating someone when they do things. Even when we try and figure out what we are doing ourselves…

Action Step: What have you seen people do that you didn’t agree with until you found out a little more about the situation? Comment below.

Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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 26 Feb 2014 @ 9:30 AM 

When I left off telling you about 2013, I said that as the money ran out, Yvonne moved out. That was not actually a cause and effect situation. I had not fulfilled a promise I had made to her 5 years ago, and she was done waiting.

In all fairness, living with me is a very challenging affair. I have these big dreams that swing me from one extreme to another. I often think that if I had a staff who would take my ideas and implement them, I would never have to worry about money again. Yet twice I almost hired a virtual assistant, but I couldn’t think of enough work to keep them busy for 40 hours… so I didn’t hire them.

That is very selfish of me. Someone in the Philippines probably didn’t go to college because I waffled on my plans to hire a virtual assistant. I don’t like to think like that, but sometimes it is a good idea to look at the bigger picture. If you don’t take action and succeed at your goal, who are you impacting? Broaden your view and see the potential employees you didn’t hire and how that may have impacted their lives.

Your decisions could affect the lives of people other than your immediate family.

It took me a long time to think like that. It made me go from a part time entrepreneur to a part time employee. Eventually it led to me being unemployable.

Then 2013 shook up my thinking for an entire year. From February of 2013 to February of this year, I was employable. I became a part time entrepreneur for a whole year. It was a good thing that my network marketing income was still coming in, or I would have had to become a full time employee…

As it was, a whole year passed and I made poor decisions with a lot of money. When the money ran out, I took the last of it and hired a mentor. I needed someone to discuss my ideas and goals and work out an action plan so that I could make progress.

A mentor or coach is a smart investment. We often fall victim to our own squirrel chasing selves. As one idea grabs our attention and we start working on it, another sneaks into view and we throw our activity on the new one. A mentor will ask you if you are still working on the project you had discussed previously. They will tell you when it looks like you are spreading yourself too thin.

It seemed that as soon as I had made the decision to hire a mentor, things began to work in my favor again. I was not out of the woods, but at least I had a compass and someone was telling me which direction was the shortest way out.

I wish that I had hired my mentor a year ago. But wishing for things in the past is futile. Learning from those past failures is the best thing that can come of them. I realized that I had wasted a year of my life and that I needed to work a little harder to make up for the lost time. At the same time, I also realized that I needed to work on my relationship with Yvonne and make up to her the lack of attention I had paid her and the promise I had fail to deliver on.

Relationships. Can you relate? People in your life are going to be in your life – good or bad – you will be interacting with people. Some people in your life will be very close and you will have the potential to forge a bond that can not be transcended. Others will be merely sideshows. The problem is that we determine that status on first impressions.

We meet someone and from looking them over, we decide that they are either a good fit or a bad fit for our lives. I have met some people in my travels that I thought were odd or outcast, yet I usually made it a point to find common ground with them. Some of the weirdest people are my good friends. It probably says a lot about how weird I am more than how my powers of discernment are working.

Take the time to get to know people, even if you are uncomfortable at first. Now, if your gut is telling you that you need to stay away from someone – listen to your gut. But if you are just judging people based on first impressions, you need to override those first impressions.

If first impressions are that good, think about people you unfavorably impacted the first time you met them who went on to become a good friend or business partner. I am not saying you want to skip taking a shower every day and not worry about your appearance. You want to try and make a favorable impression… I am saying that when you make a judgment based on first impressions, you are missing out on some quality people.

Action step: tell me about 3 people who are now regulars in your life that you had a bad first impression of when you first met them.

Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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 25 Feb 2014 @ 10:14 AM 

Things were never worse in my life than in the 2007 – 2009 period, when I had abdicated from the role of leader of my family as I worked hard to become an online leader. Things went well, but the house I lived in had deteriorated to the point that we were very close to living outdoors.

I call it a house, it was really a mobile home that my father had given me. Again, I relied on my father way more than I had realized to this point. He had finally given up hope that I would leave that mobile home in better shape than when I was allowed to live in it back in 1989 as a temporary arrangement. After seeing that I was not doing the things that he would have done to keep it out of Mother Nature’s hands had he been living in it, he signed over the title to it and said it was now my responsibility.

Responsibility and I never seemed to mesh up just right. I used the excuse of earning money to avoid a lot of the tasks that I should have been doing. At some point, I figured it out. But by then it was way too late and out of hand. The hurricanes of 2004 caused a lot of damage to the yard more than the mobile home – but indirectly they did damage the mobile home. The extreme winds had allowed humidity to reach the floors of the mobile home when the skirting had blown away and the rain blew sideways. Soon the floors began sagging and finally broke through to the world outside.

I struggled with that from 2005 – 2008. Finally, a church family decided that they would help us out and they put down plywood throughout the areas where the floors were gone. I felt bad, because my pride was getting in the way. I believed I should have been able to make enough money in my online business to handle the bills and handle rebuilding the mobile home. I doubt that I fully believed it, though, because I seemed to cause my own setbacks whenever it looked like I was close.

Money was a challenge.

As fast as I earned it, the bills and the fees ate it up.


That word conjures up pain and frustration even to this day.

Banks and I were not always on the best of terms. I would go a year or two where I would deposit more money than was going out. Then something would happen and a check would bounce and cause my financial world to totally flip on its back like a roach that just got sprayed with bug killer. The problem was always that I had a lot of transactions set up to go out automatically. So if a problem arose, by the time I got the transactions stopped, it was usually too late, because so many were in the pipeline.

I would go to the branch and talk to the bank manager, tell them what was up, they would reverse one of the fees as a one time courtesy and tell me that was all they could do. I typically ended up so far in the hole that I would have to close that bank account and open one somewhere else. It got so bad that I couldn’t open a bank account in Beverly Hills for over 10 years – mainly because I was so ashamed t show my face in the office.

I know what you are thinking. What does this have to do with succeeding?

You have to understand that if you are going through some tough stuff in your life, you have to come up with the resolve to succeed in spite of the tough crap going on. Resolving to succeed is not something that comes natural. In fact, you are designed to run when the crap hits the fan. But we also have a “fight this stuff” module in us – and fighting it can make the difference between winning and losing.

If you are going through financial struggles like I did, the first thing you have to do is talk to someone about it. I wish I had thought to do that. I kept it all inside like a swallowed hand grenade. I never knew when it was going to go off.

Take action! Do something about your problems. If you have someone you can borrow money from, do it quickly and get the money in the bank to minimize the fee damage. If you have stuff you can sell, do it. Have a garage sale, put an ad in the paper (or Craigs List) or sell some stuff on eBay. Just take swift action and make it count. The faster you can stop the fee bleeding, the faster you can get back to normal.

You will find that life is much calmer when the money is not running out of your bank account in $36 increments… (fees seem to go up exponentially – the banks must believe that the higher the fees, the more money you will come up with). Keep finding ways to get more money, even if it means washing cars or mowing lawns.

You have what it takes – I know it, because I found it eventually within myself at a time when I never believed I had it.

Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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