25 Jun 2013 @ 1:41 AM 

Membership sites are a cool way to build a list and grow an online income, all from the comfort of one location: your website.

Since we tend to work with WordPress a lot on The Blogging With Micheal Show, having a plugin to help handle the technical membership details is definitely better than trying to figure out a script.

For a long time, other marketers have sung the praises of expensive, complex WordPress plugins for membership site management, but it seemed that the lower budget folks were left with those wimpy free plugins that allowed anyone with a working knowledge of Google to access those membership sites without paying for it.

Something had to be done to help the people who are struggling to get that one big membership site under their belt, so they could start earning the income that they have always dreamed of. But it wasn’t until InstaMember that the concerns of you and I were addressed in one solution.

1. It has to be secure…

2. It has to be versatile…

3. It has to be affordable…

InstaMember addresses all of these concerns in one easy to handle package.


See for yourself on the page below what I mean when I tell you that this is your membership site solution!

Why spend hundreds of dollars to set up a membership site when you can use InstaMember?

Go read all about it now at:


Have an amazing day!

Micheal – BloggingWithMicheal.com

PS – Catch me broadcasting LIVE from the deck of the Alphonse Desjardins in Quebec and Levis… http://bloggingwithmicheal.com

PPS – I will also discuss why buying the PLR White Label Sale along with this WordPress Plugin will give you about 457 different ways to make your investment back!

 12 Jun 2013 @ 6:52 PM 

Photo: Lifestyle is not the type of house you rent, but the fact that you have time and money to enjoy it.

I just wanted to get with you to remind you that I am still
alive! I am in the Great White North (Canada) for another 
couple of weeks with my mom and Yvonne, visiting my relatives.

We rented a cool little cabin next to the Etchemin River,
and I am working from the front porch, using my cell phone
for the internet.

One of the reasons I even bothered to do some work today was
because my friend Eric Holmlund just launched another 7 day 
PLR sale.

The reason I thought of you when I saw it, was because of the
very nature of the niche it is in! How would you like to have
your very own WordPress Theme that you could sell and keep 
all the profits?

Check out this fabulous deal here:


Read about it there and then go to the link on that page!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal – WSOInsiders.com

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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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     20 Feb 2013 @ 6:24 PM 

     Pure Leverage

    Ever wanted to be the first to have access to a powerful
    tool or a new method that works? Well, you now have
    the chance to have just that! And it will only take $1
    to get a chance to use it!

    My business partner, Joel Therien, has just unleashed 
    the power of leverage to help create a toolbox that will
    allow you and anyone you tell about this to build a 
    significant (BIG) income by generating leads:


    It is called Pure Leverage, because that is what you will
    receive from the tools included in this amazing
    prospecting program!

    Everyone needs leads, right?

    From Internet Marketers to Offline Brick and Mortar
    businesses, leads mean the difference between
    success and failure.

    Watch the video below and see why this can help
    you create a lead generation pipeline that will line
    your pockets (and your bank account) with only a
    minimal amount of effort (there is effort required,
    but we give you the step by step methods that have
    made us thousands of dollars).


    Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars or more for marketing tools and proper internet marketing coaching?

    Elite Coaching Program: Here at Pure Leverage we will teach you everything you need to know to build a very comfortable business from home in the direct sales industry. In fact, we guarantee you can be in profit in less than 30 days.

    You will be recruiting new prospects into your business without ever making a single cold call, guaranteed!

    • Proven attraction marketing techniques that will have all your prospects calling you.
    • How to leverage your team to create predictable monthly and residual income for life.
    • Learn the steps on how to pick up 18 paid signups into your primary business everyday without having to make a single
    • How to motivate your team and increase their stick rate from months to years.
    • What to say to prospects so that you know you have the "right type" of people on your team.

    Easy Lead Flow – Lead Capture Auto Responder System: The very first thing and the first tool in your Pure Leverage marketing suite you will need is a very high quality designed lead capture system. If you are terrible at web design, if you hate all the “techie” stuff and your skills in ad copy writing are less than desirable, then worry no more.

    Video Email Service:

    So now that you have the traffic sent to your high converting lead capture pages and your professional blog, your leads list WILL grow and your downline will build itself, it is then time to keep your team motivated by leveraging the power of our video email service. You simply choose your template, record your video and then send your video message to your whole team with 1 click of a mouse directly to their inbox or by posting it on your blog! Being available by a pre-recorded video provides the best form of communication.

    A great video allows your downline members and leads to come to know you at their convenience. You may shoot your video at noon today, but a team member in Singapore may only watch it at 3am your time. This is the real power of leveraging our technology, you build your brand and your downline while you sleep! A picture may say a thousand words, well a video says a million more…

    • Video email autoresponder.
    • Professional custom made video mail templates.
    • Make a deep connection with your prospects.
    • Stay in touch and build rapport.

    Authority Blog: Google and all the other major search engines LOVE blogs and the user generated content in that blog. Blogging alone will generate you a ton of traffic. But why stop at a ton of traffic when we will show you how to get a ton more!

    • Your very own high converting blog and website designed to make you the “leader and go to person” in your
      primary business.
    • Tips and tricks on becoming an instant authority and leader in your marketplace.
    • Generate maximum conversions into leads, traffic and sales!
    • Sleek, Professional Done For You Designs.
    • Keep 100% profit.

    Turbo Traffic Generation: Remember the profit equation is simple when you start to get massive traffic to a high quality offer…

    • Discover the Top Sites that are Just Waiting to Send You Visitors.
    • The Best Ways to Increase Your Traffic NOW.
    • How to Generate Low Cost Traffic
    • Using Viral Marketing to Explode Your Traffic.
    • How to Make the Most of Your Visitors.

    Live Meeting Room: As your team grows exponentially and globally, you will find that your Pure Leverage recruiting and live meeting room will be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. This amazing system allows you to communicate in real time audio and video, conduct presentations, share your desktop or files with all your attendees.

    There is nothing like live, yet convenient interaction with your team and your prospects to keep your downline motivated and exploding!

    • 100 seat Meeting Room
    • Push PowerPoint
    • Share your desktop
    • Engage Multiple speakers
    • Broadcast video and movies to your attendees.
    • Take live on the spot polls.
    • Record full audio/video of presentation.
    • Compatible with ALL operating systems.
    • Chat, video chat and voice chat with your attendees

    Lock in your Pure Leverage tools right now for only $1!


    Internal Founders Special (While supplies last)

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       15 Jul 2012 @ 11:57 AM 

      Imagine getting top ranking on Google within
      hours (sometimes minutes?).

      Now imagine achieving that using free services
      to submit your very own press releases..

      Todd, Prashant and Shannon give you the keys to tap
      into their valuable knowledge on how to simply kill it
      with their special twists on this powerful strategy…



      Here’s just ONE testimonial:

      “…the information you get here is golden… after going
      through this information and implementing it, you will
      see results…”

      You will LOVE seeing their case studies (done
      within just the last few weeks)… and as you’ll see
      at that link above, they’ve REPEATED their
      success at getting ranked fast, and getting
      TRAFFIC to their sites and products.

      In fact, the word is, they’ve started to successfully
      test doing this for local businesses as well,

      Not only that, they are finding this works at
      getting to the top of Yahoo and Bing, not just

      Want even better results? You can try the
      extensive list of paid services we use to submit
      your Press Releases. . but you don’t have to
      use them to have success..

      This has worked in the past, works now and will
      work well into the future…

      Combine this with SEO and you have both short-term
      and long-term results working hand in hand, so
      that you can turn around and say to your competition:

      “Catch me if you can!”

      This is so easy to do, you’ll wonder why you’ve been
      working so hard.

      Get started right away…



      To YOUR success,

      Micheal & Yvonne

      PS – We may make a commission if you purchase this and
      any other products we recommend. Just making sure you
      were in the loop.

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         06 Jul 2012 @ 11:47 AM 

        It is not exactly a minefield, but you do have to plan your next move. 

        This is the month of the year when we start to look at the goals we set in January and see how we are progressing. Or if we are progressing. If you haven’t made any progress yet, it may be time to look for shortcuts. This is one of those:


        The No Cost Income Stream training is valuable, because it really works. The bonus courses on becoming a Social Media Manager, Content Curation  and How TO Make Money Using Pinterest are cutting edge, and they can help anyone get started earning a living from their home. All you have to do is follow along with the videos.


        man-throwing-moneyBut Yvonne saw something else in this set of video training courses that not only made her purchase the set, but also the upgrade that is offered after the sale: the potential to offer these to her own customers.

        These videos come with resell rights (some of them do not have resale rights in the first package) and in the upsell, you get private label rights AND additional products and training courses.

        Yvonne jumped on the one time offer, and she purchased them for the Private Label Rights being offered. I recommend you watch this before July 8…


        If your business plan is to help others succeed online, then you should take a serious look at this video:


        Have an amazing day!

        Micheal & Yvonne

        PS – As with anything that we promote, we may make a commission if you purchase it. Please take the time to check out anything we talk about before investing your money in it.

        Need autoresponders, hosting or conferencing solutions?

        MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that
        the sender of this e-mail has an affiliate relationship
        and/or another material connection to the providers of
        goods and services mentioned in this message and may be
        compensated when you purchase from a provider. You should
        always perform due diligence before buying goods or
        services from anyone via the Internet or offline.

        PO Box 640054, Beverly Hills, FL 34464, USA

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