11 Oct 2011 @ 7:37 PM 

This is only going to be online for 3 more days, so7daysale
if you’re in a hurry please go check this out now:


As you may know, CONTENT is one of the main keys to
success in any online business…that’s why we keep
hearing the phrase "content is king".

Today, I found over 5000 pieces of content that you
can grab and use in just about any way you want…

You can use this material for:

– Ebooks
– Articles
– Blog posts
– Bonuses
– Squeeze page giveaways
– Social media posts
– Anything else you can think of!

This is a RARE opportunity, and one I recommend you
take advantage of immediately…

> http://productinaweekend.com/go/7daysale/

This is so much easier than trying to write content
on your own… and way cheaper than outsourcing.

And if you’re a one-man business (like me) then you
know how important shortcuts like these are to keep
your business moving…

You can’t do it all yourself, and you shouldn’t try
to either… there’s no point when someone else has
already done all the hard work, and when you’ll get
it cheaper than you could possibly outsource it.


To put it bluntly… this is a steal.

That’s why we picked it up, too!

Thanks & Good Luck,

Micheal & Yvonne


PS – THIS JUST IN! Jack Humphrey finally releases
the book that will cause you to look at the web
and social media with new lenses!


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    Posted By: Micheal Savoie
    Last Edit: 11 Oct 2011 @ 07:37 PM

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     29 Apr 2011 @ 9:25 PM 

    I can’t believe this offer from Keith Wellman! He is offering private label rights to two high end products that are loaded with relevant content and value! Watch this video now!


    This video is short, fast moving, and the more you check out this offer the better it gets!

    The first product you get PLR to is the Easy Sales Formula.

    This course gives you and your customers the power to create profit pulling videos. You can even make a killing by creating these videos for other business owners!

    This is a proven product and system as it sold over $1 million in sales and generated over $20 million for it’s customers. So this is an incredible course! Alone this is worth what he is offering and you get it with the Private Label Rights!


    The other product you get PLR to is brand new and is all about profiting on Facebook! FB Machine is loaded with in depth video training, templates, and scripts that you can use to run or sell turnkey Facebook businesses! Every second 9 new people register for Facebook. This site is huge and the opportunity to profit with Facebook is enormous!

    Go now and pick this up before Keith raises the price or pulls down this offer!


    Watch this video now as it is worth your time! Enjoy your weekend and have fun conquering the new frontier online with Facebook!

    I am still blown away by this offer from Keith! It is loaded with value and something you need to check out now!


    A course that covered marketing to local businesses and didn’t even go into this kind of detail on Facebook recently sold for over $2,000! That is not a joke, and did not even include private label rights to the training! This offer from Keith is an absolute steal!

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      Posted By: Micheal Savoie
      Last Edit: 29 Apr 2011 @ 09:25 PM

      EmailPermalinkComments Off on Private Label Rights To NEW Cutting Edge Training Programs?
       24 Mar 2011 @ 4:58 AM 

      This is crazy, you really need to see these for yourself.

      Jeff Johnson Video 1

      Here’s Exactly How A Complete Internet Idiot Went From Zero To Earning $466,390.99 In A Single Month As An Affiliate…

      All With 100% Free Traffic.

      This explains everything:


      But That’s Not The Best Part…

      He Got Started Without A List, Without Affiliate Partners, Or Even His Own Product…

      See for yourself here:


      Jeff Johnson Video 2

      Your hand-drawn "Circle Of Money"  Cheat Sheets are now ready.

      Grab your free copies here:


      Jeff also created a new video tutorial for you. 

      He literally takes you by the hand and personally walks you through… step-by-step… his best "How To Crush It As An Affiliate" market research strategy.

      Your free "Circle Of Money" Cheat Sheet  lay it all out for you in a step-by-step fashion.

      He’s definitely delivering some rock-solid content.

      Grab your free cheat sheets and check out the newest video:


      Jeff Johnson Video 3

      Here’s How To Get Boatloads Of Free Traffic…

      Even If You Are Starting From Complete Scratch.

      That’s not even the best part…

      These Proven Strategies Can Get You On The First Page Of Google Within Minutes.

      I’m not kidding.

      Grab your free videotraining and PDF downloads here:


      You don’t need a website, and you don’t need a list to get started…

      But Jeff will show you how to build a list using your new sources of free traffic.

      Plus these proven strategies work  like magic in any market.

      Grab your free training videos and PDFs here:


      Jeff Johnson Video 4

      Jeff Johnson just released his  brand-new Traffic-Getting Blog Blueprint.

      He also posted a new video for you as well.

      It walks you step-by-step through his Traffic-Getting Blog Blueprint.

      And they are both absolutely  free.

      Grab  your free  Blueprint here:


      It’s a proven step-by-step formula for getting tons of free traffic to your websites and your blog.

      All with 100% Free Traffic.

      And it’s absolutely free.

      Grab your Traffic-Getting Blog Blueprint here:


      Jeff Johnson Video 5

      Jeff just posted a new "how to get tons of free targeted traffic from youtube" tutorial for you.

      But that’s not the best part…

      He also shows you how to build a highly-responsive email list with all that free targeted youtube traffic.

      Grab your youtube tutorial and PDF here:


      The average youtube video gets less than 100 views.

      Yet just one of Jeff’s youtube videos currently has 324,869 views and adding more every single day.

      Learn how to get targeted traffic from youtube:


      Please leave your comments on Jeff’s blog and let him know what you think about his free tutorials.

      Here’s "How To Get Tons Of Free Targeted Traffic From Youtube To Build Your List… And How You Can Quickly Turn That List Into More Money!"

      Watch it now!



      What Jeff Johnson has delivered in a nice shiny package is what super affiliates around the world are currently using to create wealth like nobody’s business.  While one would wonder why Jeff is revealing all of this for free, I already know the secret behind these very revealing videos. Jeff will be announcing his Super Affiliate Coaching Club very soon. When he does, expect to see an enormous stampede of marketers old and new snatching up spots in this elite coaching club.


      Well, honestly, if you are not making the kind of money that Jeff Johnson is making in affiliate marketing, then you need to listen to him. Plain and simple. I plan on taking this coaching myself.

      My plan is to stop trying to market anything related to Internet Marketing and just go straight to where the money is, niche marketing. By developing niche blogs (which is what I am teaching at Blog Empire Blueprint) it is extremely possible to build awesome income streams that are very close to recession proof. With the tools and training that Jeff Johnson brings to the table, it should be practically impossible to fail at affiliate marketing. Really, the only way to fail is to not show up when it comes time to do the work. If you are unwilling to do the work necessary to make the money you can make with elevating yourself to Super Affiliate status,  then do not purchase the course when it becomes available!

      The reason why I want to take Jeff’s coaching is to elevate my own results from my current levels to double and triple what I am making. I firmly believe that Jeff can help me increase my results!

      Here is what I am willing to do for you if you purchase Jeff’s Coaching Club from my recommendation:

      • Invite you to join a mastermind group with other marketers who are working to achieve similar results.
      • Help coach you through technical challenges you may have as you grow your affiliate marketing business.
      • Give you access to some of my video training courses on how to do a vast array of tasks from installing a blog to setting up Facebook connections from your blogs.
      • And much more!

      The real world value of this kind of bonus is in the hundreds of dollars. Just the video training alone is worth $597,and the value of a Mastermind is priceless! But all bonus offers aside, you really shouldn’t even consider this coaching club unless you are willing to devote 10 hours a week minimum on your future.

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         11 Mar 2011 @ 8:53 PM 

        Tragedy seems to catch you at the least opportune moments. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Japan to its core, then sent a 23 foot tsunami to scrape up whatever was loose from the coastline sent shockwaves of horror and anguish all over the world.
        In this new media age, unless the power has been out for a while, you find out about things like this pretty fast. Twitter and Facebook can get a message through all 7 continents in seconds. What you do with that information, however, can deeply impact you. You have to take everything in context and react without contributing to the problem.
        Luckily for me, the people in my social circle are very even keeled and did not overreact. But not everyone is that way, it is very easy to start spouting end of the world dogma when things like this happen. But who does that help?
        It sure doesn’t help the relatives of people living in Japan find out if their loved ones are safe. They are monitoring Twitter and Facebook to see if any word is coming from their family. They look at every vivid picture and video in case they see some evidence that the ones they are worried about are still alive.
        The sheer tragedy of this situation can only be imagined by those of us with no skin in this game. But what happens if the next one is closer to home?
        Live each day like it is your last, that way each new day is like a gift. Tell everyone you love that you love them.
        Stay away from the coastline when the ground starts shaking.
        By the way… I love you too! So stay safe, and keep in touch. The comment button is always enabled for you!
        Just don’t spam on me!

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          Posted By: Micheal Savoie
          Last Edit: 11 Mar 2011 @ 08:53 PM

          EmailPermalinkComments Off on Japan Takes A Beating
           16 Aug 2010 @ 6:44 PM 

          Happy Birthday Ross Goldberg!

          The very first person to believe in me when I first made a decision to pursue Internet Marketing full time was Ross Goldberg. He was behind me during the good and the bad times. He always knew when I needed that swift kick in the pants to get me out of a slump, and he always encouraged me to keep going when things were not going my way (or I did not see far enough down the road to know that I just needed to keep going).

          I remember the phone call I received in July of 2008, the year I finally walked away from my job. Ross was in Chicago getting set up for his Masters Seminar, and he told me “you need to get up here, bro!”

          I was wallowing in the crap that surrounded me at home, and I did not know how I would be able to swing a trip to Chicago, let alone get a hotel room. Well, when I got that call, I had been pretty down, so I told Ross, “I really don’t have the money for a trip to Chicago… I took the time off from work, in the hopes that my commissions would come in, but nothing… I have $50 in my Paypal.”

          “Listen, I really need you up here, don’t worry about the hotel room, I’ll make sure you have a place to stay, just get up here, bro!”

          So I checked my frequent flyer miles, and I found I had enough miles to book a flight, but the only flight that was available was in less than 2 hours, and I was not ready… but I booked it anyway, because I knew that Ross was counting on me. It took my last $50 to reserve the ticket, because it was less than 24 hours to fly out, but I was able to get the flight.

          I sent an email out to my list between shower and packing, telling them about my trip and how I had my coaching program available at an outrageous discount and that they could score it while I was flying to Chicago. Then I drove like the wind to Gainesville Airport, and of course I missed the flight, because it takes an hour and a half to get to Gainesville, but I knew that a second flight was leaving from there an hour later. As soon as I arrived in Gainesville, the ticket agent said I had missed my flight, but that they had gotten me a spot on the next flight, so I ended up getting to Chicago that same evening!

          During my layovers, I advertised a couple of products that I had on Rapid Action Profits and found that I had made a couple of sales netting me about $30, which helped pay my lunch and dinner. But I arrived late that night, and I couldn’t catch up with Ross. his phone went straight to voice mail, which told me he was crashed, because he was running pretty hard all day, getting set up for the event the next morning.

          I hung around the hotel lobby for a while, and finally settled in for the night on a loveseat in a (somewhat) quiet section where all the conference rooms were, and stretched out to sleep a while. Around 2AM, I still hadn’t slept, and I looked at my email via my phone and noticed that I had made a sale of my coaching program. I was excited, because that was $200… so I quickly went to the front desk and told them I needed a room. The clerk said they were sold out, but she pointed me to the hotel across the street! I went across the street and booked a room for $179 for the night – I needed to sleep, the music in the lobby at the first hotel was too perky for me to sleep…lol.

          The rest of the weekend continued to be filled with miraculous experience after miraculous experience,, as I found just enough money to get what I needed – either lunch, dinner, parking fees and I bunked with Ross in his room along with two other marketers who slept during the day and worked most of the night on graphics and other projects (they usually didn’t get into the room until Ross and I headed out, so we hardly ever saw them…lol).

          If I had not gone to that event…

          I would not have met Felicia Slattery, Tracy Repchuck and James Lee there, which would have made it much harder for me to become friends with them at a later time (each of whom I have seen multiple times since that event). I doubt I would have been chosen for the Impact Action Team, had I not made that leap of faith. And I would not have solidified my friendship with a certain Yvonne Lyon, whom I had first met in person at the first Masters Seminar. We had lunch together with Willie Crawford, dinner with a huge group and of course, she was helping Ross with the seminar as I was. So I managed to talk with her quite a bit throughout the weekend.

          That Chicago Masters Seminar was the turning point in my business, too. I now had a coaching client, who went on to become a speaker in his own right, not even one year later. I had developed relationships with many of my favorite marketers, who are now some of my best online friends – Lee & Robin Collins, Alan Bechtold, Erik Stafford (who spoke for the first time on Ross’ stage) and of course Donna Fox, who I was bumping into at almost every event I attended or helped at in 2007 and 2008.

          Because of Ross Goldberg, I never gave up on my dream. I hope you have a friend like Ross in your life. Someone who will not give you everything, but will believe in you and help you become your best. I think there are times we take a friendship for granted, and I feel like sometimes I took advantage of my friendship with Ross to get access to his training and tools – even though I would gladly work for Ross on whatever he wanted done if he asked.

          The Traffic Master

          But because of this access, I was able to develop on online presence that makes it very difficult to erase. Ross revealed everything he knew about web traffic in his first ebook, Traffic Masters. Then his Traffic Manifesto updated the Traffic Masters to include much of what is taught today by the other marketers. It is no surprise to me that Ross is releasing his first print book: The Web Traffic Book. He has been the guy that the experts talk about when they are discussing traffic strategy.  And his software is designed to work without leaving a footprint, which Ross explains in detail on his blog.

          When you get his book, keep it next to your computer. You will find yourself referring to it time and again as you plan out your SEO. You might want a couple copies if you have a staff, because having everyone on the same page is crucial in getting your message out there.

          Since today is Ross’ birthday, tell others about his book. Either you can send them here to read about the man behind the legend, or send them to his website:


          Then tell my friend Happy Birthday!

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