13 Sep 2010 @ 5:42 PM 

I just got off the phone with my good friend
Joel Therien and boy have I hooked you up!!
If you do not have time to read this email take two
seconds and get in on the VERY top of this MLM
with me!
>>>> http://webinarsforprofit.com/go
You see..
Joel has made MILLIONS in the online MLM
industry over the past few years!
Now here is how I’ve hooked you up!!
He is launching something brand new and he has given
me permission to contact you directly to get on
the EARLY BIRD list..
(he was originally saving the top of this matrix with close
colleagues, but because we are such close friends I convinced
him to allow me to contact you now)
As you know, timing is everything in Network Marketing!
Get on TOP of this MLM with me..
Right now.. you can get on the Early bird list right now free
>>>> http://webinarsforprofit.com/go
Now for those of you who have time to read..
In 2004 Joel Launched an AMAZING VoIP conference
solution called Hotconference.
In just 3 months the product has over 7 million.. YES
seven million end users and downloads..
It grew so fast, that he grew himself and his datacenter
in Canada literally almost out of business..
It was launched in January 2004
By April 2004 it had 7 million end users!
By May it had grown so big that the company that provided
fibre optics to his datacenter told him there was no fibre
left in the city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW
Fast forward to 2010..
Joel relocated his family and staff from Ottawa, Canada to
San Antonio, Texas.. (where fibre optics and bandwidth is
Just so that he could re launch this amazing product and
He spent millions setting up a brand new datacenter in San
Antonio texas, and now 7 years later.. he is re launching
a TOTALLY amazing opportunity and product..
Ok stop reading and get on the early bird list with me now!
>>>> http://webinarsforprofit.com/go
Ok for those who want more information 😀
Remember.. history always repeats itself, Joel fully
expects to have well over 10 million users in the first
I know that sound unrealistic, but if they had 7 million
before.. no reason they wont again! Especially because
I have seen the new version of their product and trust me
NOTHING on the market compares to it!!
I have truly recognized that this is a great opportunity and
I WILL be promoting the #$@% out of it.
I am sure you recognize it too.. take two seconds and
get on the early bird list RIGHT NOW 😀
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–Yvonne & Micheal
P.S. Joel will be taking down the early bird registration
very soon, so be sure just to take 2 seconds and register
>>>> http://webinarsforprofit.com/go
You can download a list building report for
reading this:
Have you taken your trial of RankBuilder yet?
If this is too powerful for you, you can get Miracle
Traffic Bot for just ONE payment:

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 17 Apr 2010 @ 10:12 AM 

(Your Directory Website Info) – Jeff Johnson is such a softie! I emailed him after the launch of his Traffic Voodoo affiliate training course was finally closed and asked him how it went. He told me that he sold a lot of spots, but that many of the people who had tried to sign up on the very first day of launch never came back.

He felt bad.

He did not want to turn anyone away, and once someone has made a decision (one way or the other) it is very hard to get them to change their minds, because they are following one of the laws of influence… commitment and consistency.

Once they had decided it was not worth the hassle to continue fighting the shopping cart, they continued to behave in such a way as to support that decision, even if it goes against their very fiber.

They may have been very interested in becoming a super affiliate. But because they decided that Traffic Voodoo was not worth the time to try to buy it, they will continue to establish evidence that supports that decision!

You Benefit From This Behavior!

So Jeff is allowing a few more people into his closed Traffic Voodoo Program for a very limited time. He is really trying to reach the people who have turned away, but you benefit from this, because you can get in even though you might be hearing about Jeff Johnson’s program for the very first time.


Free Gift For You!

I’ve got an awesome free gift for you today!

My good friend, Tuti Lee, has just released a really cool product called "Twitter Marketing Power Made Simple", and she is allowing me to give it away to you for free ($97 value).

=> http://nexurl.com/tuti

Please don’t wait on this free offer, check it out here before this gets pulled, and please enjoy this gift from us… to you!

Go ahead and download it free at:

=> http://nexurl.com/tuti


Success is YOURS,

Micheal Savoie

PS – I don’t know how long this offer will be available… get it now before it’s gone forever!

=> http://nexurl.com/tuti

PPS – Have you ever wanted to collect silver coins, but did not know how to get good ones that would appreciate in value? Now we have a way to collect mint condition coins at wholesale prices with our coin collection club! This is a great way to set up multiple streams of income that brings value to your portfolio!

Register now:


Need Internet Marketing Tools for your affiliate marketing? Get them at the best price possible at Hosting For Profit! Your Affiliate Tools will always be available for one low price! Included is 70GB of reseller hosting, 200GB of bandwidth for your website traffic, unlimited video storage and bandwidth, top of the line autoresponder system for your leads and a 10 seat conference room for live meetings with your prospects!

Hosting For Profit is your primary source for the Affiliate Marketing Tools that make YOU money! Watch the video below and see how you can make money online, too:


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 08 Apr 2010 @ 11:56 AM 

Jeff Johnson announced that his Traffic Voodoo course is closing down Friday night at 11:59PM for those who are waiting on their paycheck before they take the plunge! It is worth every penny that Jeff is asking for the course. He extended the training to a FULL 6 Months, and some of the bonuses he has added are just too off the hook for me to put into print! Just go to the website and read all about it:


I am still offering my bonus until Friday at midnight, too, so if you want to read more about what I am offering you as a bonus, just head over to Aggressive-Affiliates and you will get the scoop!

Fast Income Formula Explodes On The Scene

Melford and Concetta Bibens have a winner on their hands! Hundreds have already taken them up on their offer to reveal everything that they did to get to a consistent monthly income that needs very little maintenance. The best part is that it involves doing things that are not hard and only take a few hours a week! I have been working my butt off for too long, doing 16 hours a day, just so I can make money in my sleep! So this Fast Income Formula course will be a breath of fresh air!

Go ahead and watch their video (it is kinda long, but worth it):


I have added a bonus for people who buy Fast Income Formula from my link.

I will set up 5 SEO blogs for you with the traffic sucking plugins installed, and I will teach you how to use Microsoft Live Writer to post to your blogs so that you get awesome traffic to what ever you are promoting. I will include 6 months of hosting for the 5 blogs, so if you don’t have a hosting account, you don’t have to worry about having to get one. After the 6 months, you will just pay $5 per month per blog (unless you have them on your servers).

To claim your bonus, buy Fast Income Formula from my link (I might get paid a commission for that) and then paste your receipt info into a ticket at my help desk.

You Are Invited To Orlando

Come see me speak at the Internet Marketing Super Seminar next month in sunny Orlando! I will be among some amazing speakers and VIP’s so it would be amazing if you could come and be a part of the magic! The event is held at a magical hotel, too, because it looks just like a castle from the Disney movies!

The first 25 who get their tickets from my link will also get to be a part of 2 teleseminars where I will help you find the correct goals for the event and the correct action plan following the event. Once you get your ticket, simply paste your receipt info into a ticket at my help desk and I will get you the teleseminar information!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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 03 Apr 2010 @ 11:53 AM 

Jeff Johnson just dropped a bombshell! His newest LIVE training course has just become the best value in traffic training! Not only is Jeff giving the training in 8 weeks, but he has expanded the membership in the Traffic Voodoo members area to last 6 months!

So for half a year, you can come back to Jeff and ask him questions. This is the best news yet, because a lot of people were worried that 16 weeks was not going to be long enough to master all of the traffic tactics that Jeff has at his disposal. Now you can learn the basics, master those, then come back to Jeff and get the more advanced tactics. Now there is no RUSH!

5 Easy Payments Plan Added

Jeff just made Traffic Voodoo even more affordable for the beginning entrepreneur! By making a 5 payment plan available, students can start making money and easily cover their monthly investment. The core of the training happens in the first 8 weeks, so trainees will have the plan in place to get out there and start accumulating commissions from the sale of affiliate products.

This really does make it possible for hundreds of new people who originally could not afford it to get the traffic getting and list building training that they desperately need!

Extreme Value

The Traffic Voodoo course has become a very valuable membership indeed! In addition, you will have 3 months access to Underground Training Lab, where you can get the same training that has helped many a super affiliate rise from the ranks of the unknown!

You can watch Jeff’s newest video now and get see what other secret bonuses he has included:


You can see the bonuses I am including with your purchase through my affiliate link by going to my Aggressive-Affiliates blog. Specifically, this is the main link to my bonuses:


If you have a product but no traffic, this is for you. Also, if you have always wanted to become a Super Affiliate, you will have the training that has launched many Super Affiliates to Super status!

Sign up to Traffic Voodoo now and get all these bonuses!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Are you ready to drive traffic on demand? To whatever website YOU want? So you can build your list and make affiliate commissions at the push of a button?

What are you waiting for?


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 08 Oct 2009 @ 12:56 PM 
I was going to tell you about this last night, but a few members of my
community have been sending me HATE mail because I send too much

Last night Maria Gudelis revealed her super power system for going
from 0 to $60,000 in just 3 weeks…

The most impressive part is NOT that she did it, but that her STUDENTS
are doing it!

I was hoping to tell you about this course, but I spent part of the day
fighting with my ISP because of a few who are now banned from
being on any of my newsletters… but it was too late to get a message
out before the webinar…

But it SOLD OUT…

See, Maria held a webinar and people were so excited that the
system literally sold out when she was done. But a lot of partners
had promised their members a chance to see this amazing thing in

But you are in luck!

She’s doing it AGAIN…but only ONE more time…

Check out her intro video… where she invites
you to her one night by invitation only
‘how to do it’ webinar.

Its free of course, but very limited as you’ll see,
And as per usual, this may not be for you, but if

… a retired Florida police officer can make
$81,177 in less than 6 weeks…

Well then, you decide.


I know her, like her and trust her… but
more importantly can’t get over the tons of
student testimonials she collects day after day.

Enough said.

I just had to tell you because today’s shaky economy
requires nothing less than a miracle that’s guaranteed to
work for you… big time.

This fre.e webinar is filling up fast, so go here now


This is one of those bring a pen and paper and be
blown away ‘kinds of calls’.

Maria is one of David Preston’s star pupils, and she is now making
more money than she can spend on her own, she is actually looking for
people (you and me) to help take on these people literally begging her to
take their money!

This is a one night only, exclusive how to make boat loads of cash in
less than 30 days webinar…

And she’s got student testimonials out the wazooo… see for yourself.


On another note…
I just found a great deal on a plugin that will solve the duplicate
content plague that so many marketers are swearing up and
down is a problem!


You can grab it for less than the price of a couple of articles from
a Romanian teenager that you would have to translate into real
English anyway.

This plugin is designed to make even blatant copies of the most
popular articles on the web appear to be brand new and pass

Is it Black Hat? You decide:


Also, while on the subject of Black Hat… my friend from New Jersey
has just created a software program that will make it so easy to
create a Google Adwords friendly landing page that you will swear
that it is illegal to use this!


What if you could create unlimited offers and websites for any product,
cpa offer, ppc offer, affiliate promotion, anything… in just a few short minutes? I kid you not.


How about if those websites and landing pages were already search
engine optimized too, so they get great search engine rankings. Just
imagine how this can increase your bottom line.

Here’s how it work:

Within a few minutes of installing the software you can have a landing
page in any niche or business. Because you can use existing
professionally designed preloaded templates, you donâ€(TM)t have to worry
about design. SEO is taken care of as well, all automatically!


Listen, we’re talking about creating landing pages in minutes instead
of hours. We’re talking about spending just a few minutes instead of
paying someone do something that’s now so simple and quick. It’s
no longer a lengthy task!

Think about it… the more landing pages you put up, the more you’ll
bring in. It’s a numbers game, especially if you’re into Pay Per Click
(PPC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). It’s a killer shortcut to
success for affiliates marketers as well, as you can create affiliate
landing pages that rank great in search engines very quickly. As you
can tell this is something to be excited about.


Worth checking out, right?

The good news is it just launched, and the owner is giving a
generous ‘launch discount’. But you better hurry because the
discount is coming down pretty quickly.


As a bonus, I will help you with a live strategy session with the owner
of the software, Raakesh Blokhra, where he will tell you about how he
uses landing pages to make hundreds of thousands of dollars!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – You can bet I am using both of these, the Duplicate Plugin and
the InstantLP software, because, like you, I need every advantage to
make my living online!

Grab the Instant LP now during the launch price:


And grab the $10 Duplicate Content Prevention Plugin for WordPress:


My GVO business is growing fast, all because I took action and promoted it. You can do the same thing and it will only cost you a little time to move your autoresponder and your domains over to the new servers.
Posted By: Micheal Savoie
Last Edit: 08 Oct 2009 @ 12:56 PM

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