25 Aug 2010 @ 9:13 PM 

I received the following email from a subscriber who was frankly sick and tired of the hype machine that is most of the marketers’ newsletters out there (mine included). I only used the initials, but this could have come from one of hundreds of disgruntled subscribers on anyone’s list.

The bottom line, Michael, is that if one of these offers would actually do what they claim, I would only need that one, however, the offers keep coming because they do not work as advertised.

You know as well as I do that even the best of these offers are hyped and most of them outright mislead people with claims that there are only x copies left and that it will generate thousands of dollars in a short period of time. Even useful products are buried under an avalanche of serine hype that will never come close to being the truth.

I would love for this to not be the case and I would offer my heartfelt testimony to products that work as advertised and there are some such as Tweet adder. But if the majority of these products actually delivered on their promises and hype you wouldn’t need to sell them to your list because you could use them yourself to make your money. I have grown tired of financing other peoples lavish lifestyles by buying these products.

If you feely am wrong then tell me which product can help an unemployed man like myself avoid bankruptcy. I have tried for a year now and I will keep trying, but I can’t afford buying things that then just try to sell my 5 more things even before I get to the product I just bought.

Show my what product to use and if it works you will have a flood of gratitude and testimonies. Sadly at this point it needs to be pretty inexpensive and as far as hard work goes, I have put in 60 hours a week at this.
I wish you the best,


My Response

You are right about a good 75% of the offers out there. They really
are too good to be true. Many of them only worked for the person
who created the program because that tactic was new. Once the
beta testers and the JV Partners use it and flood the market with
these tactics, they often become useless (or become less effective
to the point of not being worth the money spent on them).
But another thing you have to think about it whether it fits into your
business plan. If you do not have a plan, you should not be buying
products anyway.
If you decided to start an online business, you should have written
down what it was you wanted to accomplish. Earning $10,000 per
month is not a business plan (I learned that after ten years of not
getting anywhere near my goal).
It wasn’t until I wrote down that I wanted to help people help
themselves that I really started getting somewhere. A lot of times
you get close to succeeding, but something may get in the way.
I totally understand where you are coming from. I retired from my
job before I had an income that was stable enough to keep my
business going. It took me an extra year to reach the point where
cash is not a problem. But I learned the hard way.
Now that I am at a point where I am free to help others, I have
made some changes to my marketing. I do not promote stuff
unless I know the person can deliver on their claims or I
have actually used their product. I never expect the product to
be the "be all – end all" because it may end up being a good
product, but unless I have the right combination of Offer,
Conversion, Proper Funnel, and Targeted Traffic… I won’t be
able to truly duplicate their success.
That is why I am leery of copy and paste systems, because if
they’ve made a lot from one ad, it will not necessarily translate
that it will continue to make a lot of money (especially now that
250 other people are also doing the same ads)…
But the techniques that these people use are valid, I just don’t
buy into the fact that they will work if everyone uses the same
copy for the same products.
If I can give you any parting words of wisdom, it is to first make
your plan, then work that plan. If a tool comes out that really
makes that task easier, then buy it, your time is worth more
than money, because you can always make money… not so
with time.
I may use this email as a blog post to help others too, because
a lot of people are feeling the way you are.
Anyway, even if you aren’t getting my emails anymore, feel free
to email me when you have a question, or need help moving
through a tough area of your plan. I was where you are, and
thanks to some great friends that I have made along the way,
I was able to get through a lot of tough patches.
You can always catch me at my help desk:
Have an amazing day!
Micheal Savoie

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 07 Jul 2009 @ 1:22 PM 

After spending a lot of time spent yesterday creating the video sales page for my new project, I have finally finished it and I am ready to take orders.

Hold It Right There…
One thing, though… I am only taking 10 clients for this project. This is one of those projects that will take a lot of time, and I will be working on it day and night for the next 5 weeks once I open it.

Here is the video for Video Skinning Project!

I hope you are able to get there before my affiliates start emailing their lists! I had to price the service high, because this is a custom design service, where I will be creating video skins for various Clickbank products, but wait until you see the incredible offer!

Blogging With Micheal Was Awesome!
I had a ggreat show this morning with Mike Paetzold on Blogging With Micheal. I am going to attempt to install the replays of these on this blog to see if I can do it. For some reason Itunes is not picking up the podcast feeds.

I hope you can help me get the show to continue getting great listenership! Next week I am going to be hosting the show with Alejandro Reyes from Successfool.com as we kick off the Summer Of Rich Media 2009 Series of Audio, Video and other rich media broadcasts.

Busy Day July 14 2009

I am scheduled to be doing three broadcasts on Tuesday July 14th starting with the Blogging With Micheal Show, then a teleseminar for MyListbuildingSteps.com with Michael Kehinde! I cap it off with a Ustream.tv show at 9PM where we will discuss some blogging tactics that you can use to make your media rich!

That is all I have for now, I have to go get something to eat!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Please leave a comment letting me know your most burning list building questions.

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 11 May 2009 @ 9:50 AM 

Resources For Twitter Resourcefulness

Building The Dream!

I sometimes need to build the dream a little bit to get myself going every day. So I thought that I would show you a dream that is in my future.

The Carnival Dream is under construction as we speak, the maiden voyage is scheduled for October of this year. But I am already booked for the January 9th, 2010 voyage of this amazing ship! The Lido deck is on the 10th deck instead of the 9th like on most other cruise ships.

Under Construction: Carnival Dream’s Lido Deck

Here is what she looks like while being built.

Carnival Dream Update

Anyway, I had to tell you about this Dream of mine, since this is what makes me get up in the morning and write when I don’t feel like it. Today I watched the videos and remembered that my friends can come along by signing up at FVRCuise.com where you can make a deposit to reserve your cabin, then the balance is not due until October.

Twitwall Nuggets

When you write to your Twitwall, don’t put the entire post there! You want to get someone’s interest with the first paragraph, and then drive them to your blog. That is the way to bring home the traffic!

@megsmarketing uses Twitwall to drive traffic to her main blog!

By using content nuggets like this, you are finding out how committed the readers are. In the seduction world, they say that if you can get someone to follow you to at least 3 places, you can get them to your home. You want to get your followers to follow you home, too, and the best way to do that is to lead them with good content!

Twitwall allows you to embed video, audio and images along with your posts – which happen to get tweeted, too! So with a single Twitwall post, you can get a percentage of your listeners to come see what you wrote and lead them to your blog!

Controversy Rocks On Twitwall!

Did you write something that gets readers’ panties in a bunch? Let them comment on Twitwall, because the comments will also each send a tweet to the Twitter stream so that even more people will be drawn into the conversation! You could choose a topic that could end up going viral just by taking a controversial stand!

I remember when Rick Butts said that you should unsubscribe from the marketer’s lists who all use the very same promotion email, down to the identical subject line. He got so many people hot under the collar that Ross Goldberg commented his opinion that it was silly to unsub from everyone’s list if you can get some knowledge from their other emails. Soon the back and forth caught the attention of Mashable and the pair eventually went on to discuss this topic on a Ustream.tv show and the whole thing was defused.

Ross Goldberg Gives Worst Internet Marketing Advice Ever

It got a lot of readers and commenters! Publicity accompanies controversy! No publicity is ever completely bad, because it familiarizes people with your name!

Ross Goldberg’s response to Rick Butts’ “worst advice video”

So if you were to use Twitwall for your posts, you would be getting a lot of traffic, plus if they left comments, that would increase the traffic, too!

Twitter Backgrounds Revisited!

One of the tools I should have mentioned in Part 2 of this series was a Twitter Background Checker that allows you to see your background in multiple resolutions to be sure that you aren’t hiding important pieces of the image with Twitter’s logo and timeline!

Tweet Up The Volume!

I recently saw one of my friends starting to get a lot of new followers on Twitter… So one afternoon I peeked over his shoulder while he was working and my jaw dropped in amazement! He was getting 75% of his new followers totally on autopilot, yet his new followers believed he was taking the time to hand select them! From watching him (I took notes while he wasn’t looking) and I was able to figure it out.

Turns out that the system involves using a follower targeting program to help you find followers that are talking about the keywords that you have the software search out. This software then follows those people. About 40% autofollow, and they receive an AutoDM (direct message) asking them if they want to significantly add to their followers and a link to this program!

Only Used For Good – With Great Power Comes Responsibility!

This product is called Twitter Traffic Machine and once I knew what he was using, I went home and bought it, too! After all, I wanted to be able to have traffic flowing to my websites rapidly. I will be reviewing this product on Your Directory Website later this week, because it has some serious potential. If you buy it now, I will give you a video on how to automate the promotions to the new group of followers using one of the secret weapons that Bill talks about, but with a sharp twist that makes this cooler than a snow cone on an August afternoon in Miami!

Buy Twitter Traffic Machine now, then contact my help desk for the video, which will be selling for $37 next week! This will get your Clickbank sales soaring through the roof very rapidly without adding any more work than you would with the TTM program alone!

I will be concluding this series with Part 5 on Friday, this week, I have planned the start of another series plus some surprises!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – What are you doing in January of 2010? Come with my friends and join us on the Carnival Dream – http://FVRCruise.com

 21 Feb 2009 @ 10:05 PM 

I took Kenneth Yu’s Email Copy Class.

In this class he shows you how he manages to pull the strings of his prospects to make them buyers, all with emails. He really delivers a lot of material, and he will be helping you get your email selling up to speed. So go ahead and at least see what he has to offer. I am also giving away an interview that I did with Kenneth Yu, whether you buy his course or not, the course is for your benefit, but the audio is my gift to you.Check out the Email Copy Class here:


Enjoy your evening with a nice ice water and listen to Kenneth Yu’s audio!
And you can download the audio here:
Brett Ingram just released a new product called Auto List Secrets that is designed for the person who is still trying to build a list. He sets it up for you to get a list on autopilot! With Kenneth Yu’s Secrets and the Auto List Secrets, you can be a force to be reckoned with.

Here is the link for Auto List Secrets:


Next Social Net Effect 101 Workshop Announced To Coincide
With Willie Crawford’s 50th Birthday Bash & I.M. Celebrity Roast!

My next Social Net Effect Workshop is coming up on March 26th, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza in Orlando by the Airport. The workshop will include one month of MyBloggingSchool.com so you can start studying for the workshop, since we will be working with people “hands on” to help you get your blog interconnected with the Social Net Effect to bring more followers into your tribe!

One thing, Willie Crawford told me that I have to make sure that everyone who attends is also going to be at the Willie Roast, too! Since I am piggybacking off of his event, it is only fair. But I have decided that I will help out those of you who have not purchased your ticket yet by giving you a 50% discount on the price of the workshop, if you buy your ticket through my link:
If you already purchased your ticket from someone else, then the link to get in to Social Net Effect 101 Workshop is
To get the discounted link for the workshop, include your receipt information for the ticket you purchased from my link at my helpdesk:
I plan to see you there, so grab your link to get your free month of My Blogging School as soon as you sign up for the workshop! Get yours now:
http://socialneteffect.com/williebashJust announced! Stephen Pierce will be speaking at the Birthday Bash, so you have better believe Stephen Pierce is going to deliver the goods, too! Come along for a fun time! Everyone who buys a ticket for the Willie Roast from me will also be a member of my monthly Extreme Product Explosion Mastermind Group! We will meet on Sunday evening, March 29th to discuss where we are headed, what you need help with and maybe even brainstorm new product ideas!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Look, I want to be honest with you. This laptop crashing ordeal really hit me at a bad time, immediately following an exciting event in Orlando, where I had spent a good chunk of money on my hotel room and meals. Then the laptop hits me exactly one week after that, so that I am on the cash deficient side right now.

That is why I decided to offer you a killer bonus if you buy Email Copy Class and Auto List Secrets through my links right now.

Behind Door Number 2 – A NEW JV!

Why don’t I joint venture with you? I will help you create a product using my teleseminar line & we can do some calls, we can record them, make a product, and put them on RAPjv.com where we will split the owner percentages 50 – 50 and I will tell my affiliates about your product.

Of course you will have to write the sales page, but I will also help if I see anything that I see that will improve conversion. So go ahead and grab AutoListSecrets and EmailCopyClass and we will JV on your new product!

Just copy me your receipts at my helpdesk and we will discuss your product! Remember, this is one that will be limited,first come first served. I will announce when I have too many to fit into my schedule.


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 30 Oct 2008 @ 6:05 AM 

Have You Seen The Mass Marketing About This?

Michael Rasmussen just released a product that promises to bring you a list of buyers instead of a list of subscribers.  It is called Get More Buyers and it launched to the usual thousands of emails!

If you did not want to spend a whole lot of money on the product, let me tell you a little of what you can do that would give you results like this promises.

  • Add a killer bonus to a JV partner’s download page for a product he is selling.  The higher the positioning for this is crucial.  Mike Filsaime and Mark Joyner discussed this in Butterfly Marketing, it is called Integration Marketing and it really does put buyers on your list, and then all you have to do is convince them that they have to have your product, too.

    Key here is to give a very high value product (or at minimum, high perceived value) to give to the buyers, and the product should bridge the gap between the product you want to sell with the product that they just bought. 

    Let’s say you are adding your bonus to MyBloggingSchool (goes into prelaunch on November 1st) and you have a press release, article and video submission service called Easy Button Traffic that you know they are going to love.  So you create an ebook or a video that teaches a blogger how to write a compelling review for a product and then submit a press release, an article and a video about the product you are reviewing using the Easy Button Traffic software.  At that point you have just given your new customer a reason to buy the Easy Button Traffic product, too!

  • Give away a free CD or DVD that they only have to pay the shipping on.  This brings in a crowd of people that you know are interested in your topic, since they just thawed their credit cards out of the freezer to get the DVD or CD shipped to their door!  They are buyers, and if your product funnel is set up with compelling offers, they will buy again and again!
  • Joint venture with product owners who have no idea how to market.  You offer to set up the product on your website using your reseller software.  (I recommend using Rapid Action Profits, but 7 Dollar Scripts works well, too) You find JV partners to sell the product with an attractive affiliate offer.  The people who buy are now signing up for your list. You and your JV partner both get to email the buyers of your product.
  • Selling a product with a 100% commission is an exciting way for you to attract buyers to your list.  The thing you need to keep in mind is that you want the price point to be high enough that people are going to want to promote.  $7 products are good, but they attract the wrong buyers.  You want people to buy $97 products, and you can build a huge list of $97 buyers, because people will want to sell $97 products when they know they are getting 100% commissions.

So What Is The Point?

You can get a lot of buyers on your list by following some or all of these tactics.  But if you are like me, curiosity has got to be killing you.  You want to know exactly what Michael Rasmussen reveals.  I know I was dying to know!  So here is what I will do if you buy through my link:

1) You will get 90 days of coaching from me.  I will give you access to me for 90 days, and after the 90 days are up, you can pay $67 per month for my coaching/mastermind calls. 

2) I will help you put together a product launch of your own.  You will do the work, but I will help you make it happen, including submitting your proposal to my JV partners.

Click Here To Buy Get More Buyers And Qualify For My Coaching Program!

Click here to open up a help desk ticket to claim your bonus.

Traffic Methods Of The Offline Market

When attempting to get traffic to their businesses, location is key, then comes advertising and publicity.  That is why McDonalds Corp is more of a real estate company than a restaurant chain.  They study locations for traffic. They will check the stats of a location longer than it takes to build the actual restaurant!

If you need a little help getting the word out about your website to pull in even more customers, the Wacky Gals and I have just the ticket for you today…

“Netvertising Methods!”

Now you can turn fr’ee and cheap offline advertising into loads of website traffic and sales!

In this 100 page manual you’ll discover:

*  What kind of advertising works…

*  Little known & neglected advertising methods…

*  How to find a true winner that generates traffic for years to come!

*  The secrets to creating an effective advertisement quickly and easily!

Everything is laid out in clear terms so that anyone who uses these methods can m’ake mo’ney online with ease.

And in true WACKY fashion, they didn’t stop there. They added TWO additional bonus reports to boot!

Of course, you know the price is right, too, because this is a Wacky Wednesday Sale. 😉

You know you want to get Netvertising Methods!

And for just a few bucks more you can grab Master Resell Rights AND the multi-media version (4 mp3 audios) of “Netvertising Methods” via the one
time offer.

That way, you can listen to (instead of read) your own copy, as well as sell the whole kit ‘n kaboodle from your own website.

Grab your copy of “Netvertising Methods” now and start driving MORE traffic and SALES to your website today:

Get Netvertising Methods Now!

Craziest Offer Goes Up?

Ross Goldberg just announced that he is raising the price of his Craziest Offer ever!  It is definitely a crazy offer, with 48 products with Master Resale Rights, that you can sell right now for an easy $27 each… then he added some bonuses that are worth more than $27 each and finally 6 PLR products that are each worth more than $27!


I am kinda mad that he didn’t raise the price already, because I purchased these products, and I want to limit my competition…lol!  Just kidding, I welcome everyone who wants to join in the fun, we have plenty of people to go around, since thousands of new people decide to go online for the first time every single day! All we have to do is build a relationship with our own slice of the pie and we will make sales with these new people.  Simple as that!

So why not get a hold of over 60 products that you can sell right away for less that 50 cents each?  Click here to buy Ross Goldberg’s Craziest Offer Ever!


It Is A Trick That Is A Treat

I just finished reading a report that I spent $5 on… I couldn’t believe I was not doing this.  Just click on over and get a copy for yourself, for $5, you can make that back the first time you use this tactic!

Basically, it is a way to build a squidoo lens that gets you a few hundred visitors to the lens within 24 hours!  Now that is a traffic trick I wanted to use!

Get The $5 Traffic Trick Now!

Have an amazing day and a successful year!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Are you ready for Halloween?  Since it is the last day of work for me, I am really excited!  Let me know what you are doing for your Halloween!  Have fun but be safe!  See you at Moes in Ocala at 9:30PM on Halloween!

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