15 Nov 2014 @ 1:44 PM 

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted.

Yvonne and I just moved less than a mile to a house that is much closer to my mom’s house and also to the grocery store and the Chinese restaurant. We are in walking distance of all three. Moving takes a lot out of you.

So if you wondered why I wasn’t emailing you, (yeah, like that would happen, right?) it was because we were doing a lot of stuff in our home.

This year, we were seriously thinking of getting our Thanksgiving Feast sent to us from either Omaha Steaks or Amazon. After all, as much preparation as we are doing to get the new house ready for company, who has the time to cook a big meal? So we started our shopping list right on Gourmet Mignon, that way we could stay home and get the house ready while the groceries come to us!

Give Gourmet Mignon a look and let your friends know about it when they ask you where you got such a great dinner!

Have an amazing weekend,

Micheal & Yvonne – WSOInsiders.com & Online Video WORKSHOP 

PS – Gourmet Mignon is one of our affiliate sites, so if you purchase from there, we could earn a commission. We hope you won’t hold that against us!


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 23 Aug 2013 @ 12:18 PM 

Lead generation programs are starting to come out of the woodwork. Over the last 6 months training courses, tools and income systems have all been released to rave reviews. Why?

Power Lead SystemBecause in the business world, leads are the straw that we magically turn to gold with our marketing systems. Realtors want leads to whom they can show homes, financial advisors want leads to teach about investing so they can earn commissions on the stocks and funds that they sell and the list goes on and on. In the online world, you can turn a lead into a nice income from affiliate sales, CPA offers or simply selling them your own products and services.

So how can you get leads? A great way to get leads is to create content that interests the people you are targeting. If you are looking for golfers, you write blog posts, create videos and podcasts that golfers would be searching for. You want to have an optin form on your blog or your fan page (a good tool for that is the EZ FB Squeezey Plugin for WordPress) and when people fill out the form, you want them to go on your autoresponder.

Pay Per Click ads are a good way to get leads to your optin page, but Adwords is very particular about the content of your squeeze page and the terms of service of your site. Other PPC services may also give you a hard time about your message, so you will have to do your research with different PPC providers before you submit ads to them.

A service that allows you to put leads into your aweber autoresponder for free is called the Power Lead System. They are currently in prelaunch, so you will not start getting the leads until they launch, but they have made this into something that you can actually build an income around the lead generation system itself. The free model allows you to generate leads using their landing pages, but because it is a free system, every other lead passes up to the next paying member. So being a paid member gives you a huge advantage because you are getting inundated with leads from the people to whom you have given the free lead system.

What if they get smart and pay for the system? Well, the creators of the Power Lead System thought of that, and they pay out 100% commissions on the people you refer, but they also made it interesting by passing up every other paid member to the person who referred you for the first 10. When you bring someone in who pays, you get every other paid member that they bring in for their first 10 at 100% commission.

You may be saying to yourself, “WTF, I brought them in and someone else gets the 100% commission?” To which I say, “calm down, Grasshopper, when I snatch the pebble from your hand, you still make a 50% matching bonus on them!” That means that you get paid 50% of whatever that person earns. I like that better than the 100%, because the potential is much bigger if that person is a lead generating machine!

For those of you who did not understand the Kung Fu reference, what I mean to say is when you pass a person upline, you give up the 100% commission on their purchase, but instead, you get 50% of whatever they earn. So if you passed up a Russell Brunson to me, I would get the 100% commission on the product, while you would get 50% of the hundreds of 100% commissions he makes. (OK, I would also get 5 of his first 10 signups, but that still pales in comparison to the 50% matching check).

Look, I may not be explaining this in an understandable manner, so I got my upline Todd Gross to explain it to you in better detail:


Watch that video. If you still have questions, follow the link on that page and watch the video on the 4th tab. That is a Google Hangout from the owners of the program. They will explain everything as only they understand it…lol.

But don’t wait too long, because right now we are all grabbing up the people that we know and adding them to the early notification list. Get on that list and start telling people about this. This is going seriously viral!


 15 Aug 2013 @ 7:19 PM 

We have something very special for everyone on tonight’s call!
Advisory Counsel Member Joel Peterson is going to teach us…
"How To Build a HUGE Network Online Even If You Are New"

When: Tonight Thursday August 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern time
Where: http://trynow.gvoacademy.com/live/

Why should you care about this?

Back when Joel Peterson got started online he didn’t know
anybody but he knew the importance of building a network of
people, affiliates and JV partners who would follow, promote and
help take his business to the next level.

In a short bout of time, Joel was able to learn the secrets of
starting from scratch and building up a powerful network…and
most of it was done online.

On the training you will learn.

– How to position yourself and your business so people will take
notice of you. (and take you serious)
– The words you must NEVER EVER EVER say if you want to
build a network.
– The one strategy he uses to find people who already have large emails
lists and how he gets them to promote for him

– Plus a lot lot more

You are going to want to clear your schedule and invite your guests
to this webinar!

When: Tonight Thursday August 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern time
Where: http://trynow.gvoacademy.com/live/

See you there!

Micheal – WSOInsiders.com

PS – Joel has designed a Simple Money System that you will want to
take a look at!

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 03 Aug 2013 @ 12:49 AM 

I’ve got something VERY special for you today.  I’m giving you one of my money-making systems that has been working like crazy for me.

Get Your Gift Here

==> http://www.leadgentoolbox.com/sms

It’s a project I’ve been working on for the past few months with a friend of mine. I’ll let everyone know in more detail exactly what this is very soon, but I wanted to give you a chance to get early access.

To Your Success!

Micheal Savoie & Yvonne Lyon

P.S.  At that link there is an opt-in.  Go ahead and put your email in to get your free gift and don’t worry….I am the only one that gets that email.  The reason I ask for your email is I need you to "Experience" what I’m giving you… because YOU are going to be able to give this same gift to others.  You are going to love it…

Get Your Gift Here

==> http://www.leadgentoolbox.com/sms

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 20 Jul 2013 @ 1:30 PM 

Anchor2When my father died, I think I went through a period of severe disorientation. An anchor in my life had been cut loose and I was drifting with the current. In a way, I still am. But in February, I was more of a wreck than I appeared to the rest of the world.

So when I got a call from my old manager at Sam’s Club offering me a part time job, I took it. It was different anchor that forced me to get up in the morning and gave me some structure in my life that I had not had for a while. But with everything, there is a price that must be paid, and the price for me was my business. I was earning a significant amount from posting Warrior Special Offers and New WordPress Plugins on WPPluginGuide prior to getting the job. Since I no longer had the time to post new offers on a consistent basis, the traffic to those sites dropped and the sales slowed to a trickle. So by renting myself out to Sam’s Club, I found myself losing money.

Yet I was finding it difficult to cut away this new anchor. I would fight management on a daily basis because I was getting scheduled on Sundays (family and football day) and they were scheduling me 5 days for 20 to 32 hours. It really irritated me driving 42 miles one way to work 4 hours. Yet the anchor was still attached.

stormbrewingIt took an incident that was totally out of character for me to finally break through the anchor’s lines and cut it completely. I was told to go work an area of the club that is physically difficult for me because of my arthritis. I have done it before without question when asked nicely. But I was told by a 20 year old co-worker who had not even been working there as long as I had been. And I totally went against every fiber of my being and rebelled to the point that I told him I was not going to do it and then went to management.

All would have been well, though, if management had followed through immediately. But management is one of those jobs that puts so much on the plates of the people who choose to take them on that they do not have (or make) the time to go talk to the people they need to until it is too late. It wasn’t until I walked in and told the manager in charge that I was giving him my 30 day resignation that he finally took action.

I had gone to him earlier and asked if the co-worker was my supervisor, because being ordered to go work where it physically hurt me was not something I was going to do without being warned about it ahead of time. He and the supervisor for the evening agreed that I should continue working my regular area and for me to tell my coworker that he had said that the coworker should work the area that he had told me to work.

I told the coworker that the manager had said the I was working my area and that he should be doing the other area. At that point, if the coworker would have just gone ahead and done the job, all would have been well, but he decided to do anything else that needed done EXCEPT for the area that he was supposed to be working. So toward the end of the shift, the manager and supervisor were discussing the state of the club on the radio and realized that nobody had been working the dreaded area that neither I nor the coworker wanted to work.

At that point, the supervisor called everyone over to that area so that we could work it as a team. And again, if the coworker in question would have chipped in, I might not have cut the anchor line… but he chose that moment to go work with paper products. Which left the rest of us to work an area that should have been done by either the coworker or myself. In retrospect, I think I was close to going over and doing it just so the rest of the team would not have to, but once I heard the manager and supervisor discussing it on the radio, it really cemented the deal, because that should not have been a surprise had they been paying attention.

That is the point when I walked in on the manager and told him I was resigning and stormed back out.

I have to question my motives that evening. Did I rebel because someone younger than me was giving orders? Almost all supervisors are younger than me, but this kid was not a supervisor (yet). He is today, as his promotion took effect at midnight tonight… but why should it bother me? Part of it is the fact that I know what being a leader is all about, having supervised in the past. It is putting the team above yourself. I was not being a leader last night. But neither was the kid, who used his up and coming position to wield power he did not know how to control. One does not order people to do things, one asks people to do things. One listens to others (like when I told him that it physically hurt me to do that job) rather than ignore it. (Later on, he was still telling the manager and supervisor that I had not told him that it was painful for me to do that job)… and one jumps in and does a job when the team needs a job done, especially when the rest of the team is forced into it. His choosing to do the paper towels and toilet paper instead of joining with the rest of us showed me that his leadership skills were questionable.

kylie-day1I am not perfect (I learned that many moons ago) but I also know everyone believes I am. It is something I have worked hard to perfect… try to predict what someone is going to need and then take care of it for them. That is why customers have always looked for me to help them. That is why other associates are happy to see me scheduled with them. My uncharacteristic turn toward anarchy appears to have come out of nowhere, but I think it came from the birth of my 2nd granddaughter, Kylie, who made her mommy work hard to bring her into this world.

She became one of my new anchors. She and Chloe, my granddaughter from 15 months ago have replaced the anchor I lost with my father. I believe it took two little anchors to replace the strong and sturdy one that my father had been in my life. The last 5 years of his life, I had been there when he needed me, because I had released Sam’s Club from my life back in 2008.

Anchors are important, because they steady us when the storms are brewing and keep us from drifting away aimlessly when we are at rest. I plan on refocusing my energy into some positive areas where I will impact people who need help building a business or growing an income stream to help them replace a job. Some anchors are good, like the family ones, but some anchors are keeping us from enjoy life. When the anchor line becomes too rigid and cannot be adjusted with the tide, it can actually pull a ship below the surface and sink it. I believe that at first, Sam’s Club, as an employer, was a good anchor, but now it has become a harmful anchor. Luckily, I cut the anchor loose in time (again)!

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